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Playing Resistance Online |

Last night I finally got up the nerve for play Resistance online with my shiny new PS3. I get slaughtered regularly when playing CoD2 at work, so I was afraid I just wouldn’t be able to keep up. I didn’t have to worry.

This was my first-ever online FPS experience, and it was crazy! First thing I did was shoot at some people on my own team, because I didn’t know they weren’t the bad guys. (Alien = bad guy, right? Nope.) Same problem happened during the next round when we switched sides and I didn’t realize I was a human. So I played 10 minutes as an alien, then 10 minutes as a human. Team deathmatch. Man it was amazing how fast those 10 minutes passed by.

The action was so fast-paced I didn’t bother too much with grenades or alternate weapons. I found myself dying A LOT. I like the medal system. I got a medal for a stealth kill. A medal for a melee attack. (Those are the ultimate!) One for 3 kills in a row. Etc.

I didn’t do so well at the first game I played. I’m trying to remember. Out of 40 people (!!!) I placed something like 27th. In the second game I placed 9th out of 40 – I was proud of that. But I died a lot. The person who placed 8th had 70 – 80 deaths (or so) and I had 104. You get placed according to the number of points you received. You get 10 points for a kill and 2 points for an assist. That was neat.

It was also great fun to find someone I know playing in the same arena as I was. The game tells you who killed you. On one of my many deaths, it told me my killer was xBerserker! Cool. He killed me a lot!

I want a headset more than ever. It’s weird to have 19 teammates but I couldn’t hear a peep. Now I just need to find a good BlueTooth headset.

I also played Resistance 3-player local on Friday night. That was fun too. The maps are adjustable. You can select an 8 person version of a map, or a 16 person, 32 person, or 40 person. (I think I got those right…) Depending on which one you choose, certain areas may or may not be blocked off. It’s great if you only have a few people to play with.

Overall, I’m quite impressed. I think I’ll play this game online some more. But tonight I plan to take Call of Duty 3 online! Woo hoo!

  • manlord

    Your first FPS online? Have you not even played on a PC(or MAC, that’s what you’ve got right)?

    You gotta give Half-Life2/Battlefield 1/2 a try ++

  • I’ve played CoD2 and Battlefied 2 over a LAN here at work, but that was with at most 12 people. I’d never played over the internet before, and never with 39 other people.

  • It was very fun playing fall of man with you last night Henning! I’ll be playing again tonight πŸ™‚

  • I wondered…

    are there any Bots in the game? I often prefer those, as they can be adjusted πŸ˜€

  • No bots.

  • Maffy

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the online modes!

    Just one question, do you connect to the internet through wi-fi on your PS3? On the official website it refers to ‘limitations’ with wi-fi, but says refer to the manual. Do you have any idea what these limitations are? I only ask the logistics of getting an ethernet to my future PS3 will probably be quite difficult, and I would rather use only wi-fi.


  • Sorry, I don’t know. My guess is bandwidth.

  • I think its like with any other WiFi appliance.

    Dont put your AP too far away for your PS3 (mostly walls and stuff like that block the signals, hence lowering the bandwith) and dont buy the extreme cheap ones. I prefer the Linksys ones (i have a WRT54 GL which supports OpenWRT, which is a slimmed down linux for embedded system, which works FLAWLESSLY and the router has a great range) although they are a bit pricier (paid about 60€ for mine). But if you arent familiar with networking and (a tiny bit of) linux, leave the original firmware on it, its easier to set up.

    Just to compare, with IR Shell and the WiFi package, I get stunning 500kb/s of constant data tranfers over WiFi. With my other one (german telecom thingy, was free, but sucks donkey balls) I got not even half that. My Laptop, which supports 54Mbits, gets 2.5 – 3MB/s, which also is not bad (can be better, but its enough for me, so no further tweaking).

    I am a bit disappointed, that there are no bots in Resistance (because we already heard, that the AI in RFOM is pretty good), but I wasnt gonna get it anyways (maybe rental). My launch games will be Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword and or Lair… Ha take that premature Jp and US launch πŸ˜€

  • Maffy

    Thanks for the reply, I think I’ll be fine, bandwidth is fairly good around my house.

  • i absolutely suck at FPSs, especially in deathmatch, so i doubt i’ll play online with others, unless i feel like being cannon fodder… i am constantly dying!

  • …once i get a PS3 and resistance, i mean πŸ™‚