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My PS3 Headset |

motorola_h700.jpgLast night after work I dropped by a couple stores and finally found a place that had several Motorola headsets. The numbering is a little off, but the three I found in increasing price and quality were:

Motorola H850
Motorola H500
Motorola H700

So I picked up the H700, brought it home, and charged it up. From what I understand, any of the above headsets should work. But I made sure to ask the store about their return policy, just in case. No problems there. I had to go through the usual contortions to remove my new product from its packaging. (One of my biggest pet peaves in life!) The charger is just a wal-wart with a USB mini-plug cable attached, so when one of my PS3 controller’s battery runs down, I’ll try charging it with this. Should work.

I paired it to my cellphone just fine. Then I paired it to my Mac. Last I paired it to my PS3, which worked. The problem is that sometimes when I pick up my headset to use it and turn it on, it doesn’t work. I mean that the headset turns on – the blinking light thing happens, but my PS3 and the headset aren’t synced up. I’m a total BlueTooth newbie, so maybe I’m doing something wrong. Anybody out there know how this stuff works?

So what I did is re-pair it with the PS3 (which shouldn’t be necessary) to “wake up” the PS3 – H700 connection. I tried the headset in a R:FoM game and it worked, but there was just too much noise. People were coughing, some had their TV’s turned up too far, etc. It was just too much to be useful. I was playing a really crowded team deathmatch game, so I didn’t really need the headset, so I turned it off.

Later I tried a voice chat with xBerserker, and that worked fine. Soon the two of us will try a test game of R:FoM with the voice chat to see how that works. Anyone want in? We could set a place and time. Headset required.

  • Ya, me and Henning had a voice chat in the PS3 XMB and it was very clear actually! I was surprised. But in the Fall of Man game there was noise, I tried to chat but wasn’t sure if anyone heard me.

    We should try a private game just to try the headset out. I was thinking about it today, maybe people just have the sensitivity of the headset up to high on the PS3. It goes from 1 – 5 (5 being high). Maybe try a 3 … ? I’ll try it again tonight and I’ll let you know what happens. Oh, and this is my headset.

    Samsung Bluetooth Headset WEP-150

  • Kamesen

    Most cell phone headsets don’t have the capability to retain BlueTooth connectivity information because generally they get paired to one cell phone, and used regularly with it.

    Some BlueTooth head-*phones* can store more than one device info, but most of these also dont have a microphone.

    Looks like I won’t have a headset till Xmas gentlemen, I need to leave something for my parents to get me, otherwise I’ll feel like Im not letting them do their job! Cheers, see you online.

  • Michael

    Off topic or digging alittle deeper, which ever you prefer. I’ve seen a few videos from where people are using the ps3 eyetoy to video chat and it looks great. The video over the plsystation network had what looked like a steady 20-25 fps with little studder, which is awesome. Maybe i’m behind the online video chatting times but I don’t ever remember taking part in or seeing web chat video that wasn’t really choppy with worse than a robotic frame rate and bad audio. All I know is watching the eye toy chat video was as close to being there as i’ve ever seen and it’s free not to mention that the new eye toy hdip camera hasn’t come out yet.

  • I do have a eye toy as well. But I haven’t tried a video chat yet. Anybody here have a eye toy & PS3 to test this out with me?

  • Michael

    xberserker: Just check it out at youtube. The video I was refering to was just posted yesterday by joystiq, so you could probably find it on their site as well.

  • AoE_Brutal

    I have the same bluetooth headset amd im havimg trouble getting it synched can you post a walkthrough

  • All I did is follow the instructions that came with the headset. I had no problems syncing up the PS3 with the headset, at first. The problem came when I turned on my PS3 and the headset at a later time. Then the syncing never happened, so I brought the headset back tot he store and I’m looking for a new one.

  • Alex

    If you make sue that your mac is puit to sleep, it should be working fine. I had my motorola headset paired with my mac and PS3 at the same time ( didnt notice that the computer wasnt asleep) but as soon as i turned it off it worked. I would like in on playing R:FoM anytime and my ID is IMACGeek just as i looks and i will be on hopefully all weekend or you can e-mail me.
    Hope it works for you!

  • My Mac was off, so that wasn’t it. I already returned my headset, and I’ll be getting a different one hopefully on Monday.

  • Mike

    wussup everyone i got a bluetooth headset and sometime it works and sometimes it doesn’t work properly…sometimes the mic isn’t working but i can always hear everything.i don’t know y that is……i linked everything up properly to my ps3…!!!!….anyways i’m looking for someone to test it out with and to play a few online games..i have resistance…nhl….nba,,,,nfs…..fight nite… add me onto ur list MIKE_SANTOS….

  • Mike
  • newbie

    i have use Motorola H700 . In audio device i cant set it. Do i have set it?

  • You have to pair it every time you turn on your PS3. See the headset’s instructions.

  • sillybeep

    I have the Motorola H700. I got this thing because everyone raved on how good it was. I got it and it wont work for me, for the life of me I can’t get it right. I pair it and the PS3 picks it up quickly, then I put it as my audio out and audio in and put the mic level up to 5 and when I talk the bars wont light up, there for I can’t talk or hear anyone in any game, anyone got any advice on this?

  • Sorry, I don’t know. I ended up returning mine to the store.

  • Moore

    I tried the H700 and paired it just fine and when I play Resistance I can usually hear other players, but they can’t hear me. I also tried the Motorola H350 and it was a disaster. It connects just fine, but when you turn it on during gameplay it makes the controller go crazy. You are unable to control anything unless you plug the controller in with a USB cable.

  • Did you remember to hold down L3 to talk in Resistance?

  • red

    I noticed in the accessory setup menu of the ps3, would you be able to use a logitech usb headset. It has an option for it. Has N E 1 used it before?

  • I know that several USB headsets work, though I don’t know about yours.

  • Adrian

    I Have a Motorola headset H820 it works great, the problem is that i have to pair it every time that i turn on the PS3, is there any way that it can be paired pemanently, i don’t think that this is a problem with the headset, i guess is the PS3 that is not well develped this thing

  • That’s the same problem I had with my H700. I returned it. I’d do the same and buy either the H500 or the Jabra BT125.

  • Dominic


    Some very intersting information here. I have an H700 which disconnected/reconnected every 10 seconds. Found out from a pdf posted in the link I just gave that I have a counterfit headset. That’s what I get for buying it from ebay for 45$ instead of 150$ in stores. Oh well, at least it works well with my phone.

  • prophet33

    if i play ps2 games on the ps3 will the bluetooth still work with the ps2 game

  • Sorry, I have no idea….

  • Lou

    Just got a H500 bluetooth headset for my PS3, anyone have advice for hooking it up? HELP!!!!

  • Read your headset’s manual about how to pair it to another device. Then go to the PS3’s system settings to pair it to the PS3. If you can’t figure out which one, I can look it up for you tonight. (I forget the name offhand.)

  • Lou


  • Daniel

    H700 Does Not work with ps3 People are trying to tell you it does when it does not they are trying to get you to buy the product.H700 does not work at all but if you do not trust me get it for your self and see for your self.Only good for cell phones.

  • Um, I know. Did you read everything here before posting?

  • yo

    i just got got H700 and i can connect it fine, but i cant tallk to anyone i can only hear them

  • I had too many problems with this headset and the PS3, so I returned it.

  • Tony Marino

    I have the H500 i got from my mom and i can pair it to my PS3 but how do i get it to turn on when i play call of duty 4 i dont see the icon. Also i dont know where the motorola booklet would be because my mom trashed it i think. please help

  • adam

    hey i just got a motorolla H500 and i got it all hooked up and i can hear people but they can’t hear me, anybody know what the deal is??