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Remote Play Works! |

I just finished chatting with xBerserker online (with my new BlueTooth headset – which works!), and I told him it was getting late, so I had to go to sleep. But then I forgot to take out the garbage, so I did that. I got ready for Mr. Sandman, but decided to check for the latest PSP update just in case, and it was there! PSP 3.0!

So I installed it, and tested it, and it works! Amazing! Now I’m really tired though. More tomorrow. Uh… I guess it is tomorrow. Later today then.

[Update: setting up Remote Play is pretty easy. Just follow the instructions. Now I have two connections on my PSP. One for internet use and one for Remote Play use. When Remote Play first starts up, you see the PS3’s XMB. It’s obviously rendered on the PS3, then scaled down to fit the size of the PSP. So it’s not nearly as easy to read as the PSP’s native XMB. I watched a 720p video just fine on my PSP. I also listened to some music. That wasn’t so great. While it definitely worked, the sound would sometimes skip a bit, or hesitate. It was just a little bit, but it was enough to make listening to music a no-go. Actually, the same kind of thing happened when watching video, but for some reason it wasn’t nearly as objectionable. To sum up, Remote Play, is cool, but I don’t think I’ll be using it because it’s not ready yet.]

  • Pc

    Which headset did you buy that works with the PS3 or are all the bluetooth headsets compatible with the system ??

  • Tom

    The update also has a nifty music visualisation feature, online PSP manual, camera support, a UMD auto start option as well as a Certificate Utility clearly intended for PSOne game downloads.

    No store or friend list support though! Those would have been extremely neat.

  • That remote play is so fun! You can even send messages on your friends lists, lol.

  • Love the visualisations, but there aren’t enough sadly. 🙁

    Ad when are they gonna include the PC and PSP direct downloads of PS1 games?

  • Here is a video demo I did. Ya I know the video quality isn’t the best.

  • manlord

    Have you tried any PS1 games on PSP yet? Is any available in the store?

  • Nope, haven’t tried it. I didn’t check to see if there were any at the store.

    xberserker: great video!