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The New York Times: PS3 is terrible |

The internationally renown newspaper, The New York Times, has published its op-ed piece on the PS3. And they dislike it. They really dislike it. We’ve debated these points a million times, so there’s no point in going over them again; that’s just not the point.

Being a PlayStation fan is sometimes like being repeatedly kicked in the groin.

Kick to the Groin

It’s like there’s an all-star lineup of game developer celebrities, industry icons, and now the most highly regarded newspaper on the planet to lend their credibility to denouncing the PS3. What’s next? Will U.S. President Bush declare the PS3 as a national terror? Will the international science community come to the consensus that the PS3 is the source of all pollution and global warming? Will a heavenly deity descend upon the Earth and smite the PS3 from this planet?

Please vent here.

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  • Darrin

    I usually try to ignore the haters and enjoy the positives but sometimes all the negativity just gets to me. I know Henning and several others are happily enjoying their own PS3s and I truly believe the PS3 will be the best system in five months or so, but I thought many of us could just use a good old fashioned vent thread.

  • The biggest issue that annoys me about all of the crap that happend post E3 06, is that so much of the negative press wasnt even true. So many bogus stories ran by reputable sites (or spread like wildfire from shady sites) were ruled false in a day or less. Remember how the Cell’s speed was going to be downgraded? How the 20gb was not capable of having Wireless Controllers? How games were going to be tied to the ps3 that first plays them , so that you couldnt buy or sell used games? How the ps3 would increase size by a 3rd due to the engineers not being able to fit the parts into the form factor?

    I could seriously go on and on. The truth is, its a new system, they all have their issues. The Wii with its small number of fatal errors upon updating, wiimote related accidents, and i disproportionate shortage of nunchucks. The 360 had a large number of overheating cases, Cd scratching (this I experienced firsthand with my brother), Red rings of death, and random crashes. The PS3’s sluggish launch lineup and some minor software issues are just part and parcel to a consoles life. The first steps, no matter how experienced, are always a bit clumsy. Sony just gets the brunt of the criticizm now, because analysts have been predicting gloom and doom for a while, and theyd much rather not be proven wrong. Time will tell how things pan out. But rarely are the overpaid “analysts” correct on their predictions of the future of the gaming industry. Remember when people spelled success for dreamcast. Or when the PSP was going to trounce the ds?

  • luke

    Unfortunately, i think sony is facing an uphill battle. between its own downfalls and the public perception of the machine. yes, there are a LOT of people out there who will buy it just because its the sony playstation 3. And a LOT of those people will actually enjoy it and have fun with it. The biggest problem with the ps3 so far has been the launch. it was a total mess. most of the games were barely average. many of the games are out on the 360 and look better, and an extremely limited availability.

    bottom line: if the ps3 had launched with…500k in north america, with 2 or 3 more big name exclusive titles (heavenly sword…motorstorm…) gto o with RFOM, we would be looking at a different article. unfortunately, that didnt happen and now its up to sony to fix things. but i dont think its as bad as the new york times would lead people to believe.

    eh…looking now at what bob just posted, its pretty similar to mine. well i’ll just post it anyway.

  • Daff

    Internationally renown? NYT is trash.

  • Michael

    I’m just ready for Sony to get it straight. I love the Playstation brand. I’m just sick of waiting for everything and the over promising. In 1 year, the ps3 went from the most extrodinary piece of hardware to being a console with major potental but alot less over whelming than it once was. Let’s review, shall we?

    1. 2 hdmi ports to 1

    2. Fall 05 release date to Winter 06. (big difference)

    3. Simultaneous worldwide launch to Japan and U.S. with Europe not getting shipments until March 07…supposedly.

    4. 4 million ps3 units worldwide by the end of 06 to possibly 1 million for Japan and U.S.

    5. Router to no router

    6. Complete and total silence for months on end, usually 6 of them, for absolutely no reason.

    7. Most of the e3 05 ps3 games shown were in real-time to most were pre-rendered

    8. I know this is not Sony’s fought, but the thought that it maybe an entire year before we can get our hands on the ps3 after it’s already available is freakin’ rediculous!!

    9. And most recently, my favorite yet. High def tvs that don’t support 720p will down scale contain in that resolution until it gets fixed, whenever that maybe.

    That’s just off the top of my head. And for people that have been waiting patiently and for at least the last year to hear some firm news, that’s alot of changes and disapointments. The thing that I think gets me the most is that I want the Playstation brand to continue to succeed, but come on, enough already. Lets hear some good news, please. I know the ps3 will be awesome. I’m just sick of all the crap.

    Sony, I still love ya, but get it together.

  • Pc

    There alot of people out there that are bias and just love to talk shit, but who cares what they say !!! Sony and the Playstation brand will continue to grow and be strong for many many years. I want a PS3 sooooo bad, but i couldnt get one due to the shortages. I currently own a PS2 and i actually got a Wii since i havent owned a nintendo product since the SNES. I sold my 360 on ebay to get a PS3, but as of right now i cant even find one.. 🙁
    One day soon i wil have my PS3 !!!!

  • manlord

    Man, that NYT article was all full of bullshit. He goes on comparing xbox 360 vs ps3, and says that on the PS3 you can’t download in the background. Well you couldn’t do that until recently either on 360.

    There are some high points. The multi-player battles in Resistance: Fall of Man are excellent. The arcade-style action in the downloadable Blast Factor is suitably frantic.

    This is all he has to say about the GAMES. Wow, 2 lines of comment for the most imortant part of the system.

  • Secret

    The issue is Sony fail to deliver.
    Microsoft deliver long time ago.

    With Sony, we always have to wait and wait and wait.

  • What difference does it make when the 360 got background downloading if the article is recent? He is making a review of the two systems now. Not a review of the ps3 now and what the 360 was a week ago, or a month ago. Isn’t that the whole point of first to market advatage? That you can make last moment changes right before the other guys come out.

    “manlord Says:

    November 22nd, 2006 at 5:00 am
    Man, that NYT article was all full of bullshit. He goes on comparing xbox 360 vs ps3, and says that on the PS3 you can’t download in the background. Well you couldn’t do that until recently either on 360.

  • ack! where’s my edit button! I meant, last minute changes up to when the system comes out and of course various improvememnts tyhrough out the year before.

  • mcloki

    About the pre rendered stuff. Take a look at Motorstorm and I think they are damn close to pre rendered stuff. Real close. Sure Gears of War looks great, But remember the engine that it’s running, Unreal Engine 3 is available for every console. And will be tweaked for each console. So there’s really no problem getting games that look as great as Gears of War on the PS3. Hell when every game is using that engine, what’s going to differentiate them.

  • Darrin

    In his 360 article, he criticized Electronic Arts for not taking better advantage of the obviously awesome power of the 360.
    In his PS3 article, he criticized Sony itself and concluded that the PS3 platform itself is an absolute failure.

    In other words, the 360 is so obviously amazing, it’s the developers that failed to take better advantage of it sooner. Yet the PS3 is so terrible, it’s amazing that the developers could even make a game run on such a piece of junk. You can’t spin articles more heavily than that.

    But seriously, it’s his opinion, and that’s what journalists do. I didn’t want to start yet another debate over specific points or which is better. I just wanted to vent at the overwhelming negativity towards PS3.

    (btw, Michael, PS3 never had a fall ’05 release date. The PS3 was first announced at E3 2005 with a “Spring” 2006 release date.)

  • Right, Darrin. I was just gonna say. Michael has some good points, except for these:

    2. Release was pushed from Spring ’06, not Fall ’05.

    5. There was never an announced router for the PS3. Sony people just mentioned in passing that it was a feature they thought about, but decided not to put in. The press whipped it all out of proportion.

    8. You’ll be able to get a PS3 in much sooner than a year! I don’t know where you got that from.

  • Michael

    Ok, guys….don’t hate me. Yeah, your right, it was Spring ’06 oops. But….by saying that it would be about a year before there would be enough ps3s to go around was a rough estimate. So, since you don’t think it’ll be a year, how long do you think that it will be?

  • I’m going to be honest. I agree with alot of the arguments that writer put forth. The truth is that at this point in time there is just not enough justification for shelling out $600 for this machine. Its competitor the Xbox 360 has a leg up in the software department, and without proper software, hardware is useless. It doesn’t matter whether the 360 has been updated for months to get to where it is now: the truth at the moment is that 360 has more functionality than the PS3.

    The last paragraph sets the tone of the article, and the common motif of Sony’s business plan: Soon, Only Not Yet. And I’m going to be honest again, it’s not a theme I appreciate after seeing it during the early days of the Xbox 360. I think its in every consumer’s best interest to wait. It’s not like you have a choice, unless you have a Swiss bank account directly tied to paypal. Then ebay is your friend. I personally am rediscovering my PS2 with Final Fantasy XII and finally beating Shadow of the Colossus.

    Another gripe I have with the PS3 is that PS2 games aren’t upscaled. They’re played in regular ass 480i/p. I loved that little feature in the PS2 to Anti-Alias PS1 games. I was hoping they’d do something like that for PS2 games with the PS3. And the lack of 1080i support for games and 720p support in Blu-Ray is another turn off. You’d expect the company that claimed it was true-HD would be able to outdo its competition in that regards.

    I have a feeling Sony understood exactly what everyone was thinking right before launch: They’ll all sell out regardless; and they’ll be on ebay, lets leave them alone. Not a terrible idea, especially since the machines work. Another thing Sony seems to have gotten right is that there hasn’t been a scratched disc or ring of death. Atleast I haven’t heard about it. Perhaps nobody has cared to report since the majority are on ebay now.

    The one thing I think Sony nailed was the launch party. Not the launch exactly, but the party was awesome! If you weren’t getting a PS3, and you were in the building, atleast you got to see Charlie Murphy, Ludacris, and *drools* Karima Adebibe *continues drooling*. I’ll admit, that launch party hyped me up for the system, even though I only wanted two of the games. Sony and Nintendo went to the people, instead of making the people come to them *shakes fist at Mojave Desert*

    By the time Fall 2007 hits, we’ll know which console is “it”. We’ll know which console was worth camping out for. Which one was worth working overtime for. Right now, the scales are unbalanced, and violently swinging. A 7million unit lead is nothing to take lightly, especially when there are manufacturing woes to be seen. Sony is the reigning champ being pit against Microsoft, a company that doesn’t know the meaning of word “lose”, and Nintendo, a hungry hobo fighting for a money filled sandwich. Which reminds me – FNR3 on the PS3 looks kick ass.

  • crazzylee

    well the ps3 is for the most part a computer, once after having put in an OS like Linux, for 600 bucks i think its well worth it. broadcast to a PSP!!!, thats way out!!! all i can say is thanks Sony for trying somthing new

  • Sam

    I think that the hating is more or less just disdain targeted at the company that hates all humanity..Sony

  • chazzz

    all you knobs need to shut the **** up. this article is right the PS3 is a load of shit.

  • Anonymys

    Chazz is right =( PS3 was a total fail. I can never find my gaming friends and its price is extremely overdramatic. Pricing that thing at 400$ for a piece of shit is just silly =/

  • Brad

    It’s summer 2010 and except for 2 games It’s still total shit.