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Koei Cancels PS3 Exclusives |

Protests to the contrary, I think that exclusive titles are important for a console. Some people say that exclusives don’t matter. It just matters whether or not the games you like are on your system. Well, yes and no. Of course playing the games you like is the whole point of it all. But a system with more exlusives will draw more gamers who want those games. More gamers means a larger installed base. A larger installed base means it’s more likely a developer will write games for that platform. It’s all very circular, but getting exclusives is an important part of kick-starting a platform.

Which is why I don’t think it’s a good thing for the PS3 to have lost exclusivity on two titles by Koei. Blade Storm and Fatal Inertia used to be PS3 exclusive. Now Koei has said that they’ll be releasing those games for the PS3 as well. Both games will be European launch titles in March 2007, and no date has been given for the Xbox 360 versions.

I think that Koei has to make the decision that is best for their business. And that is probably exactly what they did. That doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing for the PS3 however. Ah well. I’m still looking forward to F1, MotorStorm, and Heavenly Sword come March 2007. At least those are still exclusive.

Koei cancels PS3 exclusives

  • What a load of guff. Multi format games = more $$ for developers. You can’t expect developers to stick to a single format, which is many times harder to develop for simply because you’re a Sony fanboy.

    This is good news, it means Koei can sell to a broader installed userbase, get more in return, and stay in Business.

  • sony definitely needs exclusives. that is partly how they won with the ps2, right?

    as for more $$ for developers, doesn’t sony (or microsoft, for that matter) pay them for exclusives? i thought that was how it worked.

  • ehandlr

    Exclusives matter alot…..These exclusives matter none. PS3 won’t see any solid exclusives until they penetrate the market. Although without exclusives it will be hard to do just that. With only 300-400 thousand units out there..why would a company want to make exclusives at a loss? I’m sure it will change in the future though.

  • What ever happened to Ni-oh from Koei?

  • Rich:

    Multi format games does not necessarily mean more $$ for developers. It depends on the installed base. Developing a game isn’t cheap, and the costs have to be made back in sales.

    And you seem to have a problem with actually reading what I write. Because I did mention that Koei has to make their own business decisions and do what’s best for them. That negates your Sony fanboy comment. But just because it’s good for Koei doesn’t mean it’s good for the PS3 platform. Which was my whole point.

  • Hidden

    You want GRAW 2 to be ported to PS3. But you don’t want Blade Storm and Fatal Inertia to be ported to Xbox 360.

    Funny 😉

  • One word…

    Couldn’t care less…

    Ok, its three words, but… I am still completely unimpressed by these games. I dont really like Wipeout, to which FI doesnt even come close and Bladestorm… I dont even know what that is 😀

    As having read on Eurogamer, Sony saved the money for all the (now multiplatform) exclusives, to put into new IP. I think, that isn’t completely bad, as “only sequels” will definitively bore the crowd in some time…

    Ok, some franchises MAY not die and must stay exclusive (Metal Gear Solid, ok 2 was a slipped to the XBox, with horrible results, Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo), but some (which often only were timed exclusives like GTA) dont really need to stay exclusive, IF Sony comes up with new good exclusive IP.

    I dont think GTA was the system seller for the PS2 (as it was released rather long after release) but rather Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid, which together sold more than 45 Million copies (not counting spin offs or addons). I think, these numbers REALLY tell, which exclusives sell systems! (I cant find any GTA sales numbers, but I think, they will be MUCH less than either of theses games!)

  • Rather

    Why do the words “Comic Book Guy” pop into my head whenever I read a Rich post?

  • luke

    These are games that won’t sell well enough on one console alone, so it makes sense.

  • WonderSteve

    I wonder how much more Koei can make by porting to 360…

    The XBOX crowd doesn’t really like Koei’s games in my opinion. I doubt Blade Storm would do too well with them. Fatal Inertia may have a chance

  • Neither games were all that impressive so I could care less. Bladestorm was simply Koei making another “Dynasty Warriors in a Different Location”. I am simply expecting a Samurai Warriors type spinoff that just happens to be in Europe instead of ancient asia. Based on what i have seen, the only thing that seems to be new is a better coat of paint. Ninety Nine Nights showed that hack and slashes as they existed last gen, just dont cut it anymore (no pun intended). As for fatal inertia, all of the trailers and gameplay footage I have seen has been awfully generic. Not a whole lot of style, as people are used to with games like wipeout, its a bit plain.

    Not to bash these games, as we are still getting them. But as long as the important games are still exclusive (Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, MGS4, Virtua Fighter 5, Tekken 6, etc), I dont think these two rather passable titles will matter in the long run.

    The 360 only has roughly 6 million consoles in peoples home, at the very most, a game will sell a million. But neither of these games will do that on EITHER console. So maybe they are just trying to get more bang for their buck by expanding the number of potential buyers. Like sony said, its going to be the first party that matters the most, it will show what one system has to offer over the other. And to compare first party to first party, its only a two horse race, Sony or Nintendo. Honestly, microsoft hasnt had anything remarkable come out of its companies except for forza (which is still bested by GT in many ways) and Halo. It will really be up to sony to deliver on its games, with a stumble like Genji, there is cause for worry. Yet with some of the high profile games coming, I wont worry for long.

  • Sam

    I agree totally with the notion that there should an exclusive element to console games, but i’m also a hypocrite on the topic as well. While I really don’t care about having all of the “Mario Sleepover, Mario Tea Party, and Mario Bakery” (how my friends and I refer to them) type games ported from the GC over to PS, I do want games that would appeal to certain gamers to appear on their appropriate consoles, e.g., I was seriously burned when Resident Evil4 became a GC exclusive (at least for a number of months). I know that most GC owners don’t play these type of games, and while RE4 was highly acclaimed, I’m pretty sure it didn’t do very well on GC. So to tie it all up, keep some exclusives around, but make sure the target market’s covered. Just my two cents.