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Quake 3 on Linux, on PS3 |

As you would expect, as intrepid PS3 owners experiment with the system’s Linux capability more and more of these types of applications are likely to appear.

This one shows the PC version of Quake 3: Arena being played through the Fedora Linux operating system on the PS3. Whilst the framerate is pretty much too slow for the game to be playable and the resolution is too small, it’s worth considering that this is all done just using the Cell processor. The RSX cannot be accessed by Linux based programmes. That should tell you just how powerful the Cell is on its own.

I can’t wait to see what other older applications these coders can get running, although I’m still awaiting the bits that could be put together into a comprehensive media centre.

Thanks ehandlr!

  • With linux, the PS3 is really limitless to the number of video and audio file formats it can support. I guess Ken was essentially right in all of his “Its a computer” talk.

  • Tom
  • Just how powerful the Cell is, did you mean?

  • Syriad

    Jonathan Abbey: i think the point was it shows how powerful the RSX is because without it, it can barely run Quake 3 windowed, yet with the RSX you can play 1080p games at 60FPS

  • Tomas

    It’s amazing how few people knew about Linux and who is amazed now. Too me this is just a smaller piece of the cake ;).

  • Tomas

    I don’t know about Quake 3 but if you run i in software mode and give Quake 3 a very high priority then you would get some more FPS. Running a lighter Desktop Environment then Gnome would be advisable as well, like Xfce.

  • Tom

    Yeah, it was my mistake 😳 – but it does show that the RSX is an integral part of the PS3 as well! I expect if that was unlocked the modders would be able to get a lot more from this!

  • manlord

    I do not think PS3-linux is taking advantage of all 7 SPU’s. I think a saw a screenshot that showed that it detected the main CPU and one SPU…

    Also I think it won’t be long before someone come up with a RSX PS3-linux driver.

  • Linux on the PS3 is not using all SPU’s as far as it can recall. Its just using the one SPU that is reserved for the “os” whether it be the Cross Media Bar, or linux. I guess someone will eventually (perhaps sony itself) raise this restriction for users who choose to run linux, and then simply reimpose the limit when a ps3 runs the XMB. But even at a choppy frame rate, one spu, without the help of RSX, can run an OS and Quake 3, that is an achievment. Just think of what could be done if all 7 were used.

  • Wow, thats so sweet. Now if they could only run it at a decent rate.

  • I actually think this is running solely on the PPE of the cell, not using any SPEs at all nor the graphics chip.

    Parts of the programs have to be rewritten to use the SPUs at all…

  • JordanR

    Sony is making a HUGE business mistake. They are selling remarkable piece of technology at a giant loss and giving the users reasons to avoid the liscensed software and prepherals to make their money back.

    Thank you Sony for creating such great stuff, but your shareholders must be ticked!

  • dude

    Not so big mistake.
    1) Geeks may consider buyuing some games as well
    2) Even if they’re not willing to, there is much more gamers who will buy games well.

    Real problem is that Sony cannot sell as much devices as it should.Second problem is that Sony loses Blue Ray vs HD DVD battle.