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New Gran Turismo HD screens |

Recent rumours point to this getting a (typical) Polyphony delay, with latest information suggesting a launch around next December; there’s no noise from Sony as of yet, but we’ll keep you informed. In the meantime check out these new shots of an incredibly detailed Subaru Impreza and its driver. You certainly cannot argue with Polyphony Digital’s dedication to accuracy, even if they do play tardy too often (where’s my GT4 Mobile?!)!



  • luke

    It’s a shame I’m God-awful at Gran Turismo because that sure looks nice.

  • I also suck miserably at GT. Thank GOD for B-Spec in GT4.

  • Reddog375

    Does look nice (as does Forza 2 and dont forget PGR3 still looks great), sorry to be picky but its actually an Impreza in the bottom few shots and by the stickers on the screen a Toyota in the top few…..

    Am not a fanboy either way, I just like great games, the delay doesnt sound good tho either, I mean how long has the PSP version been delayed? not a good sign surely

  • Actually, ALL GT games other than the first one have been delayed. In some cases, multiple times. So sure, its not a good sign, but its not nessecarily a bad one either. They never release on time, but I’d rather they delay it, than to pull a GT4 and remove a feature just to get it out in stores.

  • Sporty

    I dont think a Polyphony game being delayed means anything other then standard practice. They are like ID software and Blizzard in that regards. It would be more newsworthy if a game from them shipped in the same release window they first announced.

    But even though GT HD looks sweet, I kinda lost interest when I heard about the micro transactions.

  • Pc

    That picture looks so real its crazy !!! Their doing a good job and i think the next GT on PS3 will be the shit !! 🙂
    I will deffinately buy it..

  • francois

    We had the same story with PS2 when it launched, GT3 was supposed to come out soon after, but it took more than 9 months after the launch. One of the reason I bought a PS3 was for the Gran Turismo series and I am eager to play this game in HD! Anyone know if we can use the GranTurismo Logitech USB steering wheel with it?

  • luke

    Question though: what’s with the jaggies?

  • Sporty

    I wouldn’t worry about jaggies in pictures nowadays. The real test is seeing it in motion. Also keep in mind your looking at a 1920x1080p image scaled down to 450×253 and compressed. It looses a lot of of the detail but still impressive