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YDL v5.0 for the PS3 launches! |

Yesterday TerraSoft announced the availability of Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 for the PS3.

Six months of design, engineering, integration, and testing has culminated in
the finest release from Terra Soft to date. Designed, not just assembled,
Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 featuring E17 is immediately available via
Enhanced accounts for your PLAYSTATION(R)3.

I’m still undecided about Linux. I have to see a real reason to install Linux on my PS3 before I bother to do so. How about you guys? Linux? Or no Linux?

YDL v5.0 for the PS3 launches!

  • i will probably try it. but i will be more excited when cell development stuff becomes available…

  • oh! it looks like it already comes with the cell sdk!

  • Sporty

    I might be interested in trying it out. I’ve played with linux on the desktop alot and actually prefer it to windows, but mainly use windows for compatiblity.

    PS3 Linux might be cool if they can unleash the RSX, then you can get into emulation and the PC ports. Not as appealing as it once though.

  • manlord

    I will definetively try it, but if we can’t harvest the power of the RSX, I really don’t see very much use of it.

  • Darrin

    Are one of you with PS3s going to try it and tell us about it?

  • I stand by Darrin: please let us know if you try it, would love to read your own view!

  • Here is a video of it in action. I’m still not sure if I’ll try it. I would be more willing if I could delete the partition with the linux OS, without reformatting the hard drive again.

  • Lakuma

    I would be very interested in installing Linux on my PS3 just for the very reason of making it a DVR/PVR. I would install Myth TV and then I would have a full Media Center with BD, Live TV, Recored TV Shows, Movies/Music being streamed from my TV, Pictures etc. All that can be done with Myth TV. One central location of all my media on my HD TV!!

  • Except you would need a TV tuner peripheral for your PS3, with drivers.

  • That will be one of the first things ill do, to install linux and play around with it πŸ˜€

    Not a single doubt!

  • Let us know how yellow dog linux is Segitz πŸ™‚

  • Ha… Remember, I am German!!! March is the way to go (or rather wait)

  • Sporty

    Dont feel to bad. I may be in the US but with the luck I’m having scoring a PS3, you might get yours first πŸ˜€