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17 new Halo 3 screens |

So just what is the competition up to? You can see some Halo 3 screenshots at the link below. They look quite nice, actually. Some of them look more like something from Unreal Tournament, I’m looking forward to playing the game at my friends’ places, because I’m sure they’ll both be picking it up. Halo 2 was a lot of fun, and we especially had a lot of fun playing King of the Hill.

MUST SEE: 17 new Halo 3 screens

  • Rather

    Every time I log into a news site it’s “New Halo 3 Rumors! ZOMG!!” It’s becoming a parody of itself. New Halo 3 Rumor! Unconfirmed reports say that Microsoft is considering thinking about a release month and year for Halo 3!! Bill Gates himself is shown here in YouTube video where expert lip readers tell us that he appears to be saying “Halo three Maytember two eight.” Check back tomorrow for the latest amazing Halo 3 news!!!! Oh and click here for some PS3 reviews.

  • I dont know, maybe its just me. I was expecting to be wowed by the screenshots, but they just left me with a “meh” feeling. They arent as impressive as I thought a next gen halo would be. its essentially a shinier halo 2 with more polygons. Maybe Resistance and Gears of War have colored my judgement. I’m not a huge fps fan, so everytime I read a halo headline, I just sort of gloss over.

  • matt

    Halo 3 is a huge deal to a lot of people. I like the game for online play and I am looking foreward to picking it up. I care more about how the game plays and frame-rate than graphics. The pictures look very nice and will most likely be improved before release. A lot of people I know have recently bought a 360 and got Live. Halo 3 will be a lot of fun with all of the people I know online.