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1up analyses PS3 and xbox360 graphics |

To be honest, I am surprised this took so long!

Need for Speed Carbon: 360 and PS3

As many reviews have suggested, the first batch of PS3 games are under performers when compared to their xbox360 incarnations. For anybody who has been paying attention to the games industry over the past six months, this won’t be a surprise. 1up argues though, that by following Sony’s PR trail over the last year and a half, Sony proclaimed that the next-gen did not start until the PS3 appeared. So why is there no difference? The article doesn’t seem to have much of a point other to highlight Sony’s “foot-in-mouth” syndrome, but the images and videos make interesting viewing, even if they do little more than highlight just how similar the games look.

Notable improvements can be found in Ridge Racer 7 (but to be fair this is pretty much Ridge Racer 6 with an extra year of development), Fight Night Round 3 (again, an xbox360 game with 6 months extra development), Full Auto 2 (again, think Full Auto + one year development), Marvel Ultimate Alliance (the PS3 version looks slightly cleaner) and Blazing Angels (another 360 port with 9 months extra development time).

For all this article shows though, these are still launch games. I expect that, in the same way that 360 titles from this year are much better looking than last year, PS3 titles next year will blow us away. Think back to the very poor Ridge Racer V that launched with PS2 and expect PS3 titles to develop along similar lines as developers harness the machine more efficiently. The first of game to show this off, in my opinion, should be Motorstorm (now delayed in Japan until 15 December).

1up- What the Cell is going on?

  • ehandlr

    Motorstorm will be the beginning. Followed by FFXIII, White Knight Story, Killzone

  • Unsaid

    I thought the beginning was when the ps3 lunched? So we wait again. Then maybe we can compare games that are ported… fairly.

  • mcloki

    The explanation is going to be rather simple. Developers using the same engine to design the game. Unreal Engine 3, or any of the other game design engines will all use the same source material.
    Developers are lazy. Why make a tour de force graphic game when we have to ship this next month and the models run well enough right now. Ship. let’s start work on the ext game
    I think these are compromises made by developers not the hardware. The Cell processor is just the clay to make a game. Weather the developer makes a beautiful sculpture or and ash tray is up to the developer.

    And yes motorstorm is the best example. No Xbox360 version and it is the best looking demo already. Yes even better looking than Gears of War. They both are spectacular. one was designed by the leading graphic video game designer on the planet. Epic, on a one year old console that is basically a PC. The other is Evolution studios. Now they might not be slouches when it comes to engines, But Epic makes their money off of their engines. Gears of War is just a demo for how great their engine is.
    Motostorm is the equal and maybe better. Not talking gameplay here. I cna’t wait for Motorsport 2 it should be better than the demo because the demo is real close. And i do mean real close.

  • Pc

    Launch Titles for the PS3 look about as good and some even better than what the 360 has right now. I have to say Sony did a great job with their system. We all know that down the road the PS3 will deffinately be the system to own. The bad thing is that I WANT ONE NOW AND CAN’T GET ONE !!!! 🙁

  • yeah, it’s just too bad that so many of the expected “launch” titles were delayed. motorstorm, lair, heavenly storm… only months away, and they will all look far better than anything on the x360. in a way, the “true”ps3 launch isn’t until those games are out… sigh.

  • mcloki

    Do you guys remember the ps2 launch. What was out then. Pretty much nothing. Madden was alright. and SSX Tricky but it was a while before the real games started to come out. Now the games on the PS2 look real good.
    The only thing I think the PS3 is going to miss is a controller like the wiimote. I do think that that is great but i’m sure that by mid 2007 both Microsoft and Sony will have theri revolutionary new wiimote like controller ready for sale.
    And i think that PS3 Mii’s might look rather great. nicer textures, wavy hair.
    Nintendo would be smart to just build these remotes for the PS3 and XBox. They coud sell a wiimote to almost a quarter of the population of earth. Especially when the PS3 and Xbox get big in China.
    Port zelda over to the PS3 and they possibly could sell 25 to 30 million copies.

  • Sporty

    Was actually just SSX (tricky was released a year later) I actually got a PS2 near launch and other then SSX I had nothing good to play till spring the next year. I did get Winback, Madden, Moto GP in that time but wasn’t untill Onimusha came out that releases started to flow in.

  • coolbreeze06

    This is a funny comparison. Xbox is on their 2nd gen titles at some point the 360 power will be tapped out. Because it came out a year b4 PS3 am I crazy to think that the PS3 will surpass the 360 then?

  • I find it funny to compare these games at all… or rather “unfair”

    I mean, the PS3 just came out, the devs have barely harnessed any power of it yet, but still the games look nearly identical (although the ps3 has “less” video memory).

    This having said, it is a major blow to the 360. I mean, everybody said, the Cell will be VERY HARD to programm for, but then, the launch games look like twin brothers to the matured console, the 360. Imagine how the PS3 titles would look, if the harnessing was no problem at all… Up till now, I dont think any game barely scratches the bottom of the keg what needs to be drunk, to be on 100% efficiency (ok, i know 100% isnt possible, but fairly high nontheless). I will take at least another year for developers to see, what the CELL can do, and only AFTER that, the new developed games will take advantage of it… then its buisness for PS3 and 360…

    And, ok I am german so I dont know what launched with the PS2 in the US, the ps2 launch in europe was ok… I mean Tekken Tag was cool, Fantavision is cool, Rez rocks (dont know, when that was released, but I got the US version, which strangely sports also a german interface!!).

    Wait for next years game comparisons around christmas (multiplat) to see, which versions will look better… Then the 360 has less advantage, like now…

  • Developers are still getting a hang of the hardware, most have only had finalized hardware for a couple of months before launch (not a lot of time at all). Some games are using a tiny percentage of the PS3’s power, simply because they arent really allocating tasks efficiently. It is to be commended that many games look on par with current 360 titles. If any of you remember 360’s launch, most of the games looked like horrible upconverted Xbox titles (I am looking at YOU “Gun”).

    If ps3 games start out looking like current 360 titles, the ramp up is sure to be dramatic. We wil probably start to see the an increase in graphical quality starting in the next few months. With Lair, Motorstorm, and stuff like Heavenly Sword, the Playstation difference well begin to be apparent.

  • Hiro

    *Giggle* Oh man, it’s great listening to you guys…

  • I’m glad you’re enjoying the site, Hiro.

  • ehandlr

    Most developers are still waiting on tips from Sony on how to develop easier for the PS3 according to recent articles.

  • Scott

    I love the site, i visit it daily, sometimes the comments just tickle me ever so slightly.

  • Pc

    Will somebody please give me their PS3 !!!??? I’m dying over here..come on please 🙂

  • As soon as killzone is released, expect all games to be better across the board, as Sony brought guerrilla games. The work that they do can be shared with others. No doubt the 1st party PS3 Games are going to ownz. This is purely because its centralized for the ps3. However its the multiplatform *ahem*360 and PS3*ahem* (Wii doesnt count anymore, as nothing from the 360 or ps3 can be used on the wii, sounds cant have the same bitrate or clarity (7.1 pcm audio) textures cant be as big, and models have to be toned down)

    Also about the 256mb vs 512mb is useless, as the 256mb x1900xt vs the 512mb x1900xt is almost insignificant in terms of performance, and they both use the same textures, on games such as oblivion. Its just crappy programmers.

  • WonderSteve

    I actually find Genji’s graphics look really good after seeing it on my friend’s PS3. The particle effect of the fire at the beginning is the best I ever seen in a game in real time

  • Red Cloak

    The PS3 launch games look better than what launched with Xbox 360, and 360’s best launch title (Call of Duty 2) was out on the PC weeks before the system launch. 1up invents stuff to bitch about on a daily basis.

  • matt

    Sony Fanboys calm down.

    Developers ported existeing games for PS2 and Xbox to 360 to take advantage of the launch period where there isn’t a lot of games, hence big sales for old gen games.

    The beta 360 and PS3 units are only 3 months apart. Remember the PS3 was supposed to launch in April and Sony tried to make the 2005 X-mas window.

    One HUGE reason I am holding back from a PS3 purchase is many engineers are coming out (now that the PS3 can be tested) and saying that the 360 is a much more powerful GAMING machine. Their is almost no doubt in the industry that the 360 has the best GPU. If you don’t know the GPU is what puts graphics on your screen. The 360 also has more memory. The problem with the Cell is that it is almost impossible to finalize a game for. Seperating the game code into the SPUs is such a hard task that no developer will get the grasp of it without Sony releasing software to assist them. Even then that is a stretch.

    Gears of War is the most beautiful game on any system right now. Yes that includes PC. To downplay Gears of War is an insult to any developer. Everyone can see how great the game is on so many levels and if you can’t you are blinded by Fanboyish dreams.

    If many estimates about development costs are correct the PS3 is in a heap of trouble. 8.5 million dollars for a crappy launch game like Blade Storm (I am pretty sure) for such a poor scoring game are sad. If this keeps up the PS3 will lose even more exclusives like Metal Gear Soild, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry and many other 3rd party developers who will go to the greener pastures. 500,000 games sold to make a profit would bankrupt so many developers.

    In my honest and informed opinion the PS3 is an over reaching and under planned system. Sony is going to have to work their addes off to make the PS3 a hit and I really doubt they will do that. They think they are walking into “their” market and that is not how it works. Price will affect consumer spending and games will affect consumer spending. Both of these are strongly in the 360 camp.

    Stop sucking each other off and look outside of Sonys world. Most of you are missing out out great gaming because you won’t buy a 360 or Wii. I own both and couldn’t be happier with my purchases. 360 right now has the better ports and Wii is so very different.

    As I have said so many times on this forum. The PS3 needs to sell me. I am not sold because of my PS1/2 ownership.

  • The Unbias

    I am going to be unbias, i will bring no personal opinions into this only fact.

    Matt i am sorry but ure a dick, u said the GPU is more powerful in the xbox 360 which is something that was pulled out of ure ass right? The memory iss the same only that it is harder to develop for because it is split in some awkward way. This does not mean ps3 is better only means that matt pulled crap from his ass (prolly reading IGN which never get anything right :P).
    500,000 games sold to make a profit is a guestimate for the first games, once devs know
    what they are doing it costs a lot less. The PS2 had the hardest coding needed known to man but after a few months they got the hang of it.

    The beta 360 and PS3 units are only 3 months apart. Remember the PS3 was supposed to launch in April and Sony tried to make the 2005 X-mas window.

    Come on, learn something, devs got a dev machine which is a computer which emulates the general idea of how the ps3 works, as later shown everything was pre rendered as they had no working model at this time. The debug unit was created around 5 months before, and this was only given to the larger companies like Bandai Namco and EA.

    And for people saying Gears of War is worse than Motorstorm, this is also a pile of bullshit, go look at Gears of War in real life on a hd dvd and u will know what i mean. The first game i expect for the ps3 to be better than GoW will come in a year.

  • Huschke


  • i think ps3 is more realistic then the 360, how ever all together it looks like the 360 woops the ps3 am i right?