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Hey Sony! We Want! |

This article mentions a bunch of things we want from the next firmware update for the PS3 from Sony. Things like the following:

  • Background Downloads
  • Themes
  • Screen Savers
  • Music Playing while Doing Stuff
  • See PC Files from PS3
  • Guitar Hero Support

This is just a small sampling. I hope that Sony is listening, because we all want things like background downloads and better networking support. Is Sony working on these things? Or others?

ATTN: SONY. What we want in future firmware updates.

  • francois

    A lot of people in forums (inclusing me) noticed that 480i PS2 games suffer lag when playing on PS3 over hdmi? I hope they come up with a solution for that.

    It would be nice also if the ps3 would compensate for the HDTV processing lag found on most set. Even with HDMI I perceive a small lag compared to using component with an analog TV.

  • I think the first four will come eventually, they are all possible. The question is how fast will they get around to doing them.

  • I noticed the issue of lag as well. You say it’s only when using HDMI? I should try switching to component.

  • francois

    Yep, from what I read: The PS3 is doing its own de-interlacing before sending the PS2 games image to the HDMI output. That is causing the delay. When using component or other analog connection, it sends the original PS2 signals straight to the wire.

    Anyone notice lags on their set using the HDMI for PS3 games? I tried resistance with HDMI on my panasonic HDTV, then tried the same game on a Panasonic 27inch CRT using component cable and I found the control more responsive on the CRT.

    I also tried the PS3 on a Gateway 21 inch monitor using the HDMI, I felt a bit of lag, similar to the HDTV.

    It is very hard to measure, it is a matter of perception. But I defintively had better gameplay on the CRT.

    This is frustrating. I started thinking selling my HDTV to buy another one with a faster response.

  • matt

    All HDTVs have a delay. The processing that must take place to project the image takes a few milli-seconds. If your HDTV has a slow response time on top of that, games might be unplayable. Check to see if your HDTV has a gaming mode. This drasitcally cuts down on the processing and can improve gaming.

    I would think HDMI for PS2/PSOne games is a bad idea. You want to keep processing to a minimum and Analog to Digital before the HDTV gets it is silly. Just give the HDTV an analog signal.

  • Darrin

    matt, with HDMI there is no Analog to Digital conversion. Game consoles generate digital content and HDMI transports that directly to the display without ever going to analog.

    I’d imagine some HDTV’s may have delays because they are designed mainly for non-interactive content where delays aren’t problematic. However, I don’t see how different connection cables would cause different delays.

  • francois

    matt, unfortunately. I have no game mode on my TV.
    Darrin, if the ps3 provide a pure digital signal to the TV , there would be less processing to do than on a analog signal, so it could generate less lagging. Check out the test I did on my set, it shows that HDMI is faster than SVideo:

    Beside, have you noticed that Blue-Ray movie can’t be converted to 720p? It really annoy me, it is either 1080i or 480p/480i. This is ridiculous! I definitively prefer 720p over 1080i.