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Red Kawa File Server |

Wanna serve files from your PC to your PS3? Red Kawa looks to solve your problem with the Red Kawa File Server. This free software (the accept donations) allows you to view and copy files from your PC onto your PS3.

However, the tutorials section for this software isn’t complete. Actually, it has almost nothing there. So before I install this software to try it out, I’d like to see the tutorial so I know what I’m getting myself into. Does it require the PS3 to be running Linux? That’s my first and most obvious question. Can you see the PC and its file from the PS3, or do you have to do all that stuff from the PC? That’s my second question.

It’s cool to see software like this, but I’d like some more information.

[via PS3 Fanboy]

Red Kawa File Server

  • manlord

    I guess it’s a fileserver with a web interface. So you have to transfer them with your browser.

  • You are correct sir!

  • Help!!!

    I downloaded the Red Kawa Server a month ago and it worked like a dream; I could download any MPEG4 file to my PS3-HDD. Yesterday I added a Sony memory stick with some MP3 music files. Since then, every time I download anything using the Red Kawa Server it installs in on the memory stick and NOT the HDD, even when I remove the stick, the PS3 asks to insert the memory card so that it can save the downloaded file onto it. Could anyone tell me how I can revert back to saving on ,my PS3-HDD.

    Thanks in advance!

  • im having problems with geting the god dam thing open on windows vista and itssayin could not find main class ???? i got the ps3 vid 9 working fine like so i will be donating for that but im sorry boys no guide no money simple its all good making these programs but what about the thicko like me who can baerly burn dvds never mind turing ts files in to mpegs and the sort c,mon lads you seem to be the best in the bussnies so sort itfor me plzzzzzz and i swaer i will donate