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Koei Cancels PS3 Exclusives

Protests to the contrary, I think that exclusive titles are important for a console. Some people say that exclusives don’t matter. It just matters whether or not the games you like are on your system. Well, yes and no. Of course playing the games you like is the whole point of it all. But a system with more exlusives will draw more gamers who want those games. More gamers means a larger installed base. A larger installed base means it’s more likely a developer will write games for that platform. It’s all very circular, but getting exclusives is an important part of kick-starting a platform.

Which is why I don’t think it’s a good thing for the PS3 to have lost exclusivity on two titles by Koei. Blade Storm and Fatal Inertia used to be PS3 exclusive. Now Koei has said that they’ll be releasing those games for the PS3 as well. Both games will be European launch titles in March 2007, and no date has been given for the Xbox 360 versions.

I think that Koei has to make the decision that is best for their business. And that is probably exactly what they did. That doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing for the PS3 however. Ah well. I’m still looking forward to F1, MotorStorm, and Heavenly Sword come March 2007. At least those are still exclusive.

Koei cancels PS3 exclusives


GRAW 2: maybe for PS3?

My friends and I enjoy playing Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter on the Xbox 360. We especially like Co-op Elimination, where the four of us are placed on a map with a bunch of bots to destroy. The bots could be a little bit more clever, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Ubisoft has not announced whether or not the PS3 will get a version of GRAW 2, unfortunately. But I’m crossing my fingers that the PS3 will get some GRAW lovin’.

Some details about the game have leeked out, however.

  • Dynamic weather conditions
  • Object translucency
  • “God Rays”
    God Rays is a graphical technique that simulates the way light goes around an opaque surface
  • New smoke effects
  • Mexico and US locations.

Here’s hoping!

GRAW 2: first details!


HDMI Cable Contest Closing Soon!

I’ll be ending the HDMI cable contest a week early because hardly anybody is signing up anymore. For those of you who aren’t aware, is giving away two HDMI cables through this site! Go to the link below for details.

I’ll be announcing the winners on Tuesday, November 28th.

Win an HDMI Cable from

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Downloadable demos and the PS3

Some of you may remember a few months back a rumour started going around that Sony were going to charge users for demos downloaded through the PlayStation Store. Well, as those with a PS3 and Motorstorm demo can attest, demos are free.

Well Kotaku have come across some information that suggests that third party developers will have to pay for their demos to be added to the download list. Sony will be charging them to regain the costs of the free PlayStation Network. Kotaku extrapolate that this will mean there will be fewer game demos available on the PlayStation Store.

There are a few flaws in this rumour however. Firstly, if true then these costs would be paid for by the game’s publisher, not the developer itself. Secondly, this is hardly likely to restrict game demo content. Publishers understand that demos can be a great way in creating hype about an upcoming product- downloadable demos have met with great success on the 360, and if a publisher spends time and money creating a demo for the 360 then it makes sense to get as much value out of it as possible, even if the costs do rise. This is without even getting into how much it costs a company to put a demo online and allow downloading- Sony don’t seem to charge anyone to put PSP demos on their sites, and assuming they take a smart approach with PS3 demos they should not cost much to distribute.

Again, I should add that this is a rumour, but even as a rumour it doesn’t have much credence- “Several industry insiders” (ie. anyone from employees at your local game store to Sony’s Ken Kutaragi) and words such as “apparently thinking”, “considering” and “unconfirmed” add up to a story with little value.



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