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GTHD Canned |

Well at least in its expected form.

GTHD concept

Instead Polyphony Digital are going to work towards GT5 and release a collection of downloadable GTHD Concept editions. These are going to basically offer free demo snippets of GT5; the first one is scheduled for December 24 and will offer what is basically a graphical demonstration of what to expect from GT5. There will be one course with two routes and 10 cars available, it will also offer online leadership boards. By the sounds of it you should be expecting the Eiger Nordwand demo that journalists have had access to since TGS. A future download will offer a next generation driving engine, but as of yet there is no schedule for releases.

I’m fairly disappointed with this news- I had been quite looking forward to GTHD’s online play and the idea of taking on more than 6 other competitors sounded like a major improvement, although hopefully this is news is a response to the disappointment that greeted the microtransaction information. The worst part of the news though it that, apart from these demos we’ll probably have a very long wait until GT5 is definitively available.

IGN: Sony Drops Gran Turismo HD

  • Real time name change!

  • Darrin

    I predicted this. I said that GT:HD wouldn’t turn out anything like what they had announced (I’d like to dig up my exact quote). It sounded too much like the kind of early brainstorm ideas that get culled out during development. The micropayment system sounded particularly crazy, and I knew it would get dropped or radically revised into something sane. Can you seriously imagine them trying to ship that as they were talking about? I can’t. Remember how upset and up in arms people got over that? All for nothing.

    I’m definitely looking forward to GT5. And a free online demo is a much better way to give people a taste of things to look forward to.

  • Free. Yay!

  • I wonder if this has anything to do with the shuffling at SCE.

  • matt

    I think they were going to release the GT:HD to hold people over until GT5 was released. In so many ways this is bad for Sony. They don’t have one of their best titles for atleast a year (by my estimates). I would rather they release a complete game instead of the news we heard about GT:HD.

    News has not been good for Sony for a very long time. Hopefully Sony will have some great games soon.

  • I think its good news. GTHD was always seen as sort of a “cup of coffee to the line-sitters” sort of gesture anyway. Giving the folks something while they wait on GT5. So its only good news to me that they are focusing almost exclusively on GT5 and not waisting too much time, on a halfstep. It takes them long enough to release games as it is, so the last thing I would want is for them to push GT5 even further in the future than it already is.