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PS3 Link Love – 01dec06 |

PS3 playing HD and AVI Movies in Linux. Pretty cool stuff. More and more people are getting into this whole Linux on PS3 thing. Maybe there’s something to it…

PS3 playing High Def and avi movies on linux!

While we’re talking about Linux, you might like to see these videos of Yellow Dog Linux being installed and run on the PS3.

post your Yellow Dog Linux 5 running on PS3 videos & pic’s here and tell us about it

You don’t like black? There are ways to make your PS3 look all decked out.

Playstation 3 Skins (PS3) @

Today I bought the memory card adapter for my PS3. I brought my PS3 savegames over to the PS3, and things worked fine. IGN has a rundown of the whole shebang, so I won’t bother repeating it all myself.

Memory Card Adaptor Hands-on

Supposedly there are a lot of developers working on PS3’s upcoming Killzone title. A lot. Let’s hope that it all comes out okay and this game is killer.

PS3 Killzone resurfaces – PlayStation 3 News at GameSpot

IGN takes a look at the launch of the PS3 from the perspective of “it happened a week ago” kind of thing.

PlayStation 3 Launch Review — An IGN Editorial

  • One question for the Memory card adapter…

    1) Does Windows and/or Linux detect and enable it (usb mass storage compatible)

    2) Can you put PS3 saved PS2 games back on the PS2 memory cards?

    Ok… 2 questions 😀

  • 1) Haven’t tried it.
    2) No.

  • where did you buy your ps2 memory card adapter? (you’re in canada, too, right?) i haven’t been able to find one here in toronto yet.

  • I bought it at a Sony Store. It was the only one there. (Yup, I’m in Canada – Ottawa.)

  • good idea! thanks for the tip. haha, i never even thought of checking the sony store 😛

  • I really think over time, the linux ps3 thing is going to be a big deal. For Power users who want a fleshed out media bonanza (without having windows media center rammed down their throat) will like what having linux on the ps3 can do for them.

  • yay, i got a ps2 memory card adapter from a sony store. thanks again for the tip 🙂