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Yellow Dog Linux for dummies |

LinuxIGN has produced a fairly brief guide on how to get Linux up and running on the PS3 and what to expect. It doesn’t appear to offer the world, but what you do get is a pretty good start. As with most things on the PS3 though there are certain things that could have been better designed that may be rectified through future downloads. I’m a bit disappointed that the media centre functionality doesn’t quite match my high expectations, but hopefully this is something that can be worked on in the future.

I’m glad somebody did something about this for Linux dummies like myself. The whole thing seems a lot less daunting when you read the guide. It’s definitely something that I’m going to attempt when I get my PS3.

IGN: Hands On with Yellow Dog Linux 5.0

  • … Well just a FYI, you need a HDTV with at least 720P to do the graphical install. I finally downloaded the whole YDL OS (3.33 GB). But since I don’t have a HDTV I can’t install this yet 🙁

  • manny

    you can try pluggin a pc monitor you know…