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flOw will be released as a purchasable download this month on December 19th. The developers, thatgamecompany, and Sony have announced a three-game deal. From the screenshots, it appears the PS3 version of flOw will be an expanded and enhanced version of the free Flash game flOw, customized for the PS3.


I must say, the game has underwhelmed me. The biological art style is beautiful and the game is very well polished, but it’s a really simple game. You just swim around and eat stuff. It’s only slightly more complex than a falling block puzzle. It’s like a cell phone game but with a better artistic flare.

Obviously, some downloadable games are supposed to be simpler, almost cell-phone like game experiences, rather than complex and epic 30+ hour monstrosities. Is anyone here a fan of flOw or thatgamecompany? Is this game moving in the right direction of simpler and unique titles or is this just a simple and overhyped game shrouded by a little mystique?

  • I’ll definitely be downloading the demo, but only because it’s free. Nothing from the screenshots I’ve seen so far has interested me. They look like a nice wallpaper background.

  • I’ll download the demo, but I probably won’t buy it. I do want to buy Lemmings for PS3 🙂

  • I like flow, its a game that is only as challenging as you choose to play it. You can definitely ramp things up a bit by going after things that are bigger than you, but most people call it boring since they avoid the challenge. If you only eat tiny stuff, the game can be dull. Its all about what you choose to do in the game.