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New Poll: Use PS3 for Media or Gaming? |

Since I bought my PS3 I’ve been using it mostly for playing games. I watch the occasional downloaded video. I also watch the occasional BD movie. I’d watch more of the latter if there were more available! So I use my PS3 mostly for games, with some media stuff.

My poll is to ask you what you use your PS3 for. Gaming or media? If you don’t have a PS3, what do you forsee yourself using it for?

  • Gaming.
  • Gaming with some media.
  • Media with some gaming.
  • Media only.
  • I use it mostly for gaming, but do watch my fair share of videos on there as well (I do have a 160 GB HD in my PS3 🙂 ). I have the whole season of Trigun on there, some Naruto, Bleach, Family Guy, etc. And I listen to Christmas music on it and watch the visualizer.

    And once I get a HDTV I’ll be testing out Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 on it quite a bit.

  • right now my usage is about 50/50, i think. scales have tipped slightly toward gaming now that i have the memory card adapter and can finish playing god of war on my ps3 🙂

    but i’ve been watching a lot of converted video on my ps3, as well as storing a lot of photos on it.