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North America gets PSOne downloads |

In a move that has been kept oddly quiet, North American PS3 accounts now have access to the first PSOne downloadable titles.

PSOne to PSP via PS3

The first five titles (pictured above) are Syphon Filter (385mb), Crash Bandicoot (469mb), Hot Shots Golf 2 (157mb), Cool Boarders (283mb) and Tekken 2 (535mb). Each title costs $5.99 and can currently only be played on a PSP. Initial impressions appear to be good with a particularly nifty feature being the ability to access the full game manual through the emulation menu (accessed by pushing the “home” button on the PSP).

The only thing that alarms me here is the size of those files. 535mb?! That’s going to take an age to download! Still, the service does appear pretty impressive, and the forthcoming ability to have your games on both PS3 and PSP could be extremely useful!

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  • mcloki

    538mg isn’t that bad, about an hour and a half download, The next generation is going to be pretty expensive. Maybe an article on how much a HD TV, HD Cable, High speed internet and a few games are going to cost you per month are in order.

  • vames

    those are pretty large if u ask me. damn ive been lurking around this site since the beginning and this is my first comment lol

  • Where is Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7, Tomb Raider, etc.

  • Maffy

    I’m seriously doubting that epic games like FF7 will make it onto this service, given that they spanned 3 discs on PS1, and games like Tekken 2 are reaching 535mb. It may end up that you need a separate memory card for each game to fit! I’d love it if it were possible, however with these early indications, I have my doubts. Lets hope they put major effort into compressing these games down.

  • I love that these games are only 5.99. The service just launched, i’m sure there will be big names coming down the pipe.



  • Emil

    This downloadable games aren’t playable in PS3. Only in PSP.


    i might have to get a PSP now… although what i really want is a “PSP lite”, like EA hopes there will be. i don’t need a massive screen, i want something a bit smaller.

  • Sporty

    Sony’s said in a future Fimrware update you can play the downloaded PSOne games on the PS3 also. Prices aren’t that bad really. I paid $10 for Mario 64 on my Wii.

    They can probably do FFVII and other multi-disc games if they worked it a bit. Most of the Space for FF games are FMV. If they took the time to re-encode that to MP4 that would free up a ton of space.

  • Sporty

    BTW if they do come out with a ‘PSP lite’ I hope they throw in a SD memory stick slot. Kinda sad looking at the SD card prices compared to Memory stick Pro Duo

  • I have a 2MBits line and make round about 600Megs an hour, so its no biggy for me 😀

    So, Yodaddy, on your line, you should plan in good 10 minutes 😀

    But I doubt, its our lines, that will clog up 😀

    And Sporty, there are adapters for it! Though its not nice (“external device” on the psp) it works…

    I plan to buy a 2GB Stick in the near future, which will be enough for a while… (including my already bought 1GB Stick).

    I dont exactly know, how Sony does it (running these games), I mean, are they emulating them or did they recompile the execs to be run on the PSP (which I at least a bit doubt, because it is MUCH work, but then again, Sporty could be right, that they do transcode the old PS1 codecs to much more efficient MP4). IF they really emulate a real PS1 iso, then MP4 is out of commision, as its nearly impossible to do so.