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Resistance Ranked Play, Talk |

Last night I played some more unranked Resistance on my PS3. The Deathmatch game I played was on the USS Whatever. It was nuts! You literally die every 10 seconds. But it was still a lot of fun. The CtF game I played was rather lobsided, with 10 Chimeran against 6 of us humans. Like I said before in my CoD3 post, people don’t like to play fair.

So my question is: how does ranked play work? You ask to be part of a ranked game, and the system arbitrarily places you in a game? In a game type of your choosing? Or any game of your choosing?

Yesterday I bought an EyeToy camera for $20. It was so cheap, I couldn’t resist. Did you know that it includes a mic? So I tried it on Resistance, but that didn’t work so well. My EyeToy was placed on top of my speaker. Not a good thing for chat! But I’m wondering. When you want to chat, do you hold down the L3 button? Or do you click it once to start talking, then click it again to end talking? Inquiring minds want to know. I betcha xBerserker knows…

  • Well I haven’t chatted much in RFOM yet. But when I was in a lobby I pressed L3 and talked and saw a small mic icon next to my on-line ID when I talked. Then while in a game, I talked and people did talk back. I don’t think I pressed L3 when talking in the actual game though.

    We still need to create a named room and password protect it to test this stuff out with just us ps3blog readers. What’s a good password to use? How about blog33?

  • Marcelo

    That would be excellent! Count me in!!!

  • Maybe in March 😛

  • We’re going to create a game tonight at 10pm EST just for testing purposes. I just got a new EyeToy, which has a mic the PS3 recognizes, so I want to try that.

  • Gary

    Yeah maybe in March… In other news I love my iMac!!! 🙂 That is all, carry on.

  • i still haven’t tried resistance online. i’ve been getting better at it in single player (easy mode!), although i know my ass would be kicked multiplayer. i have no mic/headset, but if i’m home in time i might try to join up anyway?

  • Sure. But it would be annoying if we’re standing there testing our mics if someone comes along and kills us!

  • haha, good point. i may not be around tonight anyway. i should try to find a decent yet inexpensive headset…

  • I’ll create the room, and you’ll need a password to get in which will be: blog33
    Name of the room will be ps3blog

    I’ll be wearing my bluetooth headset.

  • Hit me up on my PS3 my user name is REAL8ball

  • Marcelo

    I finally figured out how to talk!!! I had to push L3 not R3! But it is a little bit uncomfortable to do that to speack so I’ll be looking to reassign that key. Had a lot of fun yesterday night, even if every 10 steps I gave I was killed!

  • Yeah, it felt like every 3 seconds I was being killed by either xBerserker or Kamesen. Man those guys are fast.

    It looks like just xBerserker and I had mics going, though someone later on asked if I could hear them and I said yes. Who was that? I wish there was a way to figure out who was talking while in game.

    marvin: I added your name to the list. See the link at the top of the sidebar.

  • When you chat in the game on the lower right your name shows up when your talking then fades away.

    Ya, Kamesen is good! It was fun to fight against him. What a fun game.

    Next time we should create a party instead. That way we can limit only people we want. But we would need a list of names in advance.

  • A party? Do you mean a clan?

  • Marcelo

    I was the one asking if someone could hear me! All of you use the R3 to speack?

  • No I mean a party, there is a option to invite people to a party. But I’ve never tried it.