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PS3 to get 1080p/24 |

The PS3 does not currently support 1080p/24. That means that it does not put out 24 frames per second of 1080p resolution. This is something relevant to Blu-ray movies, which are encoded at 24 FPS. The PS3 does, however, support 1080p/60. It creates the 1080p/60 signal from the 1080p/24 signal. It would be nice for the PS3 to put out 1080p/24 because some displays can take that signal and display it at 48 FPS (doubling) or 72 FPS (tripling). That’s a lot easier to do with a 24 FPS signal.

According to a translated interview with some PS3 folks, Sony is working on giving the PS3 1080p/24 output. The report also suggests that the PS3 might gain the ability to upscale DVD’s to HD resolutions – something people have been complaining about.

Unfortunately, this is something like third-hand. So we don’t know when this is coming, or even if this information is accurate. But I hope it is, as an HD nut. Because I want the PS3 to do a great job of HD-ing itself.

PS3 to get upscaled DVDs, 1080p/24

  • francois

    I think they should work on making the BD-Player 720p compatible. It would benefit more people. Right now it only output 1080i or 480p.

    I downloaded the Tallaga night movie preview, which can play at 720p and it looks way better than the Blue-Ray Disc version running at 1080i. The preview is fullscreen, has brillant color and the disc has black bar on my TV and the image is dark.
    Someone can explain that to me?

  • Are you sure the BD can’t put out 720p? I have my PS3 set to put out 720p, and I don’t remember it switching to 1080i when watching a movie…

    Talladaga: I have the BD as well (who doesn’t?) and I think it looks great. I’ll try downloading the trailer to see if I can tell a difference.

  • francois

    To perform the test, I used to the component cable (because in HDMI, I can’t see which resolution the tv is set to). I set the supported resolution of the PS3 to be 720p and 480p(can’t take this one out) only. When I start a BD movie, it goes automatically to 480p.

    If set the custom resolution to be 480p, 720p, 1080i. The resolution is set to 1080i by the PS3 when I start the movie.

  • I’ll have to try that.

  • Its becoming quite apparent, that the average consumer will be completely clueless when it comes to the details of a HDTV purchase. One has to be extremely knowledgeable about numerous aspects of High Definition, in order to make an informed purchase. I think that is part of the reason that the adoption rate is slow. The pace of purchase is picking up, but most of the people buying, arent sure of what they are getting, all they know is HIGH DEF.

    The average person buying an inexpensive hdtv on black friday dont know what 720p or 1080i means. Or the advantages and disadvantages of buying Plasma vs buying LCD. And with employees of big box electronic stores misinforming people in order to squeak more money out of them, the confusion only continues.

  • ehandlr

    Many people have more money then sense as it were. I work for Comcast Cable and I’m very close to our local HDTV distributers as I am semi-knowledgeable on the HDTV product. I work with many customers from HDTV overhead projectors for their home theatres to the average guy that has an lcd dlp set.

    The majority of the customers that I personally interact with know little to nothing about HDTV’s service. The ones with any information, albeit not always correct information, tend to repeat everything they read on avsforums trying to make theirself seem smarter then they are.

    This holds true for more then HDTV consumers though. Consumers in general are not smart and do not make wise decisions. Most purchases are made out of hearsay and trends over research and knowledge.

  • I don’t believe there is enough bandwidth for 1080p at 60Mhz. Thats why there is a trade-off in HD between having a 60Mhz picture at 720p resolution or 30Mhz picture at 1080p resolution, one has a higher refreshrate and the other has a higher picture resolution, but they both use the same amount of cable bandwidth. Now 1080i can do 60Mhz but as far as I am aware not 1080p, simply because there isn’t room for the data.

  • Hmmm. Okay – I don’t agree. We’ll have to see.