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Heavenly Sword Play Test |

Heavenly SwordA magazine recently got a chance to look at a build of Heavenly Sword. “Cliffbo” over at E-mpire Forums posted scans of the magazine.

After reading the scans, I am looking forward to the game more than ever. It looks like there are all sorts of different combos you can do. Which is cool on the one hand, but gets me a little worried on the other. I don’t want to have to memorize a bunch of keypresses. I also hope that all the different combos won’t be necessary, and that you might as well just button mash your way through a level.

The coolest thing is that it seems like you’re actually battling it out with several enemies at once. Not a big deal I know. But it seems that you can push a table onto one enemy to distract him, while you dispatch a different one. That’s a pretty cool dynamic, if you ask me. I’m looking forward to March!

Heavenly Sword play test (Play UK scans)

  • Hiro

    This game does truely look awesome, i wonder if Ninja Gaiden 2 will be able to top it.

  • Darrin

    March? IGN lists this with a Q3 release date. Maybe we’ll get a playable demo sooner?

    This game is sounding better and better though.

  • This game looks amazing. This is a must have for me. Give us a demo for Christmas Sony 🙂

  • i’ve been looking forward to this ever since it was demoed. a must-buy for me.

    are the scans still up? i see a bunch of scanned screenshots in that thread, but no article text.

  • Looks like the text was removed. It was in the first post.

  • Soul

    This game is definitly a killer app for the ps3. It makes me wish I were a European. This way I wouldn’t have a ps3, and have to wait for it to suck in some heavenly sword. But no, it just sits there under my TV, playing resistance (fun game, but could be better…not a fan of much shooters though lol). Just sittin there. Every morning it’s like, “Sup, where’s heavenly sword?” And I say, “If you weren’t 500 bucks, I’d hit you. Stop taunting me.”

    My ps3 wants heavenly sword just as much as me. It’s like, “Pop it in, lemme show you my true power.” One day…. one day….

    Oh, ninja theory!! If you cna hear me!! Give us a playable demo by the end of december, or in january/march, please!!! The world is waiting!!

  • Soul

    oops, january/februrary ^^;… sorry I’m a bit retarded.