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IBM unveils Cell Roadmap |

IBM has shown a roadmap for the Cell processor. The cool thing is that it may foreshadow a bit of information about the PS4. It reveals that IBM plans to have a Cell processor capable of a terraflop of performance by 2010 or so. Currently they’re doing just over 200 gigaflops. That future Cell processor will have 32 SPE’s and 2 PPE’s.

IBM unveils Cell roadmap

  • manlord

    I am really excited about cell, not just for gaming, but because of it’s design. And as you say, the next generation cell is probably going to be in PS4. The cell is buildt with mulitmedia in mind, as opposed to x86 CPU that was build for spreadsheets 😛

    Is there going to be a Henning?

  • Sporty

    I like how they are moving to 65nm already by next year. That should help Sony out a ton of production costs and come in time for a price war next christmas

  • matt

    Cell is not a great processor for gaming (atleast the current one in the PS3). It is horrible with branch prediction which games have a lot of. I hope they either fix the cell so it is better for gaming or get away from it all together. From a server standpoint the Cell looks very promissing and this is good news.