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PS3 Firmware 1.3 |

I haven’t downloaded it yet, but there’s a new firmware update for the PS3: version 1.3. Some of the added features are:

  • Changed the resolution priorities so that 720p is below 1080i.
  • Support for Bluetooth media remote.
  • Backup memory cards to HDD.
  • Restore PS3 system option. (Format PS3’s HDD.)
  • BD/DVD image output option, for switching between automatic, RGB and Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr over HDMI

They did not add any 720p upscaling to 1080i, or any DVD upscaling, or background downloading. So all in all, not that exciting.

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Sony releases PS3 firmware 1.3, ignores 1080i woes

  • ehandlr

    A rumor I came across

    “The Japanese site also says that PS/PS2 backwards compatibility has been fixed, but don’t take my exact word for it, I know very little Japanese.


    There’s also a note there for USB devices from the previous systems, as well as a note that PlayOnline games should be fixed soon as well (which only really applies to FFXI in the states).”

    take it as a grain of salt..but looks promising. I have downloaded it but the resolution doesn’t really affect me as I have a 1080p set.

  • One thing I noticed is that this update downloaded very quickly compared to the others.

    One thing I want is the ability to use PS2 controller via USB adapter. So I can use my tekken arcade controller. What would be really cool if there was a bluetooth adapter for PS2 controllers or even a PS2 to USB adapter, that would work as well.

  • Is the dvd picture that much better when it’s upscaled from 720p to 1080i??
    I don’t have a very good tv, so if I plan on an upgrade should I really go for an 1080p??

  • ehandlr

    DVD’s if progressive scanned, go from 480i to 480p…and yes its makes a noticeable difference. If you plan to get a new tv..just do your shopping, decide on a picture quality you like, dont’ skip out on features to save a few bucks..and ask someone like henning who is knowlegeable on the subject.

  • Rent: to see whether or not 1080p would be a benefit to you over a 720p, see this 1080p article.

  • anyone tried the new HDD backup feature? i don’t think i have anything big enough to back everything up on. i’ve already loaded up my hard drive with a bunch of videos and stuff!

  • Sporty

    I just got my system today w00t!

    One thing I was worried about the the downscaling issue I’ve been hearing about. I have a Sony WEGA KV-30HS420 CRT TV that only does 480i, 480p and 1080i. It accepts 720 but upscales it to 1080i.

    Well PS3 in HDMI auto-detected 720p as an available res so I guess the scaling issue is not as bad as I thought. Anyway back on topic, just downloaded this update, get to set up my account after My name is earl tonight 😀