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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection PS3 bound? |

The latest news from Japanese games magazine Famitsu seems to suggest so.

Tekken 5 DR Arcade

Tekken 5 of course originally came out on the PlayStation 2 in mid-2005 and was succeeded by an arcade expansion, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. T5:DR was itself released on to the PSP earlier this year and is still widely lauded as one of the system’s best titles.

This news states that T5:DR will only be available to PlayStation 3 users as a download, but will offer an arcade perfect experience, 1080p graphics and the ability to play as Jinpachi, the unplayable boss from the arcade version. Of course this raises a few questions as to why this download is coming. Where is Tekken 6? Surely releasing the same game 3 times is a bad idea? It also raises a question of how. I’d imagine this title will be pretty large, won’t it be expensive and take a long time to download?

As of yet thought there is no release date or further information available.

Tekken 5 set for PS3

Thanks for the tip fleakitten!

  • Emil

    Tekken and Soul Calibur are the only games I play in Playstation.

    Please, M$, port this tekken shit to Xbox.

  • Pc

    Emil, are you crazy or something ??!! Tekken and soul calibur are the only games you play on playstation !!!! you must not be a gamer then, plus there are no good games on xbox.

  • matt

    You both made stupid comments. There are great games on all three consoles and PCs.

  • And PSP 😛

  • Tekken is a system seller in my opinion. Bought my PS2 after tekken tag tournament, my psp after tekken:dr. If it has visuals better than the arcade version, and some added features to make it worth buying…. again… then i might be on board. It seems to me that they are pulling a GTHD, by appeasing people while they work on a truly next gen game.

  • I’ll buy this the second it comes out. Tekken is one of the main reasons I own playstation products.

  • ehandlr

    Soul Caliber > Tekken


    I love them both honestly. Definetly a top notch fighter

  • Wow, Tekken DR for PS3 will be over 800MB!

  • IGN has HD screens of T5:DR up and runnig on the PS3!

  • Soul Calibur is ok, but in my opinion its just a matter of taste. For instance in SC, the controlles are often not sure whether you want to jump, or simply walk to the side. In Tekken, those two commands are handled in different ways.

    Some editor on 1UP always talks about how Soul Calibur is a “real fighter” and Tekken isnt. Its just a matter of which youve spent more time with and gotten used to. When I go from tekken to sc, I think sc is good but not as good as tekken, so its just a matter of perspective.