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More PS3 Games Today! |

Have you been waiting for more games at the PS3 Sony Store? I know I have. Ever since launch I’ve been checking back regularly only to find nothing of interest. (I don’t want to play PSOne games on my PSP.) But today that changes, with one playable demo and two downloadable games.

The downloadable demo is Genji: Days of the Blade. It hasn’t received very good reviews, and now you can test it out for yourself before buying.

First up is Lemmings 2. I had a lot of fun with this game way back when on the PC. I don’t really want to do that all over again, but if you’ve never played the game, you should definitely check it out. It’s a lot of fun. It will retail for $5.99 and take up 270MB of your HDD space.

Then there’s Go! Sodoku 2. My wife just discovered Sodoku a week ago (coincidentally enough) so I’m not sure if I should get this – I’ll never have time to use the PS3 myself! Ah what the heck. I’ll give it a try. Why not? The initial level will be free, and additional difficulty levels will be $2.99 each. There are four in all – Easy, Mild, Difficult, and Fiendish. So if you want to play them all, it’ll cost you $8.97. The cool thing is that this game will support up to four players. The initial download is 86MB, and each additional level will be 100k. I’m definitely getting this game.

All these games should be available today sometime. Please tell me when they’re up! (I’m at work. :()

Three More for the Store

  • ehandlr

    I read this, this morning. i can’t wait! I love Sodoku and Lemmings. Sodoku is like crack.

  • I won’t be able to check this out until I get home in 9 hrs, lol. I should have checked it out this morning. I’ll buy Lemmings, I miss that game 🙂

  • ehandlr

    They are not up as of 45 min ago..but I’m at work as well

  • Kamesen

    I’ll go home during lunch time and check. So, as for the Sudoku game, you can download the “easy” difficulty for free and play it? And then if you want to challenge yourself, you can purchase the additional levels? I’ve tried Sudoku on an airplane magazine before, and didn’t get too far. If the easy difficulty is free I might get into it…

    Well, I’ll let you all know in about an hour. Let’s hope they’re up. Cheers to new games!!

  • ehandlr

    Aye the easy version is free and the harder versions cost a minimal amount. I’m fairly good at Sodoku games so I’ll be purchasing some harder levels.

  • Kamesen

    Sorry guys, nothing new in the japanese or american stores as of 12:45 pm eastern time.

  • Børten

    Lemmings rules ..

  • Børten

    Lemmings rules

  • Børten

    .. eeh ..

  • As long as they keep them cheap, i’ll be on board.

  • Kamesen

    I want some Blu-Ray movies for Christmas… I hope they will have a nice selection by then. Henning, any ideas on what movies will be coming out for the Holiday Season? Thanks.

  • HiDef Digest is a good place to look.

  • Sporty

    Downloading Lemmings demo now. I hope they add background downloading sometime but at least the speed seems decent. 60% done with a 142mb demo in 5 minutes so far

  • I downloaded the Lemmings demo, just for fun, and Go Sodoku. Both are fun games, but I find the method of number selection in Sodoku a bit awkward.

  • ehandlr

    I downloaded Go Sodoku and Lemmings. The Sodoku number selection I’m use to due to having Sodoku for the PSP and it uses the same button configuration.

    My problem is I have a 40in widescreen tv and its hard for me to take in the whole screen like I do with the PSP. I can stare at the PSP and catch number, rmember setups and almost photographically memorize the board.

    With my tv I find my eyes panning far too often and I get lost. Still an awesome game ofcourse.

  • francois

    I am unable to download the sudoku game. When I click on the Free Trial images, I don’t get the download option. I suspect it is because my Playstation Network browser is in French. (Like the games Amplitude on PS2, if your ps2 is set to the French language, the games does not boot. It took me 2 years to discover that by mistake).