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Evolution Studios talk MotorStorm in Video |

TheeSpeech has a video wherein the developers of MotorStorm talk about the game. I think the guy at the end says it best. He wants to make a game that other people will remember and talk about. I think they’ve done that already, and the game isn’t even out yet!

MotorStorm. Not bad looking.

If you have a PS3 but haven’t downloaded the demo yet, then I suggest you make trying MotorStorm your number 1 gaming priority. You won’t be disappointed.

One thing though: I find using the tilt functionality to control the car to be much more difficult than using the controller, but more fun. Anyone else have thoughts on this?


  • Emil

    I hate threespeech’s blog. My negative comments there got deleted.

    With majornelson’s blog, even if your comment is negative towards xbox, it doesn’t get deleted. is my official PS3 blog site.

  • I hade my GF try steering the car via the motion sensor controller. And she loves it! And me personally …… I prefer the analog, but motion is fun.

  • ehandlr

    I’ve already picked up a few jaws that dropped after coming over to my place to watch this demo.

  • great video. i can’t wait.

    and i seem to drive better with the analog stick than the motion sensing, myself…

  • Pc

    I prefer using the motion sensing simply because its new technology to consoles and im very good at using it. After playing motorstorm one time through, i was able to pull off first place every time i played it. I think motion sensing is deffinately the way to go and a very good idea from sony !!! btw motorstorm is freakin awesome !!!!