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NPD Reports November PS3 Sales of 197K |

I was hoping that the early reports were wrong and PS3 shipments were close to Sony’s target of 400K. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that happened. NPD reports 197K PS3 sales in North America for the month of November.

NPD System Sales Data for the Month of November in North America

System Name NPD Units Sold.
PS3 197,000
PSP 412,000
Wii 476,000
Xbox 360 511,000
GBA 641,000
PS2 664,000
DS 918,000

It is worth noting that there is typically a discrepancy between NPD’s numbers and the official numbers reported by either Microsoft or Sony. I don’t understand the source of this discrepancy, but it’s important to take into consideration when comparing numbers.

For example, NPD reported that the Xbox 360 sold 607,343 units in North America in 2005 while Microsoft reported 900,000 units sold for the same geography and time period.

It’s disappointing to see PS3 missing targets yet again. It makes the two million North America/Japan year end target look very unlikely.

On the bright side, these supply issues will be completely resolved in the coming months, and these initial shortages will be easily forgotten.

More Complete NPD Data Compilation

  • ehandlr

    Many distributers such as Walmart hold units back from ever hitting the floor for various reasons. I only know this because my sister use to work at Walmart when the PS2 released.

    Many stores keep them for holiday seasons and for damage units that customers bring in.

    the Walmart where I got my PS2 opening night got 30 units in but only sold 24.

    Not to say this is every store or even make that big of a difference..but it might soften the blow somewhat.

  • and the ps2 is still outselling the x360. go little guy! 😀

    hopefully this means that there will be more ps2 users that will be upgrading to the ps3 down the road, instead of jumping to the incompatible xbox360.

  • glitched

    If I remember correctly NPD gathers sales info and uses estimates for stores that dont report exact data for the United States. The other numbers i do believe are shipped units to North america, including canada.

    Shipped numbers should be considered as sold numbers anyway, because those units will be sold within a matter of weeks anyway. Its not like companies just ship units out there for no reason never to be sold. If you’ve ever taken an economics class, then you would know how supply works, pull through instead of push through.

  • No Henning.

    MS presented shipped units (as does Sony) and NPD shows sales figures…

    Thats also why MS never wil reach its 10 Million mark (neither Sony the 2 Mill).

    According to MS some 8 mil 360s were shipped til November, but NPD suggests that only 6 mil were sold… And I rather believe NPD in that case (MS is running a buisness after all).

    I just hope, that Sony resolves everything til march 😀

  • Sorry, Henning = Darrin 😀

  • matt

    Walmart does not share their numbers with the public. Considering they are the largest retailer in the world. That says a lot about the worth of these numbers.

    The only company who uses actually console sales to consumers is Nintendo.

    Sony won’t reach their numbers because of the huge shortage of systems. 360 will get close to their 10 million though. Nintendo should get close to the 4 million they projected.

  • ehandlr

    Not that I believe them because they are far off..but are now saying Sony hit their mark.

  • Sporty

    nextgenwars just uses all sales reports and interviews to pull out numbers. Although its probably as close to accurate as they can get without paying for NPD reports and surveying Wal-marts.

  • Sporty

    NM, I was thinking of another site. not so ignore that last comment. I was thinking it was the consolewars one

  • Depending on the reviews of Heavenly Sword, MotoStorm, and Lair, I may just splurge and get a PS3 late May. Sony may have hit their mark, the NPD doesn’t count online sales. But there’s no way they can get 2m by the end of the year.

  • Nevermind…I though their target was 400k world wide at launch…not North America.

  • Syriad is just an estimate for lackeys, here is the real data based on ACTUAL numbers

  • Well for what it’s worth Sony’s PS3 has done in Japan in almost a month what it took an entire year for the 360 to achieve, Blue Dragon hype included.

  • NPD doesnt take in a number of factors, not to mention they only address the US, not North America as a whole (since canada also got their ps3’s if im not mistaken). No biggie, the PS2 also launched with insane shortages.