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PS3blog to meet Sony’s Phil Harrison |

Some of you may have noticed that threespeech has been advertising a forthcoming night in London whereby bloggers can come down and meet Sony’s Phil Harrison and test drive the PS3.

Well I’ve managed to score myself an invite! Myself and Henning have concocted a few questions for Phil and if any of you have further suggestions I’d be pleased to read them and, given the opportunity, ask them!

Let me know in the comments section. You’ve got until Tuesday 12 December (the day of the event)!

So far we have:

  • I understand the XMB has 64MB available for use at all times. Will a future update make it possible to:
    Bring up the XMB during game?
    Allow for system-wide support for chat like you find on the xbox360?
    Permit your own constant in-game soundtracks, again a feature available on the 360?
  • Will the PS3 at some stage be able to recognise other network devices? For example- if you have a large library of songs on your PC, will the PS3 be able to access them at some stage?
  • Aside Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Lair and Warhawk which SCE titles can we look forward to? Do you have any new IPs in the pipeline to rival Gears of War? When will we see them?
  • Why are you making fewer exclusive deals with publishers than Microsoft?
  • When can we definitively expect to see more Killzone footage?
  • Is there a solid European launch date yet? What is it? Will it be moved again? How much are we going to be paying?
  • When is Sony next going to show off its PS3 titles following the demise of E3?
  • Is Sony considering making software developers include chat? Why not?

I don’t expect solid answers for the above questions, but lets see what he says!

  • Rene

    Could you give me an idea of what the “yearly” configuration of PS3 will be like? Will the price be that expensive than the one you offer for 60GB ($600)?

  • I have met Phil and apart from being VERY tall, I note that he is a very articulate speaking person (not what you see at E3 where he is reading a script). The questions you have asked are all stuff you would ask some PR person from Sony, but Phil is a top industry guy and has some great opinions on the industry. So if you where to ask him about review scores, parents fearing for the safety of their children when playing games or ways for the industry to create new players, he will have some very good insightful answers for you.

  • Hey congrats guys. Can’t think of a question but have fun. ^^

  • Will there be a real driver for the RSX in Linux… ever?

  • Kamesen

    Good questions.

    You might want to ask him what are the plans to promote Blu-Ray as a media format aside from the PS3. As I understand, because of the lack of PS3s, HD-DVD is pulling slightly ahead, so Sony has to come out guns blazing to make sure Blu-Ray comes out on top.

    ~The PS3 doesn’t seem to be enough to make sure Blu-Ray is the winner (b.c. of shortages!), when are we going to see a hightened effort from Sony outside of PS3?~

    I had read the ThreeSpeech invitation, but since I wasn’t part of the industry, I didn’t think twice of it. Great gig guys!! Im sure youll have tons of fun at that psychadelic lookin place they depict. Thanks.

  • Christopher

    1. Whats the SECRET SURPRISE feature that they mentioned and now haven’t shown.

    2. Why were they so tough on importers?

    3. Will there be a wipeout game?

    4 Is Duke Nukem Forever coming to the ps3? or ps4? 😛

    5. Have they started the ps4?

  • ehandlr

    Very nice guys…I’m super envious.

    I’d really just want to know how Sony plans on rekindling the flames with 3rd party developers.

  • Gary

    Nice one Tom! Q: will European PS3 owners get any extras bundled with the PS3 to make up for our longer wait? When is the new EyeToy released, how much and what`s new about it? Man I need broadband!!

  • Darrin

    Congratulations, Tom! That’s awesome news!

    My questions for Sony:
    – Why doesn’t Sony provide more official support and tools for legitimate PSP hobbyist developers?
    – Has Phil Harrison ever read If so, what does he think of it and what would he like to see more of?
    – Will users be able to add more RAM to a PS3 for better Linux performance?

    Tom, two comments on existing questions:

    “Why are you making fewer exclusive deals with publishers than Microsoft?”

    Is this true? Any data on this? I didn’t do an actual count, but I thought that the PS3 still has the most third party exclusives for 2007.

    Also, we can do a quick lookup on a site like IGN to see the upcoming games published by SCE.

  • Dingo

    Guys, sorry to tell you this, but Phil deals with game software only…
    So, you can scratch all firmware and hardware-related questions.

  • Tom

    Hmmm… kind of knew that already Dingo, but this is just a pre-liminary set of questions. I’d like to see what information we can find out hardware-wise from what he says about the software- ie. “Does Eye of Judgement mean we will get a new Eyetoy at the same time?… Will this do anything else the PS2 one does not?”.

    Cheers to the rest of you, you’re giving me some great ideas, particularly Koorb; I was wondering if I could approach the situation like that!

    Darrin- by exclusives I meant 360 titles like Alan Wake, Blue Dragon etc… Basically stuff that Microsoft is publishing but is getting created by major development houses/devdelopers; as opposed to Sony where most of the things they publish are first party.

  • 9158

    Questions for Phil Harrison:

    1) Will a future firmware version allow the PS3 to downscale 1080p Blu-ray movies to 720p? When? (Yes Phil I know that can be done by the display, but most TVs’ internal scaler is crap)

    2) Will a future firmware version allow the PS3 to upscale games which are internally rendered in 720p (like Resistance) to 1080p? When? (Yes Phil I know that can be done by the display, but most TVs’ internal scaler is crap)

    3) Will a future firmware version allow the PS3 to scale Blu-ray movies and games to 768p (=1360x768p)? When? (Yes Phil I know that can be done by the display, but most TVs’ internal scaler is crap)

    4) What games are coming out that support 1080p 60fps? What about GRAW 2?

  • Ahmad Dawood

    so plz ask these couple of questions:
    1) RSX: as far as we see these amazing PS3 superior graphics we dont care about the hardware which blow them to our eyes but why is sony not revealing the final specs of the RSX ?
    2) Eight days: when, where and how to see more of eight days?how is it shaping up?

  • 1) afrika, Afrika, AFRIKA!!! What the hell is it? When can we expect it? Why dangle it in front of us at every event, and NOT TELL US A THING AS TO WHAT IT IS? Any new info on the game will be greatly appreciated.

    2) How is that Naughty Dog action title coming along? Can we expect it sometime in 07?

    3) Are their any plans on letting the open platform philosophy of the PS3 spill over to the PSP? We know that part of it is to restrict piracy, but couldnt there be an outlet provided by sony for legitimate homebrew applications, similar to how firefox hosts user created extensions?

  • Mike

    1) Very interested to know if RSX will EVER be supported under Linux also? Yes/No will do.

    2) When will basic multi-tasking functions be implemented?

    3) Suggestion: Team up with Apple Computer and let us download HD Content such as TV-Shows (things not available on Blu-Ray maybe) through an iTunes interface. Music too of course 😉

    I really hope you guys will have enough time to talk to Phil. I have tons more questions, but those are the most important ones. Can’t wait to get some answers. :))

  • Surreal

    1) Will the PSP’s XMB get a stand-alone extension of the PS3’s friend’s list?
    2) Will future online PSP games use a similar “PSN ID” as is with PS3 online games?
    3) Will the ‘PlayStation Store’ be added to the PSP’s XMB menu?

  • Sam

    Will you please ask when/if Sony plans on fixing the 1080i upscaling problem? My TV only outputs 1080i for HD and it’s really annoying not being able to play all my PS3 games in HD. Thanks guys.

  • CoD3 allows you to play 4 player split-screen, online together. It’s a very cool feature – you can have some friends over to your place, then go online together to kick some online butt! Is this technically even possible on the PS3?