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Virtua Fighter 5 Site Live |

The Official Sega Site for Virtua Fighter 5 is live!


A new trailer, screenshots, and various other info are available. This is definitely one of the games I’m most excited about for Spring 2007.

Virtua Fighter 5

  • ehandlr

    2 things I’d like to see improve. Water collision with charactors. She is stepping and sitting in the water..when she stands up you don’t see it draining off of her and her clothes look the same as before.

    also the yells. very generic yells with their techniques

    Other then that…this is probably a definate purchase.

  • looks good! is this a ps3 exclusive?

  • ehandlr

    aye. exclusive onry.

  • Pc

    sure is exclusive

  • The biggest issue I have had graphically with next gen fighters is the shinyness. DOA4 was completely coated in shiny sauce, everything from trees, to rocks, to skin, to socks, were as if they were made of porcelain. Luckily VF isnt doing it quite as much, but it seems like something thats a bit annoying about next-gen (cough, i mean NEW-gen) games.

    Is it me, or do Virtua Fighter characters lack the personality of other fighting games? It seems Tekkens and Soul Caliburs and heck, even DOA seem to have a bit of a persona behind the characters. They have always felt a bit dull to me,.