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Devil May Cry 4 |

I noticed the official Devil May Cry 4 site has been updated. They have a post-TGS gameplay movie which is looking really nice. The graphics and models look way better than Devil May Cry 3 but the combat system looks very familiar.

Devil May Cry 4

Japanese kiosks already have a playable demo of this game. I hope we get that soon in America as well.

I’m really eager to see a high quality PS3 game that isn’t a regular shooter, sports, or racing game and this would fill that role perfectly.

Devil May Cry 4

I’m sure our other writer, Gary, will provide more Devil May Cry coverage when he returns. Until then, check out the official Capcom site and let us know what you think.

Official Devil May Cry 4 Site (Japanese)

UPDATE: Japanese DMC4 playable demo is only on kiosks, not for home downloading.

  • Where’s my free demo Capcom!!! Still no official relaese date yet?? >

  • Sporty

    I haven’t played a DMC since 1. I might pick this on up though

  • Gary

    My stupid mobile (cell) phone won`t access the DMC4 site! 🙁 Just over a week to go and I will have broadband. I hope the demo is made available over here so Henning can try it out…

  • Furu

    There is no demo released in Japan. You can only play it in the PS3 demo booths, but can not download it home. Believe me, I checked really fast after reading this bit of news. =)

  • Darrin

    Furu, thanks for the correction. I’m embarassed for posting that. I swear I read that somewhere else.

  • Well that makes me feel better lol.