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PS3 HD Is A-OK |

With the recent bad press about Blu-ray, it’s nice to see some mainstream press give the PS3 some thumbs in the upwards direction. This dude Swanni is becoming famous for making lists like The 10 Sexiest Women In HDTV! Another writer on his site recently gave the two thumbs up to PS3 and its BD drive.

Of course I’m biased when I say it, but I love the BD drive in my PS3. The only real problem with it is that there aren’t a lot of movies on BD that I want to see (yet). (The same is true of HD DVD.) But that’ll change over time, and I’ll be adding those BD titles to my increasingly-tardy zip list.


  • animadverto

    I also love my BD — I also bought the HDDVD addon for the 360 and am leaning towards the BD, I am a little worried that my Harmony Logitech remote will not run my PS3 though — haven’t sat down and reprogramed yet [ie i’m lazy and play too many games and watch too many movies!] (>.o)

  • No, your remote won’t work. The PS3 doesn’t have an IR receiver. Sorry. Sony’s remote will be Bluetooth.

  • Bazzerk

    Well I really hope Sony does well, it’s a company I have always supported, why? I dont know just have. Anyway I have a feeling that Sony is in for a rough ride against HD-DVD, it needs to do some serious marketing because poll’s taken on public opinion have clearly shown that more people know about HD-DVD than Blue-ray, which may be partly to do with the name? I mean you ask somebody walking down the street to give there opinion about the High Definition formats and the easiest one for them to remember is obviously HD-DVD.
    Another question though is can both formats co-exist? and will we see a dominance like the DVD again with downloading films becoming more and more popular. All I’m saying is that it’s just not as clear cut as it was back in the days of the Betamax and VHS battles.

  • I think the ps3 has a leg up when it comes to playing movies. Since it can be easily updated, it can easily improve its playback capabilities, while its more difficult for dedicated players to do the same.

  • TommyGun090

    I was thinking, I haven’t seen any photo of the PS3 Blu-ray player compared to other Blu-ray players out there. Has anyone compared their quality at all?

  • Sporty

    Yes they have been compared. Neither really came out on top of the other but they did say PS3 makes a better Blu-Ray player then PS2 made a DVD player.

  • Sporty

    I mis-read your comparison, but still the link does say the PS3 is the best Blu-Ray player for the price