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Europe…. sign-up to the online network! |

I thought it would be soon, but not that quick!

Europeans, such as myself, now have the opportunity to register a gamer tag for Sony’s online network. Say hello to newallusion guys! If anyone doubted the accuracy of the threespeech interview, please read it again!

Sign up! If a log-in message appears, leave the details blank and proceed anyway where you will be presented with the sign up option.

  • Pc

    Can one of you please tell me which website to visit so i can make my PnP online name ?? I’m in the U.S.

  • TommyGun090

    Yeah, does this account work in the US too?

  • manlord

    The interesting thing is that it says you must use your name from your PS3 once before 31 st of march. First of all this suggest that all speculation of a further delay of the european launch is false. Second: do they expect all that register here do have a PS3 before that date? they will have to have MANY PS3 out at launch then…

  • manlord

    Err… lol I take a quick look at the date and forget the year… it’s march 2008!

  • Maffy

    Hurrah, managed to get maffy as my username. See you online in March! (hopefully)

  • Been there done that 😀

    My PS2 login worked (pretty neat though),

    My ID is TheWretched

    I think, till March ’08 my PS3 will be in my room 😀

  • ben

    My ID – ibot316

  • Burten

    Username … check!
    Ps3 … eeeh!

    Oh, well, one out of two is not bad 😉

  • Done mine, it’s Maleficence. 😀

  • Gary

    Heh. I will do mine on Wed hopefully. I bet Tom can guess what my name might incorporate…

  • for some reason I can’t get SL33PY 🙁 🙁 not even with lower case 🙁 and the damned site talks French to me all the time.

    So I have settled with Iorghos. It’s another nickname that I sometimes use. It’s a shame I can’t take my own beloved name :'(

  • TommyGun090

    Does anyone know if this sign up works for US residents too, who do not have a ps3yet but plan to get one?