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Burnout 5 Crashes for PS3 |

Burnout 5 is only going to be released on the PS3 and the XBox 360. I had a blast playing Burnout: Takedown with my friends on my PS2, and I’m looking forward to more fun with the PS3 version. One of the things developers want to do with this version of the game is give us spectacular crashes. W00T! Last night a friend was over and he gave the MotorStorm demo another run, and he got in some pretty spectacular crashes too. Wheels flying everywhere, engine on fire, BAM! SMash! Loads of fun. Here’s what the developer, Criterion’s Director of Design Alex Ward, had to say:

The first crash you see on PlayStation 3 has got to go way beyond everything you’ve ever seen, beyond anything that we’ve ever done because every time we put our game out, people say, ‘It’s the best crashes ever in a game.’ We’ve got to go beyond that now.

It’s also interesting that he says the team are Sony specialists. So Sony holds a special place in their hearts! How sweet! I don’t think that means much, though, except that the PS3 version won’t pale next to any other version. Which would be nice!

The Artist’s Way: The Alex Ward Interview, Part I

  • I love burnout as well. Fun game. The PS3/360 version will be amazing!

  • Yep…you’ll SEE a spectacular crash…but won’t FEEL a thing.

  • You sound like a broken record, McWilliams.

  • Sporty

    I can honestly say I never cared for rumble. I normaly turned it off since it was way overused in most games. Some games it added to the experiance but for the most part it was just annoying to have my controller shake while playing RPGs and adventure games.

    I have Burnout revenge on 360 but wasn’t too impressed with it. It is the only burnout I’ve tried so far so hopefully they release a Demo on PS Net so I can try the new one out sometime.

  • Darrin

    What a great interview. Now that we’re used to being bombarded with negativity, it’s really refreshing to see a leading developer like Alex Ward so optimistic about the PS3.

    Actually, PS3 steering wheels still have force feedback. I played Burnout Revenge with my Driving Force Pro. I hope the Burnout 5 and Motorstorm support that as well.

  • Sporty

    Next time I really should read the interview before I comment. But that is a great one. Really gets you excited about the game. That’s saying a lot from me being as I didn’t play more then 10 hours of revenge since I bought it.

    Rumble in the steering wheels is cool. I hope they carry that over on the PS3 models but not holding my breath. I’ll be surprised if developers have feedback in PS3 games just in case.

  • Alex

    2 times I tried to play MotorStorm demo in 2 different malls it just freezed. First time just before the first collision and second time in vehicle selection screen.

    In futureshop 2 men came and just turned PS3 off somewhere at the bottom of the stand. In the second place after I left several people were just confused what were happening and why console wasn’t responding.

    I really love Sony consoles and enjoying FFXII on my new silver PS2, but their current management team seems to be the dumbiest and the most worthless in history. They’ve managed to spoil as much as they could do concerning PS3 release (they even fooled with number of consoles to be available on the launch day in North America).

    They do not appreciate customers and just pushing their technologies which are more expensive, but offer no significant benefits. It’s Sony style now. Apparently Blu-ray now is loosing to HD-DVD, and tell me who needs their ATRAC?

    I’m going to wait 6 months and to see what will happen. I hope Sony will do right, as I’m big fan of JRPGs and hope to play FFXIII in future. As for now I’m just frustrated ((

  • The Blu-ray versus HD DVD battle has just begun. You can’t say that HD DVD will win based on one some bad BD press.

  • Pc

    First off… don’t need rumble if you own a decent stereo system or a surround sound system like me because your subwoofer will provide all the feedback you need !!!!! Secondly….. I did have one PS3 freeze on me while playing the motorstorm demo but it only makes sense that it did. They leave the systems on from the time the store opens, till the store closes…….hell im not positive they even turn them off cuz over at walmart i went in at 4:00am and it was still up and running. So basically, you can’t say anything negative about one of the systems freezing in a store cuz its a demo unit that was left on for weeks possibly, plus your playing demos on it. When i still had my 360 it would freeze up if i just kept it on for too many hours even with a fan blowing on it……The PS3 is a great piece of hardware. There are hundreds of thousands of PS3’s in people’s homes now and so far there hasn’t been any complaints about systems overheating for no reason.

  • Knighthawk

    [Post contents removed because of bad language.]

  • Knighthawk

    Hey I used **** in my swearing, lol. Ah I guess the language was not called for, and I will respect that in the future. It’s just that I have been reading the blog for awhile now, and I find McWilliams to be a TROLL. If you can ban swearing, please ban this ugly TROLL that is McWilliams!

  • matt


    I agree that a good digital surround system can really add to the “realism” of a game. I would even argue that a $1000+ surround sound system benefits gamers more than an HDTV. I completely disaggree that rumble can be replaced by a subwoofer. I have been gaming in Dolby Digital since Halo: CE (I don’t think the PS2 had any games before Halo: CE in Digital 5.1). Rumble is one of my favorite features. Yes in a lot of games it is overused but when it is done right it can be more helpful than sound or video.

    In an ideal world I can have both rumble and DD 5.1. With the 360 I do and the PS3 I don’t. When games come out on both systems the 360 game will be picked up every time over the PS3 version. I would think I am not the only multi-console owner who will do the same thing.