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Newsweek: My New Favorite Gaming Commentary |

I’ve recently discovered a fantastic collection of game industry interviews and commentary by Newsweek columnist N’Gai Croal.

Articles include:

Mr Croal sums up Ozymandias perfectly: “Atwater-esque tactics” and “compiling oppo research on the Playstation 3”. Also, why won’t Sony blog? We’ve asked that question ourselves as well.

Interview with John Riccitiello
Part I
Part II
Part III

What The PlayStation Executive Changes Really Mean. This is the best explanation I’ve read.

Interview with Burnout creator, Alex Ward, which we previously reported on

Wow, it’s really nice to enjoy journalism like this from the mainstream media for a change. What do you guys think?

  • Yes, I’ve recently added this dude’s column to my RSS reader. It’s a refreshing change, and his interviews are great.

  • Sony DOES blog now, It’s “semi-official” pretty much in the same way major nelson is.

    The problem I have usually had with the mainstream media, is that they tend to be negligent of details. Declaring winners when systems just launched, calling systems by the wrong names, and overall not usually having all their facts straight. Luckily this guy seems to be changing the normal mainstream approach of writing as if the public never heard of these companies, or as if they themselves have never heard of them.

  • Oops, after reading the first article, he does mention threespeech. I think part of the reason sony has no major blog outlet right now is that Sony has been attack for even criticizing the competition. Since the blogosphere has sort of developed a meme of (anti-sony pro-anything else) since may, its far easier for the other guys to throw stones than it is for sony. Sony PR is now well aware of what happens when they let their guys talk about the advantages they have over competitors, it only leads to an uprising of blogs to shoot what they say down. Even though the microsoft blogs arent always factual themselves. This guy summed up Ozymandias correctly by calling him the Sean Hannity of Microsoft. Lots of spin, lots of evangelizing, lots of firey statements than in the end, the situations are no where near as dire as he makes things seem.