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Thanks to PS3, I’m an Online Convert |

I played some more Call of Duty 3 online (for free) on my PS3 Friday night. I found a new strategy that really works for me on one of the levels: hide! I would only peek out of hiding to look around and do some killing and/or reviving (as medic), then go back to hiding again. I scored second place in that game.

Last night I played some more CoD3 on my PS3, but I didn’t do so well. 🙁 I had a moment of annoyance when I was trying my hand at sniping. I saw someone, had them totally lined up, pulled the trigger, and the dude didn’t die! I always go for a torso shot, because the camera moves around a bit and I don’t want to miss if going for a headshot. So maybe that was the problem. In CoD2 on the PC, you can hold your breath when sniping to steady the camera. Is there a similar thing in CoD3? That would be oh so handy.

So I put in several hours of Call of Duty 3 online on the weekend, and I got to thinking. I haven’t played the single-player CoD3 campaign much at all. Ditto for Resistance, though I have played some of it in co-op mode, which is great. Previous to getting my PS3, I never thought online was such a big deal, even though I did dabble with it on my PS2. But now I get it. I’m an online convert! Online is a blast and I much prefer playing online over single-player. I still like having friends over to play games better than playing online, but online gaming has now become a part of my life, unlike single-player gaming. And it’s just so much the sweeter that online is free, which helps those like me who hate paying monthly fees for anything.

So yeah. Here’s my tip of the hat to all you folks who were bragging about how great online is. I believe you. I’m with you. Now I just need to get through the day so I can go home and play some more Resistance or CoD3 online…


While I do think that online is great, and is not overrated after all, I’m still unsure about headset support. I thought I would miss it when playing CoD3 and I don’t. Resistance supports the headset, but I find that I don’t bother with it. Would this change if more people used it?

  • Unlikely. Headsets only really help if you feel like talking to mates or use tactics. Otherwise the’re pointless and ony used for indults or telling dirty jokes. I play css, I only use it during clam matches or when laying with clan mates. Rarely I use it for telling my dumbass teammates where to go, they never listen anyways. :/

  • Ed

    Wellcome to 2006, soon to be 2007. Yes, playing online is fun. XBOX figured that out 7 years ago when MSFT first researching consoles.

  • Hmm… PS2 also had online gaming 😀 (Socom came 2002, including the online adapter)

  • Sporty

    No offense Ed, but what does your post have to do with the post AT ALL? So Sony also had some online on PS2 but that doesn’t change the fact that the news post was about a new person taking the plunge on online console gaming. Doesn’t mean online console gaming started with CoD3 and resistance. Some people haven’t taken the online plunge and feel they missed the boat so they dont even try. Posts like this just help the community in bring people online.

    I hate how often gamers turn into company shills and politicians now adays.

  • Scott

    Why did you feel the need to post “(for free)” at the beginning of that post?

  • Because it’s the only place that you can play COD3 online for free?

  • amen sporty! the sentiment of the post would have been the same whether going online with the PS2 or the X360 or the original xbox!

    i still haven’t gamed online with a console (only on a PC), myself… may do so soon… although i suck at resistance!

  • I started playing online with my PS2 a few years ago, and fell back out of it. I got tired of the people, some just want to talk talk talk, some want to be complete asses and ruin the experience. To this day, even in the advent of live, i still keep my online play to a minimum. That may change with the PS3 since not only is free, but has a few more bells and whistles than the ps2 experience.

  • matt

    I remember when Henning was saying the online features really didn’t matter to him. That was like a year ago and many readers of this forum said the same thing.

    Congrats Henning. Hopefully more people will take the plunge into online gaming. Many people who prefer the PS3 are going to have to go through a lot of the growing pains that Live members like myself did in 2002. As developers get used to programming for the PS3 the online will get better. The PS3 online isn’t perfect right now but with time it will get much better.

    Hopefully the headset takes off. I am not real happy they didn’t include one with the 60gb PS3. It doesn’t help for all games but the games it does help make the experience all the better.

    If Henning can get into online gaming, anyone can!!!

  • jamisonfitz

    To hold your breath as a sniper i wanna say you hold L3… Almost positive… Playing Medic in Verdun is probally the most fun as the weapon does best in close quarters…

  • Pc

    Well that’s good to hear that your comin around to the online side of things. Games are really fun when playing online, although i do enjoy the single player experience when friends are over to watch also. 🙂

  • Dingo

    I’m sorry to say this, but online multiplayer is turning into an excuse for lacking single player campaigns.

    It’s fun at first, until you find it’s always the same variations of kill/get killed, rinse and repeat.

  • Richard

    Ahhh, he’s a convert. tell me this. you wouldn’t pay >$4 a month if it meant most of your teammates had headsets, you can chat with people playing totally different games, send them messages whether they’re on or offline, etc.?

  • I dunno, Richard. I’d have to try all those features first.

    Like I said in my post, I haven’t found headset support to be that much of a boon. People coughing, talking about their date last night, or just trash-talking. I didn’t find any instances of strategizing to win the game, which is what I would have thought it would be used for. On the other hand, maybe I just didn’t enter enough games to find this kind of behaviour.

    But who knows? I was skeptical of online, now I have a blast. Other things may change as well…

  • Sporty

    I can say I wont pay $5 for generic online unless I was stuck with only one console, But thank god I’m not . I’ve done MMORPGs (WoW, EQ, EQOA, EQ2, FFXI) . I’ve done PC online a ton with Quake 1,2 &3 along with the MMORPGs.

    My Play style, for example, the last few months. XBox Scareface > PSP > GTA VCS > PS2 Bully > PS2 FFXII > 360 GoW > PS3 Resistance > Current Zelda :TP

    So it’s been over 2 months since my XBox was turned on, a month since my 360 was turned on and a week since my PS3 was powered on. My XBLive account expired without even logging on the last 3 weeks of it’s time. Although I have all consoles I dont have all the time in the world so I mainly only play one maybe 2 games at a time. Subscriptions to me feel like a waste if i’m not making the most use of them. With the PS3 at least I can still have buddy lists, messages, voice chat and not log onto the PS3 for awhile and dont feel I wasted the subscription time. I wish Silver let you do basic gameplay.

    I really dont care for voice chat on pickup games since most of the people are idiots. If I was in a clan with team play it would be different, but pickup games, no.

    I know some people have a love of XBLive and feel they need to evangelize it constantly, but this is a PS3 blog. PS3 network is still a work in progress, so what you see now might be totaly different in a few months.

    Shoving XBLive constantly in the comments as a better alternitive only comes across as a sugar coated trolling to some of us. I hate the mindless trolls on all the other news sites, one of the things I love about this site is the lack of other console trashing. Shilling another console often in the comment only invites the trolling, flame wars of the other mindless forums.