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MGS4 Still “Exclusive” to PS3 |

There had been rumours doing the rounds that MGS4 would be ported to the Xbox 360. This is based on the ‘fact’ that there wouldn’t be a high number of PS3s in gamers hands by the time the game was released, meaning Konami wouldn’t make as much cash as they would if the game was available on both the PS3 & 360.

A Konami representative however, has shocked the gaming world by saying: “Konami has no plans to bring Metal Gear Solid 4 to the Xbox 360 at this time”.

Don’t be surprised if MGS4 eventually makes it’s way onto the 360 but I can’t see it happening any time soon after it debuts on the PS3.

Whenever that may be…

MGS4 Still Exclusive to PS3

  • That’s great news! I hope Micro$oft never gets Metal Gear Solid.

  • Hehe, the best was, that Joystiq “confirmed” MGS4 coming to the 360 via quoting noooz… I mean, come on, how bad can journalism be?

    I do not think, that MGS4 (without “subsistance” or “substance” or such) will be on the 360, ever. Maybe MGS4 subsubsistance will reach the 360, but will, again, fail because the 360 has a different type of gamers choice.

    Remember MGS2 Substance, which also was ported to the XBox and PC. It failed miserably, because of at least the things. 1) Halo 2s release was just around the corner, 2) it was ported miserably (because it was ported from the ps2, which is a pretty hard feat to accomplish good, because the RISC is not very like X86 cpus) and 3) the XBox has a different “fanbase” of gamers.

    to 3) I mean, the XBox is mainly a US console, for US gamers. It extremely failed in Japan, and in Europe it didnt fare too well either, especially in Germany (Nearly all stores have sort of a 70% PS2, 15% Handheld, 10%Xbox and 5% Gamecube allocation around here). US game(r)s are very different from the others. Their games are mostly action and very “male”, as Japanese games are mostly cute and “girly” (just compare jap RPGs with us RPGs, then you get what I mean).

  • Sporty

    Yea. Journalism has taken a nose dive recently. noooz started the rumor based on EMGs rumor mill but used their own twist . A few other sites picked up on that story. A few bigger sites picked up on the 2nd gen sites reports using nooz and the first and the ones reporting nooz as the ‘confirmations’

    All that babbling out of the way. I’m kinda on the fence with MGS now. I didn’t get hooked on MGS3 like I did the frst two. I lost interest just a few hours in. I should probably give it another shot but I’m the kind of person that if the game doesn’t hook me fast I can drop it pretty easy.

  • Pc

    Once again the bloggers at Joystiq write about some crap that will never happen just to stir things up !!! I especially hate the way they always try to make any news at all about Sony and the PS3 seem negative even if it isn’t………Every time they find something about Nintendo to talk about, they try to make it sound glorious and like its the best thing to happen in years….Joystiq sucks !!!!

  • If it ever does happen it will be a port that comes almost a year or two later, when everyone who really wanted to play it has already. Similar to how GTA was, it came to the xbox only after the game had totally run its course on the PS2, and no one really cared that it was now out on another platform.

    In reality, sony is probably doing what it needs to in order to keep it exclusive, but at any rate, this is a generation ruled by first party.

  • matt

    The “At this time” part is very interesting. Are they black-mailing Sony into more “Exclusive money” or are they going to release MGS4 six months after the PS3 launch. I would bet on the latter happening.

    I too am in the could care less camp with MGS4. I loved 1, thought 2 was good, and really didn’t care for 3. If this trend keeps up I will hate MGS4. It needs a 94% or higher on gamespot for me to even glance at it.

  • I have always been sucky at MGS games dying, feeling lost. So for me, its more about what it doest for sony’s sales, that it is for me actually getting it. I much more looking forward to stuff like, Heavenly Sword and that Naughty Dog adventure game.