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MotorStorm Big Air Vid |

There is a great video of MotorStorm in beautiful HD on that has got me wishing I had Henning’s PS3 so I could play the demo myself.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to wait until March (at the earliest) to try MotorStorm out for myself but until then I will just gaze at the HD videos so that I know the wait is worth it.

I also need to add that I was unable to view any videos in HD on my old computer but now that I have an iMac I can finally understand all the noise people are making about HD. MotorStorm looks even better than what I thought it did and most people that have played the demo seem to share the view that it’s a lot of fun to play.

Bring it on!!

MotorStorm Big Air Gameplay Video

  • What kind of iMac do you have? I have a “20 Intel iMac.

    The motor storm demo is very fun. Everyone I’ve shown it to loves it. In fact my GF tried it using the motion to steer and she loves it. She can’t control games using the analog sticks really.

  • I have the 17″ Intel iMac. Cost us £799.

  • MotorStorm rocks. My friends all love it, especially the spectacular crashes.

  • For just a demo, this game rocks hard. I’m seriously thinking of buying the Japanese one if I have to wait till February. My son loves it and it looks great even at 100″

  • Sporty

    I’d wait for march to get the domestic release if I were you. Other then getting online added it might get slightly more polished.

  • ehandlr

    The Japanese release is getting bad reviews. It seems to be one of the best looking racing games ever….with the worse features. No online…no multiplayer offline..nothing. Just races.

  • Nick

    Yea Ive got the demo and its awesome, but playing it offline gets boring pretty quickly…
    The real heart of this game will be playing online against other people. Those races are sure going to be fun!