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TIME Blasts PS3 |

Those of you who have PS3s had better sell them ASAP and the rest of us waiting to get our hands on one had better look elsewhere because has labelled the PS3 as a complete failure. Already. Yup.

Here is the quote in full:

The big story in computer games this year was HOW TO BLOW A HUGE LEAD, by Sony. Its PlayStation 2 was the champ in the last round of the console wars. This time Sony bet on a chip called the Cell and a disc format called Blu-ray. They’re probably awesome, but how would anybody know? The PS3 is hideously expensive–it goes for up to $600–and Sony manufactured only a piddling few hundred thousand for the U.S., fewer for Japan. Plus it’s hard to write games for; the launch titles were lame. You know you’re in trouble when you get beat by something called a Wii.

Erm right. Please remove your head from your asses please.

Firstly no console ever launches with millions of of units available for each territory so launch shortages are to be expected. Secondly, “hideously expensive”? I’m not going to go over why the PS3 is worth up to $600 yet again but if it is so hideously overpriced it simply wouldn’t sell not to mention comparing the 20GB model with the ’20GB 360 price is a lot more sensible.

Thirdly, the PS3 is hard to write games for so that makes it over-hyped! The PS2 was hard to write for as we all know and as a result there weren’t many decent games available for it, right? And as a result of it being “hard to write for”, the launch games were “lame”. Yup, Resistance is a pile of cow dung, as is CoD3 etc. The PS2 launch lineup was lame. The PS3 launch lineup is actually pretty damn good compared to most console launches that have gone before it.

Finally the PS3 is in trouble because the Wii has “beaten” it. There you have it folks, the Wii has won the console war after not even a month on sale. I bet you feel like a complete fool for buying a PS3 now. No mention is made of the 360, maybe that was never released in TIME’s alternate reality.

Maybe I’ve travelled forward in time to April 1st 2009 because everything that is written by TIME is a load of rubbish and smacks of bad journalism.

Once again, if you haven’t got a PS3 go and buy a Wii and if you have a PS3 you’d better sell it because it’s doomed!!

TIME Blasts PS3

  • Sporty

    5 years ago that same article could have been written but replace PS3 with PS2.

    After the whole Baystar, SCO, Vrignaud and paid ‘analysts’ that do Op-Ed propaganda peices for a price you really can’t trust most things you read now.

  • manlord

    I don’t get it. Either they don’t know a thing about the ps3 and console launches in general. Or they know oh so very well and is taking down Sony with purpose, using whatever they can to distort the fact.

  • ehandlr

    a bunch of BS

  • Pc

    I also hate Time magazine now……Time mag sucks !!!!! How come sooo many people don’t know what the hell their talking about…come on now people. $499 for a PS3 is cheap for what your getting. If you think about the 360 and the fact that your paying $399 for a system with half the power and half the functionality of the PS3, you realize that purchasing a 360 is the worst thing you could do. Microsoft put out the 360 after the original xbox had been out for a measly 3 years or so and straight up abandoned it. The PS2 is still the best selling system out there and it’s on its 6th year now, while Sony also released their new system !!! So the PS2 is still getting alot of love from everybody out there and the PS3 will take off soon. Also, everybody knows that Playstation has the “MOST” and also “BEST” games out there !!! How could anybody hate on that?? When will the hating quit and people just play games and shutup?? BTW…I’m not talking about any of you guys on this site…. 🙂

  • I am so tired of people calling the winner of a race that has just started. Everything he said couldve been said of the PS2; it has a lame launch, severe shortages, and it was more expensive. We all know how the PS2 did.

  • The Prince Of Ecuador

    Has no-one noticed that the TIME page is one of those ‘WIRED/TIRED’-style rundowns of things they think were over-hyped? It’s one of the things in life that feed the ADHD’s of the world who need things kept brief otherwise they forget what they were doing and go back to searching for porn.

    I could hardly fault TIME for filling such a page with things that haven’t exactly been thought through, I mean who would bother in the first place, just look at the other things they mention, does the author really care about his audience?

    Jumping on it and trying to make news of it, however… come on, give me a break. Doing so perpetuates the idea that that kind of thing should be considered news in the first place. You couldn’t even call it an opinion piece, it’s someone’s used toilet paper come to the rescue when their boss is pressing them to finish a throwaway column in time for print.

    So how about popping some ritalin, and calming down a little bit?

  • Darrin

    Jeez guys… A little upset? I agree that the blurb was unfairly biased, sensationalist, inaccurate and ignored the amazing and continuing success of the PS2. But, this isn’t unusual or unexpected or even half as bad as the New York Times piece or half the stuff you read on the web.

    There’s really no point in getting upset. Also Newsweek with N’Gai Croal actually has good gaming journalism.

  • Sporty

    I agree that no one that is on the fense on which console to buy will give a damn what Lev & Belinda of Time thinks. Scanning that list kinda makes you think the editors spent all by 10 minutes research.

    The only thing I find annoying is it’s just one more half assed article that will be used as bait by trolls and so called gaming news sites to create flame wars. With the exception of this site. other blog sites will use that as an “I told you so” confirmation.

    Like I said I find it annoying, but I’m far passed even caring what other sites think. I try to filter out the opinions and only get gaming news. If I bought into media hype I would have been one of the ones that saw Snakes on a plane 😀

  • matt

    Any way you cut it this is not good. Parents buy kids $499 consoles and this does swing opinion. I have older relatives that laugh at the PS3 and they don’t even game. My cousin was bought a PS3 and it was returned because of articles like this. The general public trusts writers from these major news sources and that goes a long way.

    If you are old enough you remember that SEGA was once a very powerful console maker. SEGA was beaten up by articles just like this when the Dreamcast launched. EA isn’t backing it, the controller is goofy, The launch line-up stinks, the competition is better, etc Sony was launching its PS2 the following year and we all know what happened not long after Sonys first PS2 Xmas.

    Sony made some mistakes. Selling a product, that to the consumer, is the same if not worse right now graphics wise to a $200 cheaper competitor is insane. The average parent buying the PS3 for their child doesn’t own an HDTV and Blu-Ray is a tech they don’t need. EB Games and Gamestop are telling people to buy the much better 360 instead (This is what I witnessed from the 16 or so different stores I have been in between the 2 chains). They are still lacking many features the 360 has had since the Spring update.

    PC I am sorry but if you think the 360 is half the power of the PS3 you are greatly misinformed and I suggest doing research before returning to post fanboy garbage. There are plenty of unbiased reviews of the hardware of both machines and the 360 wins in CPU power FOR GAMING and GPU power. The reality is the 360 and PS3 are both very powerful and the differences will be subtle at best.

    Sony is in for a long and hard fight this generation. This is the first time they have had to fight for position with two competitors who know exactly what they are doing. Until Sony irons out the problems and gets 10-20 really good games that the competition doesn’t they will never sell to the average consumer. To me this is obvious and anyone else who has taken some business/ economic classes in college should see the same. I am not saying the PS3 is going to fail by any means. I am just waiting to see some good news hit the headlines of major adult mediums.

  • Darrin

    matt, you’re right that the bad press isn’t good. However, the PS3 is still having production shortages and isn’t ready for the mainstream and for average parents yet even if they wanted to buy. If the PS3 is still getting bad press by May, or getting ignored by the press, then that will be a much worse sign.

    BTW, Newsweek is one of the “major adult mediums” and PS3 has gotten much more positive coverage over there.

  • Sporty

    Not to mention the A/V community warming up to the PS3. PS2 had a storm of negative press and lame launch titles with a drought of decent software till the following spring. One thing a lot of people that complain about the price fail to keep in mind is early adopters will be the ones with HDTV and surround setups. To those people the price isn’t as steep as grandma getting little Jonny a gift. Once the consoles start sitting on store shelves collecting dust is when you need to worry. By then you will see a price drop.

    2007 is about Software. One major advantage Sony has this round is they have a stronger first party. PS2 launch most people always fell back on Sony was nothing without 3rd partys. That can’t be said now as SCE houses 16 development studios with nearly 40 franchises. Not to mention the 3rd party studios that work exclusivly with Sony still.

  • 07 will be big for sony. On microsofts end, there is essentially Halo3 coming out of their first party, and not much else. Since most of the 360 owners bought the system for shooters, it is gauranteed to have a high attach rate. As for nintendo, their will be a pretty big gaming drought, despite wat reggie says, their is no way mario and metroid are coming out in the first quater, which will leave 3rd party to pick up the slack, not a good sign since most are having issues having good ideas that fit the controls.

    Sony on the other hand, will have alot of the high profile games coming. Motorstorm (with online and other modes), Virtua Fighter, Virtua Tennis, Heavenly Sword. The games coming before and during the euro launch, combined (hopefully) with a greater supply and firmware updates will help reverse the tide of negativity.

    Let us not forget that the PS2 is currently outselling the 360, STILL. Not to mention God of War 2 still on the horizon, so that system cant be counted out just yet. Its still ruling the roost, even in the face of the new gen.

  • Pc

    Actually Matt, the Cell processor is about twice as powerful as the 360’s 3 symetrical core setup. If you have played Gears of War and also Resistance, then you would know that the cell can do alot more at one time than the 360 can (the difference is that Resistance is a launch title and gears was being developed years ago). The word going around was that the RSX couldn’t do FSAA and some other weird shit at the same time. I do know alot about both systems and I bought the 360 when it launched last year (i’m deffinately sorry for ever doing that). I also have the E3 videos from Sony’s big conference that shows a graph comparing the Cell with Pc’s, the 360, and some other devices. Even the memory in the PS3 is faster….I have only heard rumors from fanboys about the gpu in the 360 being better so it’s probably not even close to being true. You will see here in about a year or so when the PS3 games look sooo much better, and run soo much better than everything else out there.
    Alot of people were bragging about how the 360 had 512 mb of video memory….well, the PS3’s RSX can also use all 512 mb of memory….it’s just that only 256mb is dedicated to it at all times.
    Last but not least…….People all over are talking about how the 360 is not selling well and that the PS2 is still dominating even though it’s on the 6th year now. Some people say the 360 has good games and is priced fairly….their all wrong in my opinion about the 360 (come on now guys…they charge you $100 for a 20gb hdd, but 2 years ago i got a 40 gb hdd for my PS2 with FFXI for $100)…it has good online service (for talking, but not playing) cuz if it had good games and was priced well wouldn’t more people be buying it ?? The fact is…there aren’t many good games on the 360 or the original xbox except for PS2 ports like GTA and the only reason i bought it in the first place was HALO. I bought my 360 when it came out because one of my friends was getting one and i was tired of waiting for the PS3 (i love electronics). OK…OK I’m done ranting sorry guys 🙁

  • Sporty

    Let’s not turn this into a anti 360 console debate. It only invites trolls and flame wars.

    I think John Carmack if ID Software said it best and he’s someone that really know how to push hardware, PS3 is 20% more powerfull but 360 is 20% easier to program for.

    When you get down to it your basicly comparing Shrek effects to Toy story. Both of them get the job done so what’s the point of debating at the end.

  • This is an interesting thread. I agree, though, I think Sony’s reputation and the Playstation brand are sthings which make alot of difference to people – and these Time people maybe aren’t taking that into consideration enough.
    I just put up an article on my website about Will the PlayStation 3 game system rescue Sony?
    So it’s a hot topic!
    webmaster at

  • Surreal

    You fail at professional journalism Time Mag.

  • liar

    Meanwhile back in reality .. Canadian reality anyways..

    Xbox 360 20GB is 500 dollars.
    Wireless charger is an extra 30 dollars – not included in box.
    On-line play is 250 dollars at 50 dollars per year for 5 years of the average console lifespan
    HD-DVD is 200 dollars

    980 plus 15 percent tax means the Xbox 360 grand total equals… 1127 cnd dollars.

    PS3 20GB is 550 dollars
    Wireless charger is 0 dollars – included in the box
    On-line play is 0 dollars for 5 years – included in the box.
    Blu-Ray is 0 dollars – included in the box

    550 plus 15 percent tax means the PS3 grand total equals…632 cnd dollars.

    I can buy TWO PS3 systems for what Microsoft is charging for the Xbox 360 home “entertainment system”. And this incompetent hack is going on about how expensive it is? And I still get more functionality and future-proofing with HDMI etc.

    Want to remove HD-DVD and 5 years of on-line play from the equation to give the 360 a chance? Ok so now they are about the same price (550 vs 530) and I STILL get Blu-Ray and on-line play included.

    This only damages Times sinking reputation further. They quickly becoming the Jerry Springer of print media.

    Get the facts out there. Call them out for what they are. They rely on people not saying anything. Of course he’s not interested in the facts just opinions that happen to coincide with the message Microsoft is pushing. What a coincidence eh?


    A group of high school students I work with in the SF Bay Area just made this great podcast critiquing the price of the PS3 as well as the cost of its energy consumption. They thought of a great way to incorporate the Public Enemy class too.

    I never would have imagined that a few hours of video games would run up someone’s energy bill, but apparently regular usage costs PS3 gamers much more than they may have bargained for.

    Anyway, check it out:



  • liar

    If they are saying the PS3 is noisy then something is definitely strange. Kind of raises questions about anything else they have to say as being valid. It’s silent. Absolutely whisper quiet. I wasn’t expecting that when I bought it. It wasn’t something even on the radar or a consideration for purchase. It was just a very nice surprise. With my original XBox you always know it is on from the sound it makes – so it was quite noticeable how quiet the PS3 was in comparison.

    There are many setups on the internet where people distort whatever the hot topics of the day are in order to create traffic on *their* site or to directly support the wishes of others working behind the scenes. I won’t give them the traffic when they link back like this. That alone is usually enough of an indication of questionable motives and the integrity of the “analysis”.

    Sad but true. Maybe this will turn out to be another shill like TIME. Maybe not. Time will tell.

    But heck, look on the bright side. Given the PS3 cost me $500 dollars less than the equivalent Xbox 360 setup would have, I can still afford to run it 24×7 for a few years. Probably a decade or more before this information would even be a marginally meaningful issue.

    I wonder if they are as ready and willing to report on the bigger cost equation or if they are conveniently “forgetful”. Like I said time will tell.

    What a shock another “independent” report from “concerned” citizens on how expensive it is. See a pattern here. Hmm wonder where I’ve heard that FALSE message before and from whom ? Hmm let me think…

    All the while ignoring that the Xbox 360 setup would have cost me TWICE as much as the PS3 – for fewer features. How convenient they failed to notice THAT “hideously” expensive price difference. How convenient eh?

    The retail prices that anyone can check don’t lie – but people do.

    Who are you going to trust? Your own eyes and brain or people with their own agendas that your not privy to.

  • matt

    Xbox Live is so much better than the PS3 online. It is like comparing a jet to a bicycle. I gladly pay for Live and would gladly pay for a Sony online experience if it was as smooth as Live.

    Here is a great discussion with some computer people who break down the 360 and PS3 from an engineering standpoint.

    I am tired of people talking about things they have no clue of. It isn’t this site so much as gamespot, IGN, etc. I laugh half the time because this very smart people can barely spell their own names.