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More PS3 Call of Duty 3 Maps? Or just X360? | is reporting that there are two map packs coming out for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 3 in the new year. I found the press release at, but it says nothing at all about the PS3. And why isn’t the press release on

One map pack is free: “Champs”. It only has one maps and lets you play in Port Royal de Champs, France. It seems to be a medium sized map.

The second map pack costs 800 Xbox points, and is called “Valor”. It has five all new France-based maps to battle in.

If anybody knows whether or not these map packs are coming to the PS3, I’d love to know!

Call of Duty 3 – News

  • Pc

    These maps will deffinately be on the PS3 soon…no doubt about it.
    Ohh yeah..I just had to say this…….since you guys here at this site were able to actually score a meeting with phil harrison and some of the sony guys, yall need to tell Sony to make sure and keep its exclusive titles !!! They need to come out and tell everybody about some exclusives or something really good because every day i see more people talking shit on joystiq and kotaku about how sony is losing more exclusives. The playstation is deffinately the best system ever made and i can’t stand reading that fanboy crap every day. Sony needs to do something to shut these guys up quick.

  • ehandlr

    You can’t force developer to take a loss without making up the difference. Thats why most developers are starting to edge to timed exclusives. VF5 is a perfect example. The 360 won’t see it until late summer while the PS3 gets it in Feb. Oblivion and Splinter Cell DA are following the same footsteps by coming out on the 360 months ago and now both are coming to the PS3.

    When Sony penetrates the market with a couple million consoles…then things will pick up a little.

  • I read in an article something about Sony and exclusives…

    It said, that non exclusive game publishers have to pay BD ROM licencing costs, while exclusive ones dont. I dont know, how much that is, but (thinking in DVD/CD dimensions) it is less than 50cents per disc. Not much, but it accumulates pretty quickly! Games like FFXIII will certainly benefit from this. I mean, think about it. Games like GT3 sold more than 10 million units and 25cents per disc will come to $2,5mil.!

    These lost “exclusives” are NOTHING to worry about, really. Just check the systems/games sold ratios. The PS2 has one of 10:1 while other “highly praised” systems like the DS has one of 3.2:1 or the GC with 8,94:1 (cant find these numbers for the XBox atm, but looking at Wikipedias “best sold games”, it says, only 5 or 6 games ever sold more than 1 mil. units for it, whilst the PS2 had more than 50 (?, not sure about the exact number)).

    Its not the “mega games” that sell systems. They sure do sell some units, but its the broad mass of good games, that skyrocketed the PS1/2s sales. More often than not, I read about FPS and other “american” games on the 360. Thats not a bad thing, but it is only one small part of the pie, which is the gaming world. Theres no game like buzz, singstar, katamary, rez, shadow of the colossus (i can continue this list pretty long)… on the MS systems.

    Thats why the PS3 gets so much flak ATM. Theres no games for it (as there werent for ANY other launching console ever in history!), but time is patient. Next year, we’ll be seeing some hundred games for this system, that sets it apart from the 360 (not counting wii here, different playground, different game), which then in turn will turn the tide pretty quickly!

    Again, its not the big exclusives that sell 100mil systems, its that big bunch of many different games and gaming types that do!

  • Pc

    Good point Segitz and i do believe you are mostly correct also. I know alot of people that bought PS2’s for games that i never even played, so it does go to show that having a wide array of games brings in more people than just a couple really good ones(simpy because every person’s opinon’s are different), but the really good ones do help alot !! God only knows how well MGS4 or the next FF or GTA (btw..i think GTA should atleast be a timed exclusive still for the PS3)is going to sell once there are more PS3’s in homes, but the other games like Guitar hero, GT, Socom and God of War are needed ๐Ÿ™‚
    It just makes me mad to see all of these people on other blog sites talking soo much crap about Sony(i did own a 360, but sold it..and now own a Wii), even though the Playstation brand still has the most exclusives (and best), plus they even have the largest 1st party devloping group which just so happens to be bigger than microsofts and nintendos combined. It sucks that some people’s opinions are soo different and they are so one sided or blinded.

  • matt

    The 360 now has Guitar Hero 2 and will in time get more games, probally more than the PS3. The reason is simple, profits. Sony charges more than Microsoft to release games (license fees). This is how Microsoft has been able to get many of the Sony only developers to look at the 360. Now that some of the developers are having huge success (Capcom with Dead Rising as an example) they are looking at the 360 as the main development platform. Add to that the 360 is much easier to develop for and developers are making much, much larger profit margins. If you can make more profit selling 500,000 copies of a game compared to 1.5 million copies of a game the winner is easy to choose.

    This is exactly what Sony did to Nintendo. Nintendo charged ridiculous license fees and then Sony came in and undercut Nintendo. This gets developers to make games for your machine and when the number of systems gets to 30 million the diversity of the gamers are huge. The odds of you selling a Katamari or DDR type of game to the tune of 500,000 copies is fairly easy.

    Each generation is different. The Xbox was a very PC like console and the games showed this. The hardcore gamer (FPS games) adopted the system and loved it. Microsoft realized that they had a small portion of the gamer pie and took drastic measures to make sure the 360 didn’t end up like the Xbox. They have dozens of RPG games in development. They are working hard on childrens games. They are creating many racing games in house and get every 3rd party game their is. Microsoft wants the 360 to be everything the PS2 was and a lot more. So far they are doing a great job.

    The PS3 will still have a lot of titles that Sony owners are used to. SOCOM, Gran Turismo, God of War, etc. They will always have these titles because Sony makes them. Other games like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Resisdent Evil may and will jump to the 360 if the sales/ console install base is lower than those developers project. Sony relies HEAVILY on 3rd party developers for their A list titles and this is a problem. The PS3 will still have them but the 360 will get them on day one or six months later. The 360/Wii have the best First Party games and they keep adding more great games every few months. What has Sony created themselves? Resistance is a good game but it doesn’t compare to a lot of shooters on the 360. MotorStorm looks like a lot of fun but I am not buying a $500 console for a racing game I might play for 50 hours.

    The thing gamers forget is developers are only loyal if they are happy. If Metal Gear Solid costs $15-$20 million and they only sell 1 million copies that is a problem if they only make $10 per game. If their are only 10 million PS3s in the world when it releases and there are 25 million 360s they are missing a huge market that they need to reach. Metal Gear and Final Fantasy both started on the NES.

    The problem with the PS3 is the price. $500 for a console is insane. When the vast majority of gamers can’t take advantage of the PS3s abilites what is the point? Most of them will wait until the price hits $300 and even more will wait until it hits $200.

    Price is what causes people to buy systems. Games come second. Without systems there will be less games. I am really starting to think the PS3 is in some serious trouble at its current price. The 360 will have its first price drop this Spring (expect a few weeks before the European launch) and this will really hurt the sales of the PS3. I am glad I can wait this out and get the PS3 for a much cheaper price. Maybe by next X-mas I will have 5 reason to buy one. The only one right now is Blu-Ray and it just isn’t that important to me right now.

  • Pc

    Matt..I take it that you don’t like playstation very much…this site is all about PS3….all this talk about microsoft and the 360, wasup with that….the fact is the 360 is doing worse than the original xbox did at this point in its life and Resiatance is actually better than most if not all than the 360 fps’s and most of the 360 fps’s are going to be on PS3. All the reviews have already pointed this out…resistance is the shit !!! Gears of war is pretty, but not all that great online and is also glitchy as hell…i know this because my close friends have it and they love fps’s, but now they want to sell their 360’s. You may be right about a few things, but not most. The last thing i have to point out is that if more and more games are gonna go multiplatform in the beginning than that just means less exclusives for the 360..the playstation already has more exclusives than xbox does. I’m not worried about any of this because once it’s all said and done, more people will own a PS3 than a 360…so once again there will be more and better games on the playstation console.
    p.s. alot of the 360’s so called exclusives are only timed exclusives anyways, but to think about it…their not really exclusive if their on PC also…i’m typing this message on my gaming rig right now….i sold my 360 last month to get a ps3, but no worries for me. i can play alot of the 360 games on my pc if their not on PS3 !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scott


    fanboy alert

    Gears of War isn’t a FPS btw.

  • Sporty

    Another console debate….

    One thing a lot of people seem to discount other then 360 with a HDD is less then the costs of 2 games differance in price to the 20gb PS2. 360 hasn’t captured the Japanese market. Blue Dragon couldn’t even break 100k units in 2 weeks. That isn’t going to convince Japanese developers to jump ship. If developers can’t sell in Japan they are loosing a lot of sells. US may be a larger market but you wont see FFXIII jump to 360 when they can’t sell in there home country. They also dont have ‘dozens’ of RPGs coming, After Lost Odyssey it’s the few strategy RGPs and american RPGs. They have a lot better selection then the first Xbox though. You might see more titles cross over in US like Konami did with Silent Hill 4. Not release it in Japan anywhere but PS3 but in US on both systems.

    360 didn’t have a rosy first couple of month either with defects, scratched disks, power brick overheating and less then stellar launch titles. But they did recover pretty well.
    They also aren’t flying off the shelves as fast as most expected this season. You wont see a 25 million lead on any console this generation. The 10 million lead they said at E3 turned out to be less then 7 million.

    PS2 had a more harsh launch then PS3 but it it turned it around the following year. A lot of gamers have select very short term memories.

    You may call Resistance nothing but a ‘good game’ and Motorstorm not good enough to buy a system. But could say the same thing about any 2 games on any other system. I enjoyed and continue to enjoy Resistance far more then I do Gears, but to each their own. I still enjoyed Gear, and still have it in my collection.

  • Sporty

    On the topic of the thread. I think the lack of a PS3 announcement of the map pack when the game is out of both system might mean it’s 360 only, at least for awhile.

    I would expect more exclusive after market content in this generation. Its one way for hardware makers to have an edge on the other.

  • Matt:

    Thank-you for posting. You have a lot of good points. I’d like to know those license numbers are, though, because the example you give of 500,000 units versus 1,500,000 units sounds a little far-fetched, but you may be right.

    You say that Microsoft has dozens of RPG’s in development. That’s at least 24. An amazing number.

    You also say: “Resistance is a good game but it doesnโ€™t compare to a lot of shooters on the 360.” I take issue with that. I think that there’s potentially only one shooter on the 360 that’s better than Resistance on the PS3, and that’s GoW.

    I also don’t like that you’re pulling number out of thin air to support your theories. 10 million PS3’s versus 25 million 360’s? That may happen, sure, but we don’t know what the number will be. Microsoft certainly hasn’t sold as many 360’s as they were hoping to in its first year. And the PS3 has already outsold the 360 in Japan, the land of RPG’s. I think that’s a strong telling point.

    You say: “Price is what causes people to buy systems. Games come second.” I think that is totally backwards. Games are foremost. Over the life of a system, an extra $100 doesn’t matter.


    Fanboy isn’t a dirty word on this site, at least in my mind. I have no problem with people being loyal to a platform. Obviously Pc is loyal to PS3 and matt is loyal to X360. I have no problem with that.

    My only problem is that “fanboy” is becoming a dirty word, which I don’t like.


    Thanks for getting us back on topic! And you’re right. The fact that it’s only been announced for the X360 is worrying. I’m a big CoD3 fan (if you haven’t already figured that out), so this is a disappointment.