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I’m Going to Buy a 360!!! |

Well, that’s what I should do because the PS3 is doomed after it lost Virtua Fighter 5 from being a ‘full’ exclusive to just a timed exclusive, with it also appearing on the 360 sometime summer 2007 after PS3 owners get it Feb/March 2007.

This follows Fatal Inertia, Bladestorm and apparantley Armoured Core 4 (if I remember correctly) going multi-platform. So I’ve decided that I no longer want a PS3 due to the aforementioned massive franchises now being available on the 360, possibly after they appear on the PS3 first. Oh yeah, they are still coming to the PS3 in-case that bit of info got lost somewhere on the way.

OK so I’m not actually going to get a 360, but I’m annoyed by people over-exaggerating how much these titles will damage the PS3 & Sony now that they are no longer exclusives to the PS3.

The Bigger Picture

Look at the bigger picture for a moment. The ‘big’ 3rd party franchises that are ‘exclusives’ (for the moment anyway πŸ˜‰ ) are a big reason why I’m waiting for a PS3. Games like DMC4, MGS4, FFXIII and Lair are important to me but they aren’t the only reasons why I’m waiting for a PS3 rather than going out and buying a 360 or Wii (don’t get me started on the Wii!).

I simply believe the PS3 offers better value for money than both the 360 and Wii. If you pay the top price $600 for the 60GB PS3 you get the 60GB HDD, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, 4 USB slots, HDMI output and a Blu-ray player (important because PS3 games come on BD never-mind the fact you can watch BD movies without buying an add on) and you can plug in MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash. All for $599 and without buying add-ons or paying extra just to have these options.

If you don’t want some of the above features and think $599 is too much then you can go for the $499 20GB PS3 which is the same as the above but with a 20GB HDD, no WiFi and no MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash slots. But nobody seems to take the 20GB PS3’s existence into consideration when they whine about the PS3’s price and compare it with the Wii/360. The 20GB PS3 is still better value for money over both rival consoles.

Your Inner Voice

Anyway, my point is that although 3rd party exclusives are important, they shouldn’t be the sole reason why you want to own a console. This generation will see more 3rd party games going multi-platform than the previous gen simply because more money can be made going that route. Also, take into consideration 3rd party ‘exclusives’, 1st party titles, value for money and what you get in the box, and make the decision with your head as to what your console of choice is going to be, not based on peer pressure or negative media spin.

Sony, for me, still has the best selection of 3rd and 1st party titles in development, regardless of the fact some of the former are no longer exclusives to the PS3. Add in the value for money side of things and no matter which games become multi-platform, I’ll still be getting a PS3 at the first possible opportunity.

Is the PS3 doomed to failure? Hell no! It may not be the overwhelming success that the PS2 was but there’s no doubt I will have countless hours of gaming fun with the 5KG black box sitting next to my TV and that is the most important bit of all.

  • manlord

    I am definitively going to get a PS3. Many games that I want the most is still exclusive. But if it comes many good exclusive titles to 360 then maybe I’ll buy that in a couple years. But then I’m still going to buy multiplatform titles for PS3 instead of 360.

    I REALLY don’t like the fact that the 360 is so noisy. Besides PS3 has better multimedia features, and I for one look forward to watching blu-ray movies in high-def. Out of the box! no non-esthetic addon.

  • Inspectre

    Ha ha! I was upset reading the first two paragraphs. That was great!

    It’s obvious that both platforms offer a compelling value. There’s more work/cost involved in 360 gaming and multimedia features, but if many games are going multiplatform both camps will have fun. However, Sony is one of the largest game developers there is. So tons of new exclusive games will be coming that will keep PS3 owners happy.

  • Sporty

    Sony first party is highly, highly underrated now. Sony’s first party developers are nearly the size of EA. I think the main reason they get overlooked is for the most part they always work on original content. With the exception of the Sports games. You dont know if the next release will be a Primal or God of War quality.

    It is highly annoying when people use price as a road block, if $499 is too much get a Wii or suffer. The price argument works against 360 also, if people get their panties in a bunch over $100.

    Also the arguments about most people dont have HDTV, and the need for HD. This is one of the more ignorant comments, at least the in US. More HDTV sets were sold last quarter then SDTVs. Prices of HD sets aren’t that bad and coming down so we’re just about at the critical mass tipping point in HDTV.

    Which leads into the need for Blu-Ray. Same people that think HDTV isn’t needed. Anyone that’s owned HDTV knows how crappy and grainy. It’s kinda sad when I can watch Wheel of Forune in cleaner and clearer then my entire DVD collection. Once you get used to HD, HD movies become a valid point.

    People that own HDTV aren’t going to cry over the price of the PS3, they are normaly the ones that have home theater setups and dying for more content.

    Only argument I agree with is games, or lack of them. That is the most annoying thing about buying a console early. But if that really effects you, then wait. Looks like March is a good time to pick one up.

    I bought a PS2 at launch in 2001. Moto GP, SSX and Madden along with it. Over the next few months I picked up Winback. It wasn’t untill April that the drought stopped and we had a steady flow of games.

    Listing specific titles as reasons against buying a PS3 is also kinda annoying to me. I didn’t buy PS2 for DMC, but ended up enjoying it. 95% of my PS2 collection wasn’t announce 5 years ago but I don’t regret buying my PS2. About the only console I buy for specific titles is Nintendo, I’m a sucker for Zelda and Mario

  • πŸ˜† Well I had to draw your intention some how!

  • Sporty, I recently bought an Intel iMac so I am now able to experience HD trailers and other stuff in HD and I have to say I didn’t realise the difference before as I couldn’t watch any HD material on my old crappy PC.

    The difference in quality between SD and HD is worth upgrading though and I plan to do that for when I get my PS3 but I’ll be going for a Full HDTV set with 1080p (not upscaled though, native).

  • Sporty

    I wish I waited on my HDTV, 1080p makes me drool. I have a 60′ RSXD in the living room and a 30′ Wega in my bedroom. Both top out at 1080i. However I’m not wanting to spend more on another TV just yet.

    My Wega is 1080i/480p so I was concerned about the scalling issues that were being reported. Once I checked into it I found out the scaling issues are widely exagerated. Most CRTs and 1080i/480p TV scale internally, you only get downscaled when disabling 720p so it’s not really an issue. Just dont disable it.

    Having HDTV kinda spoils you. I always look at the HD channels first and if something is coming on I’ll watch the HD version. Kinda sucks when most HD movie channels are western feed only in my area. I kinda miss the east feeds but what can you do.

    I actually stopped buying DVDs once I got my HDTV. After seeing the grain I knew I would rather have a HD version so I’ve waited. Crash was my last SD DVD back in febuary. I used to be a major DVD buyer. My collection is at 140 DVDs. Most people aren’t as picky as me though. πŸ˜€

  • Jonthalas

    I’m really lucky that I was able to get a PS3. It annoys me that many people are whinning about the PS3. I have both the 360 and the PS3 and I plan on getting the Wii too because I love and enjoy games in general. Just because of all these whiners I plan on pushing my support for Blue Ray and the PS3 just to make them shut up in the end!

  • As I already said yesterday. The big exclusives arent solely responsible for the huge sales of PS2s. It is the broad mass of many games that did.

    I am really looking forward to the PS3 as I am a AV and Linux junky! Both things, the 360 CANT do, which are killer features for me! Although I have to pay more (never considered the 20GB version myself thou), I get MUCH more, what I want. BD ROM support, wifi, PSP connection, motion sensing controller (which I love… I still love this idea. It can do so much good to games, rumble just … rumbled), 60GB HD, Linux, PS2/PS1 support (still have MANY of those) HDMI support (my TV has it, so why dont use it) and then the games come (MGS4, FFXIII, GT5), less noise (which also is a killer feature for me. I shielded my complete PC so I dont hear it anymore), free online…

    And BTW. Gary, glad you are back! I love your columns! The irony and sarcasm is unsurpassed πŸ˜€

    And about HDTV in general. Germany sucks at this big time. We have 4 (yes FOUR!) native german HD Channels, which mostly send upconverted material. And only 2 of these are FTA (free to air). In Baden WΓΌrttemberg (Stuttgart / Leonberg / Weissach, my region) theres NO HDTV channel on cable TV! NONE AT ALL! And because German channels waited, we have to buy new receivers, which supports DVB-S2 and MPEG4. Ok, the quality is better than the old standard, but there’s nearly no receiver available as of yet (2 of which I know, a Humax and a Phillips). Since I dont have a dish (yet, still trying to get my mum to get one :D), I dont get HD on TV.

    As my TV has a VGA input, I first took my laptop and played the MGS4 trailers and I was astounded! 19” to 32” is a real difference!

    Btw guys, I think I am getting a SONY STR 700DG for christmas. The 800 is not released in Germany (yet? The us Sony hp doesnt show the 700, maybe it is the same ??)

    My old receiver is slowly dying ATM (the left front channel sometimes just shuts down and such) and this one has HDMI and Component support, which I truly love!

    [Link edited by Gary to fit the page]

  • ehandlr

    Great read indeed. Sony hasn’t lost anything. There is still a long road ahead.

  • So true, it’s silly how people claim doom every time something like this happens.

  • Pc

    VF is not even a killer app, so it’s loss isn’t really that big of a deal…especially since it’s still time exclusive so will be on PS3 a good 6 months or so before it hits the 360. If i were you, i would save that $399 because the 360 is horrible. All the games have some kind of horrible lag online or crazy glitches and there arent many good games either..just like the Wii !! Not to mention that it’s hardware made from a software company. Horrible quality….it will heat up your room during winter time though, so that might be a plus right now, but in the summer you might not want to play it….im not being bias either because i owned the original xbox and i bought the 360 at launch…i even did the whole camping out thing to get it…..the 360 is a waste of money…i had to send it off for repair twice (they sent me a refurbished one back every time)…i now own the Wii and currently don’t have the cash for a PS3 or i would have waited in line at toys r us lastnight to get one…..i now wish i would have just saved my money and waited for the chance to GET A ps3 !!!! My friends don’t even want to play the Wii when they come over…they always fire up my PS2 (which i still love very much) and start playing GTA: San Andreas. I’m telling you now…Gears of War is pretty, but not as good of a game that people have been saying….i promise you !! Resistance online multiplayer > Gears of War online multiplayer

  • Pc, I wasn’t being serious about getting a 360. Read my post again. πŸ˜€

  • Pc

    Ohh..OK Sorry πŸ™‚ i just read the first paragraph and had to stop if you know what i mean πŸ™‚

  • Pc

    my first post from the Wii/opera web browser πŸ™‚ its cool, but not all that great. u can only view one page and it can’t handle much at one time….locks up, but it does load pages pretty quick.


    my ps3 is beautiful… I finally got an hdmi cord (cause I didn’t win one henning) I stiill have yet to buy a ps3 game because I just waz not interrested in whats out there now… I did the free online demos and i went back on my fav ps2 games …. boys …. the picture is $%^#$% smokin… even on the ps2 games … the picture is #%@#$%# sick … I could keep going but uhhh I am waiting for half life 2… gt…etc games that I like… I know that I could get whatever other game station that is out there but why … I only want the best… know what I mean ?

  • and don’t forget PS2 backwards compatibility. there are still a lot of great PS2 games out there and coming out soon. you can’t play those on your XBOX360 nor your wii. if you can buy one machine that plays all your old PS2 games as well as all the best next-gen games, then why get the 360?

  • My reason for still wanting a PS3 is:

    A) The PSP in my pocket
    B) Renting BluRay movies for my modest HDTV
    C) tekken, Tekken, TEKKEN!
    D) The sleeping giant that is sony’s first party, they are often underestimated. Especially since its not always obvious when a game is theirs, you probably have played more sony created games than you think.
    E) Whatever the ICO/Shadow of the Collossus team cook up this gen
    F) all my favorite franchises that I have come to love on the PS2 will mostly return in some form on the PS3

    Some other issues. I have played a PS3 on a standard def tv, and people saying it looks like ass are GREATLY EXAGGERATING. Sure, the difference from SD to HD on ps3 games is like night and day, but night doesnt look all that bad! Even though some of the detail is lost, its definitely noticably higher in graphical quality.

    This is a first party race this gen, and sony has it. Nintendo has good first party titles, but it tends to be a slow trickle of releases. Not to mention that if you arent a fan of a cutesy cartoon aesthetic, you will want to gouge you eyes out most of the time. Microsoft has Halo, halo, halo, and viva pinata? Sony has the widest range of games, and the biggest selection, from 3rd person action, to first person shooters, to dramatic artsy games. I bought a PSone for the variety, I bought a PS2 for the variety and the franchises i had grown the love. I will buy a PS3 for the very same reasons.

  • Pc

    bobeotm, you are exactly correct in your last paragraph and i feel the same way !!

  • Thats what I meant πŸ˜€

    MSs biggest flaw is no own exclusives besides halo, geow and pinata (which still has to prove it is worth it).

    I mean, Sony has GT, Singstar, GoW, Buzz, Eyetoy, RFOM… this list is huge!

  • Don’t forget that you can upgrade the HD( which makes me wonder why Sony wasted money on 2 versions anyway) and Tekken DR will be downloadable!
    I’ve taken my chill pill and I feel better now. πŸ™‚

    I find it interesting that the PS3 have nearly doubled in sales in Japan compared to the 360, which has had a year’s lead on the competition.

    And that the main big exclusive Blue Dragon went from 4th to 49th place after a week of it’s release. I’ll dig up the link I saw for that later…

  • Jason SpettZa

    Too many fanboys here. You don’t seem to be able to remove your unabashed bias for Sony from your review of the PS3 v xbox 360 (neither of which do you seem to have). Sony is an annoying company that has a virtual dud on their hands with the PS3. Too hard to develop for, poor launch titles, expensive property and a losing battle with HDDVD. The jury is still out, but Sony, like you, seems to what to give the finger to the rest of the world and make selfish self serving decisions that result in proprietary mediocrity.

  • Sporty

    “Too many fanboys here.”

    “You don’t seem to be able to remove your unabashed bias”

    “Sony is an annoying company that has a virtual dud on their hands with the PS3. Too hard to develop for, poor launch titles, expensive property and a losing battle with HDDVD”

    Irony at it’s best!

    Just because we’re all not sheep on the hate PS3 bandwagon we’re fanboys? That works both ways. You probably never got past the bias reviews, if your in love with 360 so much you seem to be nervous enough to come here of all places to flame Sony. If you cared about games at all you wouldn’t let it bother you. A lot of us have 360 also, but I’m a gamer first.

    FYI, 360 is falling far short of all analyst predictions and MS’s goals for the year. Blu-Ray has only been in the fight for basicly 2 months. So before you call a war that’s less then 5 weeks old you might want to learn something about it first.

  • People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, Jason. You’re a classic example of the ignorant people out there that seem to have written the PS3 off after just over a month of it being launched.

    “Selfish self serving decisions that result in proprietary mediocrity.”


    That’s a classic right there! The decision to wait for a PS3 rather than get a 360/Wii is obviously for myself and nobody else so yeah colour me selfish. Mediocrity though? The PS3 might be a lot of things but mediocre is most certainly one label that can’t be attached too it.

    I’d go as far as saying all of your points are the predictions of somebody that desperately wants Sony to fail to justify to yourself that you made the right choice in buying a 360 (if you have of course).

    You see, I don’t want Microsoft to fail nor do I want Nintendo to fail. I’m making my decision based on the games, as I’ve made clear in my original post. I’ll no doubt have many happy years with my PS3 regardless of who “wins” or “loses” the console war. I recommend you do the same with your console of choice.

  • “I’d go as far as saying all of your points are the predictions of somebody that desperately wants Sony to fail to justify to yourself that you made the right choice in buying a 360 (if you have of course).”

    That my dear friends, is the anatomy of a fanboy. I call myself a Sony fan, but I don’t want to see neither Microsoft or Nintendo “fail” because having all three brings balance to the industry.

    Without Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo wouldn’t cater so much to the Western markets. They keep Sony on its toes (even though there is not real concern for them winning a generation) because they have the funds to fail and fail and fail, each time, gaining just a little more market share.

    Without Nintendo, Sony and Microsofts technical arms race would rage on unchecked, making the market more and more mature without attempting to cultivate more children gamers.

    Without Sony, there would be no force to join the east and the west. American and Euro devs with big budgets would go with Microsoft. Japanese developers and smaller companies would go with nintendo. And there would be no company that would offer both.

  • Jason SpettZa

    And the beat goes on.

    A lot of raw nerves. I didn’t say anything about Sony in comparison to anything. I didn’t say the 360 or Wii were better. I did say “the Jury is still out”. And Sony may still pull itself out of the hole it is digging. But come on, it is performing far below market expectations, it doesn’t have great titles, is very expensive, is tied to proprietary technology and isn’t (yet) proving itself with gamers or critics. Oh yah, right, it’s quieter than the 360 and… oh yah, quieter than the 360.

    But keep on fighting the good fight dear partisan warriors. I’m sure Sony is grateful for the many blind minions who love to heap praise.

  • bobeotm, I think I originally misunderstood what you said as having a dig at me. My mistake, sorry.

    Jason: The PS3 is just over 1 month old! You say the jury is still out but in the same breath you say stuff like “Sony is an annoying company that has a virtual dud on their hands with the PS3. Too hard to develop for, poor launch titles, expensive property and a losing battle with HDDVD.”

    You’ve just written off the PS3 right there with those words. So you’re contradicting yourself with these “Jury still out” and not comparing Sony to anything.

    If you think I’m a fanboy for looking at the bigger picture and not wanting rival companies to fail then hell yeah I’m a fanboy.


  • Quote:

    But come on, it is performing far below market expectations, it doesn’t have great titles, is very expensive, is tied to proprietary technology and isn’t (yet) proving itself with gamers or critics.

    1) Sony sells through every unit, how can that be below market expectation? Sony cannot at the moment produce and ship enough units to cater the demand! Everytime a shipment comes in, it is sold out within minutes.

    2) Great titles? What, did the 360 have great titles at launch? Does the Wii have great titles? Ninty has Zelda and Sony has RFOM. Thats an ok launch. The 360 only had mediocre titles at launch. PDZ was very bad and PGR3 was bested by its own prequel (and didnt even have an HD resolution)

    3) Proprietary technology? Yeah right. Blu Ray is an industry standard, as is DVD, HD DVD and CDROM. Card reader? Yeah right, CF, MS and SD is pretty much not standard. Bluetooth and Wifi is not standart too. USB not at all… Linux, ha, Linux is very non standard at best. SATA HDs too, I mean, who uses SATA drives. What does the 360 use? Prop. wireless, prop. memory cards, prop. HD drive.

    4) Not proving with gamers or critics? This is biased at best. Ok, not all reviews praise the PS3 (nor the 360 or Wii), but come on, if it was perfect, there was no way for improvement in future generations! And gamers? I didnt hear (yet) any criticism regarding (good) games. I mean ok, there are games below average like Gundam, but which system does not have these? (90% of Ubisofts Wii offer is considered very bad, even Red Steel didnt get too much praise, although I for one was looking forward to it).

    If you want to criticise and argue with me (us), then get your facts straight and dont talk about things, you are not informed about. Many critics dont know what a PS3 can do nor do they bother about it. Especially the prop. technology comments are so bad, it hurts!

    I am by no means a fanboy. I like playing my brothers GC, I play mostly games on my PC (as long as they run, my pc is pretty old) and I see good games on the XBox (like Ninja Gaiden or Dead Rising). I want the PS3 for many things, overly discussed here, and these things are NOT possible and/or available for the other consoles (Linux being a major here for me).

  • Sporty

    I think Jason’s main problem is we’re not as blind as the Anti-Sony fanboys.

    As an owner of 360, Wii and Ps3, I can say I think he’s more of a sheep then me. HD-DVD isn’t proven yet either. More Blu-Ray players are now in homes since the PS3 launch then HD-DVD players. It might fail but calling the war over after a few weeks is kinda retarded. HD-DVD has a 6 month lead and Blu-Ray has 85% of all releases coming, HD-DVD is missing 3 major studios. It will take at least a year to get a clearer picture on that one.

    Poor launch titles are kinda acurate though. However I enjoy Resistance and know in a few months I’ll have more of a selection. In the meantime I’m on Zelda on my Wii. PS3’s EU launch seems to be getting pretty strong though.

    One thing about Sony is even if Blu-Ray fails, sony will continue to support them. Like they did with Betamax. Movies can fail and games disk space is still a major advantage.

    Seems most of your anger is at us not hating PS3, since we for the most part own one and you are already anti-Sony. Calling us blind minion? Kettle, meet pot.

  • Pc

    Jason, you made no sense at all with anything you said !!! The 360 launch sucked, no good games, all the systems broke (mine included which is why i sold the POS), crappy online play because games lag so bad, and microsoft charges you too much for their own crap !! Come on…think about it…$100 for a 20gb hdd that only has 12 gb on it…MICROSOFT SUX and their system has very few decent 1st party games. Most of the games on the 360 that are “SO CALLED EXCLUSIVE” can be played on my PC. Sony’s exclusives can only be played on the Playstation 3 and the Playstation 3 is more powerful and free online play..etc..etc…etc…i could go on forever !!!
    One last thing….How could hd-dvd win the format war if every ps3 has a blu-ray player in it ??? There will be more blu-ray players in homes than hd-dvd players !!! Think before you speak man. πŸ™‚

  • Jason SpettZa

    you’re right.

  • Sporty


    PC, your exagerating MS’s flaws. 360 isn’t that bad. It’s loud as hell that’s for sure but unless your watching a movie it doesn’t bother me. I normaly have my volume cranked up.

    You can’t call PC/console games non exclusive just because they are on the PC. Exclusive on consoles means not on another console.

    The $100 is also for headset and wireless controller along with the HDD.

    I understand you hate MS and want a PS3 but with Jason the same but against Sony as much as you are against MS, it just makes for a flame war.

  • couple rhetorical questions:

    what if mainstreamers would rather have $200 than a blu-ray player? (kick ass! that carrera is only $60k instead of $90k! what a value!)

    why do you think the wii and ds are so popular while technically inferior? (both economically and intuitively accessible mean more than “specs” maybe?)


  • You mean 100€ instead of Bluray (You cant count in the core pack 360, it sucks badly in comparison to the 20GB PS3).

    Now, this is a point to discuss about. I for one am GLAD Sony put in the BluRay. I would never buy BDROM in the near future if it wasnt for the PS3, so thats an added benefit to it. And those who dont want it… Thats a lost feature here.

  • Pc

    Well i only meant that the 20 gb hdd for the 360 is $100 if u purchase it seperately πŸ™‚ It’s still only 12gb too…..sux for those guys that bought the core 360 pack. I bought the premium when i got mine.

  • Well personally m3mnoch, when I decided to by another system, I like for there to be a big leap from what I already have.

    When I play the Wii, its fun, for a while, as long as the controls stay novel. However, it pains me to think that this could have easily been marketed as an addon kit for the gamecube. There is no major jump from a technology standpoint. The gaming community would have hated sony even more if they had simply made a redesigned ps2 with a new control scheme and a few other features and marketed it as a new console.

    Of all three the Wii is a system I will definitely have to wait and see. What’s going to happen once the novelty of the controls wear off, and the games themselves have to carry the full weight of making an enjoyable experience? Whats going to happen in 2 years, when PS3 and 360 games look consistently amazing, while the Wii games over that time only marginally improve? What happens when the PS3’s install base gets bigger and developers decide its in their best economic interest to make cross platform games for the two similar systems, and bypass the wii altogether? If the gamecube taught us any lesson, is that nintendo cant save a system alone.

  • matt

    PC you are brutal. My 360 was made December 9th, 2005 and I have not had one problem with it at all. I play sometimes for 6-8 hours and have had no problems. The online problems are the developers fault, not Live. The 360 is the best system I have ever owned. I am sorry you didn’t like it but of the 7 people I know with one it too is their favorite system.

    All launches have crappy games. Get over it. Comparing a launch to another launch is retarded. I hate consoles launch games and usually the next six months after a console launch. Usually a year after launch the new console gets some classic games and at a steady rate there-after.

    Onto Blu-Ray. Have any of you gone to a store like Best Buy or Circuit City? The employees are informing any purchasers of HDTVs that the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD war is waging. They are telling people that until someone wins, you will not be able to buy all of the movies you may want for one format. I don’t care if their are 50 million PS3s in the market. If people don’t buy the movies the format loses. A person buying a movie or two for their PS3 will not win the war. If HD-DVD sells more than Blu-Ray then HD-DVD will win. Right now HD-DVD is killing Blu-Ray. This could change but people are not buying Blu-Ray movies. I will buy an HD-DVD player sometime in the next few months. The reason is their are more of the movies I want to own on that format. That is how most people will select when they dive in. Right now I have 4 premium cable channels (HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax) that have HD channels. I can watch everything I want to see in HD without buying any hardware. With my DVR I can record movies in HD and watch them as much as I want. All cable providers have these channels in HD. Why will people run out and buy a technology that is very expensive (players and movies) and their is no winner in the foreseeable future.

    I don’t own a PS3 right now. The reason is there aren’t enough games for me to justify a $600 purchase and Sony hasn’t completed the PS3 yet. I’ll let them update the hell out of it and get many of the features I deem required of a $600 console. I will pick up a PS3 eventually because I am a hardcore gamer. I don’t like to miss ANY games for any system. I’ll pick up Resistance and any other games that I want that are older after I get my PS3.

    I feel sorry for people who stick with one or two of the systems out of the three each generation. You are missing out on some classic games. Find a way to get each system.

  • Sporty

    Your giving HD-DVD too much credit on sales. HD-DVD was projecting 200k total install base by this fiscal year ending march 2007. They have sold more then Blu-Ray because they came to the market first and players are cheaper. Blu-Ray players will drop in price faster then normal since the componants are used in PS3s and are being mass producted at higher volume.

    I also have Stars Cinemax, Showtime, and HBO in HD , for movies but I would like a physical copy so I can pop in Fight Club, Star wars, Lord of the rings, Pirates of the Carrabine, Matrix or Lost. Only one HD format is getting all of them.

    One major advantage Blu-Ray has is Fox, Sony, Disney, MGM and a few smaller studios as exclusives. With the exception on Universal and a few smaller studios every movie will be released on Blu-Ray, not the other way around. Warner and Paramont are going to be catching up on Blu-Ray releases in Januaray.

    Blu-Ray didn’t really enter the fight till November, Pioneer and Sony delayed their players and studios waited for the most part. We’re still a year away from having any idea but CES in 2 weeks is when the next fight will take place. Disney, Sony and Fox all promised major Blu-Ray announcements. I dont expect HD-DVD to just sit and be quite for that so it should be interesting.

  • Pc

    Well let me say a few more things then…….All of my friends who bought a 360 at launch has already returned theirs to microsoft for repairs and was sent back a reburbished model,then those broke also. The fewest amount of system breakdowns one of my friends had was 2 !!!! Meaning that particular friend had to send back 2 xbox’s that should have been fine to begin with. OK…..that’s just the beginning of it…..One of my other close friends went through an incredible 6 systems with only 3 of them being launch systems, the other 3 were several months after 06 began. NEVER BUY HARDWARE FROM A SOFTWARE COMPANY !!! Thats like my motto now πŸ™‚ My 360 broke after about 8 months and i treated it with extreme care and always had a fan blowing on it. There have never been more crashes and systems breaking in history, that is, until microsoft introduced the 360.
    So far there have been no wide spread rumors or words flying across the internet about PS3’s suddenly overheating for no reason !!! The PS3 is a quality product and is easily worth the $499 their asking for it. The PS3 is worth alot more and Sony is losing alot of money by offering it to you at such a low price. It’s only $100 more than the 360, but your getting alot more for your money…ALOT MORE. Everything about the PS3 is better than the 360.

  • matt

    PC that is funny because the 2 EB games I have gone too have said that they have had about an 80% return rate on their PS3 sales. This is a store and not “my friends”. Even if this store had a true 80% return this means nothing to the overall picture. Those machine would have been produced at the same time in the factory and a problem could have happened for a few hundred systems before the problem was fixed. Their is not an 80% return rate on all PS3 sales. Just like everyone who bought a 360 didn’t have to send theres back for repairs. There are a lot of people who had problems, but the fail rate of the 360 MIGHT be 8-10% This is still very low compared to any electronic device. I know because I worked in retail for a long time and had to send back the defects myself. I still to this day will not buy certain products because the return rate was above 40%.

    I guess you didn’t read the link to the engineer who works in the computer field. He could care less and picks the 360 over the PS3 in power for gaming. You seem to really care abou the power of the machines over gameplay. I am laughing.