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Resistance v Gears of War |

This is not not an open invitation to start a flame war. It is in fact a fun look at both games in action side by side in GameTrailer’s first edition of Vs.

You can vote in each category while you watch the footage of both games in action. The following categories and the votes as stood when I viewed it are as follows:


Weapons: 43.8%
Vehicles: 75.6%
Enemies: 18.3%
AI: 22%
Art Direction: 21.7%
Multiplayer: 29.2%
Graphics: 13.1%
Overall: 20.9%

Gears of War:

Weapons: 56.1%
Vehicles: 24.3%
Enemies: 81.6%
AI : 77.9%
Art Direction: 78.2%
Multiplayer: 70.7%
Graphics: 86.8%
Overall: 79%

Man, Resistance has taken a beating! Remember it’s just a bit of fun not to be taken seriously.

Resistance Vs Gears of War

  • Man, I need a faster broadband. I cannot stream HD trailers or even this!!! 2MBits isnt enough (my line is maxed out!)

  • Get an Intel iMac!!! 😀

    Is your PC capable of viewing HD content?

  • Pc

    Resistance is way better online !!!!

  • Yeah but GoW apparantley has a good co-op mode.

  • Sporty

    Never tried GoW online. My Live sub ran out. But Co-Op does add a lot of the experiance. And PC, I didn’t think you had a PS3 yet to compare?

    I’ve had a blast on Resistance online, but I wish they would add a few more modes in. Seems everyone plays DM or conversion. I haven’t tried CTF yet. Also haven’t tried since the patch wednesday so no idea how much the improved or changed

  • Pc

    Your right Sporty, I don’t have a PS3 as of yet, but i have a friend that has both the 360 and Gow…and a PS3 and Resistance. He says Resistance is 10x better than GoW and the game looks like its runs great on and offline. His decision on this matter is not a biased one….he owns the 360, the Wii and the PS3.
    BTW…I also owned the 360 (but sold it) and now own the Wii too, but i want a PS3 soooooo bad !!!!

  • Sporty

    That’s cool, Hope you score one soon, however at least the longer you wait, the more games will be out 😀

  • Yes, all my pcs can display HD content (although some VERY high bitrate avc brings it to its knees)…

    Its not that it slows dont, but the buffers run out (I can round about dl at 250KB/s which was reached)

    I have no idea about both games, and really, you cant vote about this by watching a vid! GeoW “LOOKS” better (nicer lighting) but how it plays doesnt even remotely show. I have played Kill.switch on the PC (there was a pc version right?) and playwise it looks EXACTLY like GeoW 😀

    I am not much of a FPS player, these games are too dumb for me (meaning, it get bored, because you get to do the same thing over and over again, though I liked Q3A because it was very fast paced :D)

    Thats why I leave the judgment up to you guys!

  • Chemical O

    Doesn’t the xbox 360 have a much bigger install base right now? That kinda slants the voting.

    I dont really get the kill.swicht comparison. Cant you compare Resistance to alot of FPS. Technically alot of FPS “play” and “look” alike, but obviously their quality various incredibly. Ive never played kill.switch but looking at their perspective metacritic reviews, 66 vs 94, I dont they even merit comparison.

    I wish I could play both games, I got 360, ps2, cube. No PS3 yet. GoW is an amazing, incredible game though. Definate recommend.

  • Well there are almost 7 million 360’s sold. Most 360 owners are shooter fans. Gears has a high attach rate due to this.

    Meanwhile, there are just barely 1 million PS3’s sold. Roughly a 3rd bought Resistance. So the majority of the people watching these clips have probably played Gears, but has never played Resistance.

    Which meanst there will be a bit of skewing going on, but its no biggie. Technically where most take jabs at Resistance for not doing much new, when comparing it to gears, its not really fair. For one, Gears isnt even a FPS, its a 3rd person (over the shoulder) shooter, which allows it to do fare more interaction with the environment that a first person view affords. If gears was a fps, we would actually be comparing apples to apples.

  • ben

    doesnt RFOM have tons more online options than GoW?

  • Pc

    It sure does Ben…..Resistance has tons more options !

  • hollywooda

    hahaha u guys play with your “options”, i’m off to play the best console game ever!!! GEARS OF WAR!!! Resistance is a bulk standed FPS with off the shelf boring looking levels & creatures. Come on your are just lying to yourself if u dont think GOW is amazing!!…..

  • I haven’t tried GoW yet, because neither of my Xbox 360 friends have it. But I can say that Resistance is amazing and a lot of fun. I’m playing through the campaign with a friend, and I think the level design is great. It’s a great game, and it sounds to me, hollywooda, that you haven’t even played it extensively. Online is also a blast. I’ve played deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag online. All are great.

  • matt

    I am not shocked that Gears won for a few reasons. More 360’s is the biggest. Also Epic Games makes some of the best shooters in gaming. Unreal Tourament is still one of the best online shooters around.

    When it comes to shooters I buy everything that Epic and Id Software (Wolfenstein- my favorite FPS, Quake, Doom) make. These developers are to shooters as Square/Enix is to RPGs.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Sporty

    I agree with Matt for the most part. One year from now we will have a Unreal Tournament on PS3 from the same team as Gears, be interesting to see what they can do.

  • There’s no reason why Gears can’t be released on the PS3…

  • Pc

    Hollywooda most likely hasnt even seen Resistance played on a hd tv up close because he deffinately wouldnt have said the stupid things that he said, much less actually played it himself !! Xbox fans love to hate because the 180 is mediocre 🙂

  • Jason SpettZa


  • Pc

    me = hater of haters like jason 🙂

  • WonderSteve

    I watched and played Gears of War with my friends (we take turns). I have a 360 too but I never bought that game even after playing it at my friends place. It’s single player is just way too short and there’s only 4vs4 multiplayer (I think?).

    It’s a great game. Graphics are really great. The game play is good, but I don’t think it’s as good as people hyped it to be. I find the story all right. The melee attack with chainsaw is pretty cool. I will probably consider buying it when it becomes a platinum hit (I don’t think it’s worth 70 dollars canadian.)

    I also rented resistance on PS3. Friends and I played through it. It’s also great. Really good for a launch game. It’s a pretty good standard FPS. The weapons are pretty cool. Its campaign is quite a bit longer than GoW and has 40 people online play.

    I don’t know why people would compare these two games. They are pretty different. I think it’s just fanboys wanting something to bash about (especially trying to use some reasons to bash PS3). Gears definitely win in terms of graphics though. In terms of fun, I think both games are just as fun. They play pretty differently.

  • ehandlr

    I own GOW and Resistance and honestly I prefer Resistance. GOW is being popularized by its stop and pop action of hiding and strafing to new locations to hide. While thats fun…..I’d rather spend my time shooting then hiding. The textures in GOW are not nearly as good as Resistance but the overall graphics probably are.

    To give you an idea how far this poll is off…AI. Resistance specializes in it. The AI is simply amazing while GOW lacks any. The enemies hide and pop out to shoot…they don’t run around much or sneak up on you.

    The online mode for GOW is most likely better. But Resistance is still great.

    In the end…its a completely unfair vote because 95% of all voters haven’t played or even seen both games like our friend Hollywood a few posts up. I personally think GOW is highly overrated but still an awesome game. One thing for sure is its novelty will diminish quickly once Halo is released and its sequal will only be half as popular as the first. Resistance will probably have a more successful sequal then the first. Thats my 2 cents.

  • hollywooda

    ehandlr you clearly have never playd GOW on any other setting than the kiddies setting “casual” the AI of the locust’s is amazing they dont stand around waiting for a head shot they use cover try to flank you & work as a team, plus they never seem to react the same in any 2 games. Gears deserves every bit of praise it gets, it feels instictive to play & also feels fresh. Every game i’m played since gears just doesn’t cut it, epic have set the bar very, very high. As for the GOW online yes it’s only 4 v 4 but it’s a diffrent type of deathmatch, it’s about close up combat with more thought having 2 b put into your gaming. Resistance isnt a bad game, but i just felt like i’ve playd this game a thousand times b4. & i cant get used to playing a shooter without rumble, it sucks!.

  • ehandlr

    Ive played and own GOW tyvm. (have not beaten it yet) Early Xmas present from my wife. The AI still has yet to impress me in that game. I’ve seem them work as teams but I’ve yet to be flanked or even seen them making an attempt. I’m also not taking anything from GOW as its a spectacular game but just doesn’t live up to the hype in which it has become to me. Simply put…had Halo 3 been released around the same would be “GOW who?”

    Rumble I can personally live without but I can understand why people miss it. Rumble actually bothers me as its a one directional sensation. If you were flicked in the nose or shot with a grenade launcher the rumble would be very very similar. With the amount of what goes on in Resistance…the rumble simply would not stop. It would continually rumble throughout the entire game and lose its purpose imho. Now if they come out with a 3D rumble sensation..I’d be all for it. Properly shaped weights with multiple directions to turn….you get punched on the right side of the face and your controller jerks to the left……an explosion goes off on top of you and the controller shakes chaotically.

    but back to the point….There are only a little over a million PS3’s sold worldwide (if you trust the reports) and over 7 million 360’s. Most people saying one way or the other haven’t even seen both games much less played them. people are simply choosing on hype, friends, single handed experiences alone.

    Hollywood..if I misjudged you and made a false accusation about you not playing Resistance then I apologize. However if I were correct in that assumption then regardless of what we debate you know deep down that I’m right.

  • Justin Liu

    you guys have to play both games to compare everything, I beat Gears of War on hardcore level and I have to say that the graphics looks fantastic and the enviroments looks amazing, art the team work in the game is unlike the other first person shooter games, but when it comes to gameplay, I wouldn’t give it that high or much better than the resistance, there’s nothing exciting and you feel like you’re killing the same kind of enemies over and over again and when you die in the game you feel like you just wanna play because you want to finish the game, there’s no good game story line and just a few weapons to use, you basically end up using the exactly same weapons through out the whole game, trust me, you can only compare two games when you play them and Gears of war wasn’t amazing, if I would give a fps game that is much better than Gears or War, that would be Resident Evil 4

  • hollywooda

    i think now bungie & halo has a lot to live up 2, & if i was working 4 bungie id take a close look @ what epic have done with gears & Rainbow 6, playing game now where u cant take proper cover really sucks, i played call of duty 3 after playing GOW & it’s true what they said about u’ll wish that every game had similar functions. If your in a middle of a battlefield u dont wanna minch along getting shot @ u wanna run for cover. In my eyes gears has changed gaming, it not just a beautiful game its a dream 2 play. its just a shame that people like to hate GOW?.. bring on GOW2!!!!!

  • Dingo

    Gears is way overrated. Sure, it’s a decent game with overly crafted graphics.

    Yet, it’s so unoriginal. Anyone who has been playing games for more than a few years can tell where each aspect comes from.

    In fact, what is 1 original concept Gears bring to the table? I can’t think of any.

  • RYO

    hi guys i’m reading the gears v resistance debate. i’ll set te record straight once n 4 all! I own both 360 /ps3 so am not bisaed towards one console over the other!lets not forget gears came out a year after the 360 launch, resistance is a launch title; i bet developers will have some amazing looking games on ps3 1 year down the line give them time 2 learn hoe 2 push the ps3, only then will we see great games on sony new toy!
    Gears looks amazing (no contest) & hasa some noval gameplay features, but its 2 short lived & u wish there was more of it once u complete it on all settings. while it lasts its fun & has the best in game grapics on a conole shooter-i loved every second of it. The online death matches;chain sawing / stomping a downed opponent is a good laugh-I loved the ott gore & blood spray shame we can chainsaw a down opponent 2 for more fun lol.
    As launch games go, resistance is a good game, nice graphics & a hell of a lot more action goin on @ once than gears-period. it was more 1/2 life meets call of duty (no bad thing as those 2 games were good anyway) The game graphics improve the more u play; I’d also say there’s a fair bit more variety than gears had! The graphics are good 4 a launch title, solid, smooth n look nice both in 720p / 1080p. lets just enjoy both games, have fun n wait n see what developers do

  • shadow

    seriously guys resistance just gets better n better the more u play it. better variety in the enemies u fight, ground & vehicle based combat. the graphics & textures improve as the game progressess; they’re pretty good actuall and the frame rate remains silk smooth regardless of whats on screen – pretty good for a launch game!!!. its all about gameplay, those of u that havent played resistance but slamm it just for the sake of it are just plain silly. both resist / gear are great fps games on their host consoles. me i prefer resistance to gears as it a longer, more varied game, with a better story line to boot.
    seriously, u cant play resistance 4 only 10 mins n say its crap – i had that impression 1st time i played. give a chance it just gets better n better the deeper u go n draws u further the more u play. enjoy