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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection live in Japan today! |

Damn, that was quick!

A few weeks ago I reported that Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection would be available on the PlayStation Store. Well now it’s here!
Tekken 5 awaits Japanese users!
The game appears to offer what was promised. 1080p graphics, an almost entire arcade experience. At the mere cost of 2000 yen ($20 or £10). The title is currently only available in Japan, but Sony would be crazy not to release it elsewhere.

In other Japan-centric news Formula 1 Championship Edition appears to have been released today too and whilst most of the requisite gameplay features appear to have been included it sounds as though the damage model has been toned down and the online mode is missing (like Motorstorm). I hope that these absences are fixed in the future for European and American releases as it appear Sony is sacrificing game completion in order to get an on time release date.

Gaming Age Forums

  • They are obviously having problems with the Japanese network or the game devs are having trouble finalising the online play in time for the release.

  • Sporty

    Maybe not Tekken but we should get new store items tomarrow. Seems thursdays are when they add stuff. Except GT HD but that was special.

    Last week all we got was only Medevil.

  • I want Tekken DR!!! I’m a tekken junkie! But I want the english version though.

  • ehandlr

    Aye…I will download this immediately when its released.

  • I’m going to wait for the english version too.
    I would be great if all games could have this price range…lets hope that the online ones don’t get any higher.

  • Darrin

    Very cool! It’s great to see the online content getting fleshed out so quickly.

    This may not be the biggest news in the world, but it’s so nice to get more positive stories like this.

  • THIS is DL Content i want to see and the price seems quite right.

    I mean, compare this to unlocking 360 NFS Content or Horse Armor!! This is a full game, which would cost twice if not more in retail!

    At this price, even I would buy it, even if Tekken is not exactly my cup of tea.

  • Pc

    I can’t wait to play a good fighting game on the PS3. The d-pad is perfect for them 🙂