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MotorStorm Dust Bowl |

There’s a new gameplay video of MotorStorm that you can watch just below this writing (you’ve probably already watched it before even reading a word I’ve written) courtesy of GameTrailers:

I’m definitely getting MotorStorm when I finally get a PS3! Not only does it look great visually, it just screams fun especially in multiplayer (hopefully the online mode will be present and correct in the Western version).

One of the highlights for me was when the guy/girl driving the quad bike almost went the wrong way losing valuable time in the process. I’ve done that countless times in racing games and it never fails to embarrass me. It made me smile seeing someone else make the same mistake.

Another bit of the vid that stood out for me was the jump over the gap in the canyon. I’m scared of heights (no laughing!!) and it made my stomach churn at the visual representation of just making a jump where you could plummet 100 feet if you misjudged the jump or weren’t going fast enough.

Quality stuff. I can’t wait to get my hands on MotorStorm and the dirt bikes!! πŸ˜€

MotorStorm Dust Bowl Gameplay Video

  • Alex

    Great game indeed, however nothing special in collisions everybody talking about. Actually what I see and what annoys me that falling racer acts like already dead meat, looks like hinged 3d doll, not trying to group himself and you don’t notice any muscle strain (and that’s not right– falling from bikes in real racing looks different). Dunno why developers had made it like that. (You see that in slow motion again and again)

    Another thing in collision itself. It’s far from realism. While you see wheels and other debris go into different directions after collision, vehicle frame seems to be absolutely solid and unbendable which looks unnaturally. Next-gen should imply such realism I think.

    Anyway I’m taking it when it comes out as I liked it overall, just little bit moody right now.

  • I agree with your points Alex. But maybe MotorStorm 2 will improve on these areas. Still it looks a whole lot fun despite these flaws, minor or major.

  • Sporty

    You really can’t judge the game just yet.

    If you look/play the Kiosk demos in stores the game isn’t nearly as polished as on PS3 store demo. From the news the game has been polished a lot more since then. Other then the quick JP release the game has come along way.

    Too bad for awhile we’re going to have people say they played it at target and wasn’t impressed. Those of us with a PS3 know that’s an ignorant statement but what can you do. I hope they do an updated demo on PSN store soon. Net play will add a lot. I dont think they will change the rag doll effects though.

  • Actually the ragdoll is more lifelike than genereations before. Have you seen footage of evil kenevil falling off his bike? He looks like a ragdoll in mid air.

    The PS Store Demo is much better than the kiosk, and seeing some of the Jap trailers it looks much more polished in the finished product. I like that there is so much damage that can happen. Try busting your hood and changing the view out the front windshield. Watching the doors fly open is also cool. I would like the environment to actually affect gameplay more like if you loose your skin you will see more drag, but that may be added into the finished product.

    Definitly will pick up when it comes out.