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PS3 at Amazon on Friday morning (12/29) |

For those in North America that are still looking to get a PS3, Amazon will have them available for purchase this morning. They are expected to sell out quickly, so good luck!

Amazon PS3


  1. I’m tempted to try and import one if I manage to get one from Amazon. Anybody know what time it is in America PST right now?

    Edit: Just checked. I think it’s 8 hours behind my time (GMT) so it should be roughly 04.30am as I type this.

  2. I failed.

    *waits until March*

  3. ehandlr

    They are currently sold out. They sold out about an hour after the Wii did.

  4. They took about 10 minutes to sell out. Went on sale at 11 am pst today and were gone by 11:10. A lot of people were getting errors in checkout so a lot of mad posts on Amazon.

    Wii sold out in about 3 minutes. But went on sale an hour earlier

  5. ehandlr

    Did they sell out in 10 min? I must have checked it at the exact right time. Perhaps the message wasn’t up but they were sold out…thats still great.

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