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Yellow Dog Linux officially available to download |

Yellow Dog Linux has finally been officially unleashed as a download. Whilst the files required have been available either officially via disc or unofficially by bit-torrent download, this is the first time YDL has been available from public servers. Anyway, now there is nothing to stop your inner hacker from exploring the “Install Other OS” option that taunts you from your PS3’s system settings menu… well that’s if you download the 3.3GB ISO file! 😯

Still for those of you with the time it’s probably a worthy download just to see what can be achieved. I am sure that those of you who have been keeping a close eye on things are aware that a lot can be achieved with Linux PS3, so understandably one that is specifically designed to make the most of Sony’s hardware will get a lot of attention over the coming months as certain advances are achieved (*crosses fingers for more media playback*).

  • Why cross fingers?

    Just compile VLC for it. Pretty much work, as you need many libs and such, but it works and has nearly all codecs with it!

    VLC is also my Windows Player of choice, as its sleek, easy to use and doesnt clog up your direct show filers with crap (like Win DVD does for example).

    In some time though, there’ll be a ready package for it, for sure!

  • WonderSteve

    Anyone know how to compile VLC in linux? I am a newbie for linux.

    And I can’t seem to switch back to PS3 OS….. 🙁

  • As i’ve read it, it is pretty much work, as it needs many other libs preinstalled, if you take the RedHat version. About 40… Cant find the link just now. The compiling itself is not a problem, if your build environment is set up already (gcc, make and all that stuff).

    Then its like

    ./configure (if needed)
    sudo make install

    I am coming from Debian/Ubuntu. Dont know if it differs much from YDL or Redhat!

  • Rather

    >>And I can’t seem to switch back to PS3 OS…..

    at the kboot prompt that appears try typing:


    This may launch the “PS3” OS and reset the default OS to same?