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Resident Evil 5 Lands Sometime 2008

Very little is known about Resident Evil 5, in fact I don’t think anything that’s been hinted at, has even been officially confirmed by Capcom but Producer Jun Takeuchi has spilled a lit bit of info via, reported by, about one of my most anticipated games for the PS3 (also available for the 360).

Firstly he says the game might not be released until 2008. January 1st 2008 or December 31st 2008? I can live with the former…

Capcom is aiming to have the game running at a super smooth 60fps, and with the new game engine they are using, they’re aiming to have realistic facial expressions and animations. Special attention is being paid to the character’s hair, with each individual strand being realistically built from root to tip. I bet the undead will never look so good. That’s if there are even zombies in Resi 5.

Resident Evil 5

You will be able to interact with the environments on a far grander scale than any of the previous Resi games. I don’t know if this means more QTE that appeared in Resi 4 or if you can use the surroundings to your advantage to help in your battle against the zombie (hopefully) scum. It probably means both.

Lastly, the temperature will effect the way your character is able to navigate his surroundings, with both extreme hot and cold temperatures effecting the gameplay. I can guess that if you’re in a cold environment your aim will be shaky as you shiver due to the cold or in a hot environment your weapon could overheat, resulting in the dead man’s click of your weapon jamming. Maybe..

I want this game bad, real bad but I will have other games to keep me occupied throughout 2007 so the wait should be manageable.

Resi 5 Gameplay Hints


More PS3 Call of Duty 3 Maps? Or just X360? is reporting that there are two map packs coming out for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 3 in the new year. I found the press release at, but it says nothing at all about the PS3. And why isn’t the press release on

One map pack is free: “Champs”. It only has one maps and lets you play in Port Royal de Champs, France. It seems to be a medium sized map.

The second map pack costs 800 Xbox points, and is called “Valor”. It has five all new France-based maps to battle in.

If anybody knows whether or not these map packs are coming to the PS3, I’d love to know!

Call of Duty 3 – News


Army of Two Uses SIXAXIS Tilt

Yep, you’re probably in shock at the above title but it looks as if it’s true. Being a little more serious for a minute, not many of the PS3 launch games have apparently utilised the SIXAXIS tilt control to good effect but it looks like EA Montreal has a couple of ideas for tilt use in it’s forthcoming co-op shooter.

Army of Two

C& reports that PSM has a couple of snippets of info about Army of Two and especially if you have obtained a mortar. Apparently, one character (either AI or human) can shoot a probe into the sky giving you a great view of the territory below, then by using the tilt controls you can aim where you want the mortar to hit.

You can also use tilt to steady a sniper scope’s view. Let’s just hope your blood sugar levels don’t drop at the wrong time.

Army of Two to Use Tilt


Gran Turismo Demo Details

If you live in Japan or own a Japanese PS3 you will have the opportunity to download a free demo of Gran Turismo HD Concept for the PS3 on Christmas Eve. IGN has taken a look at what the demo contains via Famitsu magazine. Here is what will be present in the demo:

* 1 new track named Eiger Nordwand, which you can race around in normal and reverse
* The new next-gen engine will be present in the demo
* Replays of the topped rank drivers in action will be available to download
* Rankings will be sorted by car class
* 10 cars to eventually choose from. You start off in the Suzuki Cappuccino ’95 and by completing the time trial mode in a certain time you will unlock other modes and more vehicles. Below are all 10 cars featured in the demo:

* Suzuki Cappuccino ’95
* Mazda Eunos Roadster ’89
* Honda Integra Type R’04
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR’96
* Infinity G35 Coupe
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR’05
* Lotus Elise 111R’04
* Nissan Sky Liner GT-R V Spec II ’94
* Toyota Celica GT-FOUR Rally Car ’95
* Ferrari 599’06

Famitsu also interviewed Polyphony Digital’s head honcho, Kazunori Yamauchi. Interestingly, Yamauchi-san says the reason why they canned the idea of releasing GT HD and instead concentrate on Gran Turismo 5, was because of the reaction of overseas gamers after TGS ’06. Most people weren’t happy (I certainly wasn’t) with the original idea of releasing a game with very little content, forcing you to buy content that most people expect to find already on the disc they have just bought, so they decided to go full steam ahead with GT 5. Common sense prevails!

He does expect to have both GT HD Premium and Classic in GT 5 though they haven’t decided on the controversial downloadable content issues.

Man, I both love and loathe the GT series of games. I loved GT 1&2 on the PSone, skipped GT3 and eventually bought GT4 on PS2 last Christmas. Although I did find it enjoyable in parts, it was also incredibly annoying, resulting in my gaming rage being released. When that happens I stop playing a game and get rid of it. So I have mixed feelings about GT 5. I’ll probably get it eventually…

GT HD Demo Details

Edit: GameTrailers has the Japanese trailer Nick has mentioned in our comments and boy does it look fantastic! Check it out for yourselves here.


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