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More MotorStorm Screens |

While lucky North American PS3 owners get to play the demo to death and Japanese owners play the full game minus online play to their hearts content, the rest of us are reduced to gazing at the latest screens, wondering just when we can tear around the canyon on the dirt bikes.


So it’s a good job WorthPlaying has some new screens of the off road racer that demonstrates just how action orientated this game is.

There’s nothing more to say apart from I can’t wait to get my hands on it and the PS3.

More MotorStorm Screens

  • The graphics look really amazing. Does it use the motion sensors of the sixaxis for the driving or the usual digital/analog controller.

  • Sporty

    Both. At least in the demo. The sixaxis isn’t that easy for me at least since it’s tilt and not turn.

    To me it would be more natural to turn the controler like a wheel not tilt is left or right.

    But to each his own

  • you can actually hold the controller up so that the buttons face you and turn like a steering wheel. in fact it doesn’t seem to matter how the controller is held! you can hold it upside down and it works… the tilting seems to be relative to your hands, not the controller itself.

  • Sporty

    Cool. I need to try that. I tried tilt for a few minutes and turned it off 😀

    But it’s still a blast on analog

  • Alas, my PS3 shipment was delayed till friday due to the Holidays, so I can’t play the demo of this game yet. The import version sounded tempting until I was informed that it doesn’t have multiplayer of any kind. I’ll wait for the US version.

  • majormauser

    MS is amazing. I just got the japanese version. Its all english and very little Japanese text. The tracks and levels are even better than I thought. Also unlike other games the tracks can be re-lighted. That is the tracks can be played at NIGHT and mid-day or dark as a coming storm.

    Whos to say the Japanese version won’t get an upgrade to multiplayer when the USA version comes out… I think it will

  • Sporty

    I imagine they will do an update for JP version to get online in.