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F.E.A.R. PS3 Gameplay |

I never bought F.E.A.R. when it was originally released on PC, mainly because I don’t do PC gaming but my friends who are PC gamers gave the game high praises. So when I heard it was coming to the PS3 I marked it down as a possible must have title alongside the PS3’s European launch.

It’s a pretty scary game (so I’ve been told) and from what I’ve seen of the gameplay I can see why. There’s two PS3 gameplay vids for your viewing pleasure over at GameTrailers, but you can watch the Eerie Environments gameplay vid below.

Silent Hill freaks me out but if I’ve got some heavy weaponry at my disposal then I can fight through my fear and play games that make me ponder turning the lights on…

F.E.A.R. PS3 Gameplay Videos

  • Dingo

    1) It is not scary at all. Condemned was more scary.

    2) It is boring as boring can get. You fight the same 4-5 guys over and over and over in a long series of dark rooms, hallways, corridors, office buildings, stairways, etc.

    3) The story is thin thin thin and they stretch it over to the extreme.

    In other words, great tech showcase, run-of-the-mill game that brings nothing new to the table.

  • The game is definitely scary, played it on PC. Even on crap settings it scared me. Gunplay was ok aswell I guess.

    If you like to be scared, and like FPS’s, get it. AI is great aswell.

  • I guess I’ll have to see for myself because for every person that has said the game is rubbish, another person has said it’s great.

  • I wouldn’t say the game is great. The graphics are good, lighting is good, and effective. Sound is good, and AI is very good. But for me, it regularly had me not wanting to progress as it may have scared me, had me looking everywhere when I entered a room, of course it never helped, but hey it scares. 🙂

    I didn;t like the combat or shooting that much though, just felt empty compared to something like HL2.

  • Pc

    This game was really fun on the PC, also scary as hell !!! Play it with a headset on to enhance the scary parts. I have played the hell out of this game already and also played the expansion pack..(extraction point). It’s deffinately worth picking up if you weren’t able to play it on the PC.