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Tekken 5 DR Gameplay Video |

As you probably already know, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection was made available to Japanese PS3 owners via the PLAYSTATION Network late last month, and although no date has been set for it’s North American release, you can watch a great looking gameplay vid of it below.

Looks sweet and the HD video is even better. Unfortunately, my fondness for these type of games was left with the PSone. The only game of this genre that I’ve bought on the PS2 was Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and that’s because I’m a huge DBZ nut!

Tekken 5 DR Gameplay Videos

  • They need to bring this to North America ASAP!

  • I knew it wouldn’t take you long! 😀

  • ehandlr

    They need to bring this over really quick. I want it now.

  • oldskool

    Looks totally PS2 to me

  • Oldskool, do you actually know what Tekken 5 DR is?

  • Pc

    I haven’t played a good fighting game in a while now. I think the last one i played was Soul Calibur 2, and it was awesome. I actually want to buy Tekken 5 DR for the PS3.

  • I got my ass kicked in Tekken 5 by Jinpachi Mishima. I don’t know if I’m gonna buy another fighting game with how cheap final bosses seem to be getting. Teleportation: not a good fighting game technique…